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* meena gonna be back to contributing *BSD patches soon14:16
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holmanbmeena: Nice! 16:41
meenaand if i do it right, i might even get paid for it16:50
meenaholmanb: whelllll i was fired yesterday, because my role was made redundant, and the only other team with an opening didn't think i was qualified 16:51
holmanbmeena: I'm sorry to hear that :/16:52
meenai'll live. but as my partner so eloquently put it: $Company paid a lot of money to remove a very prolific community contributor and evangelist from the community.16:54
=== holmanb changed the topic of #cloud-init to: 22.1 Released! | Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+filebug | PRs: https://git.io/JeVed | release schedule: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/cloud-init-2022-release-schedule/25413
blackboxswfalcojr: I'm done w/ review on cloud-init status --wait bugfix now 22:04
blackboxswre-runinng integration tests  now on impish/jammy to see if the minor suggestion holds for bionic->jammy22:04

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