KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng upstream/latest 45990d2 Gunnar Hjalmarsson * pushed 37 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/VxZG00:09
KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng upstream/latest e4163f9 Sergio Costas desktopManager.js ding.js extension.js * Merge branch 'preferences-from-extensions-tool' into 'master' * https://deb.li/3NIoM00:10
KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng upstream/latest e3cb87a Sergio Costas meson.build preferences.js prefs.js prefswindow.js * Show preferences also in gnome-extensions * https://deb.li/RJW100:10
KGB-2gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng tags 818e44a Gunnar Hjalmarsson upstream/42 * Upstream version 42 * https://deb.li/37u5h00:10
KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng upstream/latest b3058e1 Sergio Costas meson.build preferences.js prefs.js prefswindow.js * Merge branch 'add_preferences' into 'master' * https://deb.li/3zu8N00:10
KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng upstream/latest d916caa Sergio Costas HISTORY.md * Updated HISTORY.md * https://deb.li/338LV00:10
KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng upstream/latest 52388c1 Sergio Costas dbusUtils.js * Add support for ActivatableServicesChanged * https://deb.li/i2xgg00:10
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didrocksgood morning06:56
dufluHi didrocks 06:58
didrockshey duflu 06:59
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:19
didrockssalut oSoMoN !07:19
oSoMoNsalut didrocks 07:20
dufluHi oSoMoN 07:34
jpnurmihey didrocks duflu oSoMoN07:41
dufluHi jpnurmi 07:42
didrockshey jpnurmi 07:42
didrocksjpnurmi: do you want me to do a PR to bump subiquity submodule commit to 689a7fd5f153b5f2c6d86a750e9bbec1ef8c9d11? (We would need a snap with it, ideally today)07:43
jpnurmididrocks: sure :) a quick look suggests that there are non-trivial changes in between so i'll have to test a live installation07:50
didrocksjpnurmi: ok, let me push the PR, uno momento :)07:53
didrocksjpnurmi: at least, all tests pass on https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-desktop-installer/pull/753 :)08:10
ubottuPull 753 in canonical/ubuntu-desktop-installer "Update subiquity to version with fixed system setup" [Open]08:10
jpnurmididrocks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bYbGf8CzfD :(08:11
jpnurmithat's from a live installation. subiquity crashes on startup08:11
jpnurmicould it be that there's "ubuntu_advantage" still on the list but it was first renamed to ubuntu pro and was being removed. strange that it would not choke in dry-run though08:12
jpnurmiah no, there's "AttributeError: 'FilesystemController' object has no attribute '_start_task'"08:13
jpnurmii built a snap of the latest udi with the latest subiquity and installed it on the latest available daily canary08:15
didrockshum… :/08:15
dufluDo we still need https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/gnome-shell/-/blob/ubuntu/master/debian/patches/ubuntu/secure_mode_extension.patch ? It's preventing me from doing basic extension fixes without also building my own gnome-shell.08:21
* duflu remembers the workaround of changing the uuid08:23
Nafallomornign :-)08:23
dufluHi Nafallo 08:24
didrocksduflu: if the rationale is still valid (meaning there is no protection on GNOME Shell for this), so yeah, we still need it, especially on enterprise setup08:28
dufludidrocks, maybe propose it upstream then? Looks like a patch with no expiry date otherwise08:29
dufluOh no, it's Ubuntu only08:29
didrocksit’s been proposed upstream and rejected IIRC08:29
didrocksI don’t know why the reference has been dropped08:30
didrocksthen, this is why we added it to Ubuntu only08:30
didrocksno, there is the reference: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78985208:30
didrockswhy do you say it has not been submitted?08:31
dufluI was just looking for an MR link in the patch... turns out it was gnome-shell!1 (!) https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/merge_requests/108:32
ubottuMerge 1 in GNOME/gnome-shell "Better mode extension support: status sync and disabling." [Merged]08:32
didrocksyeah, but this was part 1, on the bug description, there are multiple issues, first part is merged, second part is that one08:33
didrocksjpnurmi: self._start_task = schedule_task(self._start()) in start(). Could it be that start() is never called?08:35
jpnurmididrocks: subiquity startup looks suspicious too - empty probe result? "2022-03-23 08:07:56,448 DEBUG subiquitycore.prober:34 Prober() init finished, data:None"08:37
jpnurmididrocks: nevermind, that line looks the same with the current stable too. the difference is that the latest subiquity sits and waits at `cloud-init status --wait`08:40
jpnurmiwhere "current stable" means the installer snap from the stable channel with whatever subiquity it contains :)08:40
jpnurmihey Nafallo :)08:41
didrocksok, and we are not blocked on this on system_setup as we don’t use cloud-init08:41
didrocksmaybe mwhudson would have an idea of what could block it ^08:41
oSoMoNhey duflu, jpnurmi, Nafallo 08:52
jbichagood morning12:00
oSoMoNhey jbicha 12:56
KGB-2gnome-software signed tags 261eb52 Jeremy Bicha upstream/42.0 * Upstream version 42.0 * https://deb.li/DwUg14:03
KGB-2gnome-software upstream/latest 41643cf Jeremy Bicha * pushed 1212 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3Rf1l14:04
KGB-2gnome-software upstream/latest 58ab9cf Philip Withnall src/gs-application.c * gs-application: Remove redundant call to initialize_plugins() * https://deb.li/THFx14:04
KGB-2gnome-software upstream/latest 9cfe919 Philip Withnall src/gs-application.c * gs-application: Inline setup_search_provider() * https://deb.li/i39NE14:04
KGB-2gnome-software upstream/latest 4b61c23 Philip Withnall src/gs-application.c * gs-application: Remove redundant call to initialize_plugins() * https://deb.li/QHIn14:04
KGB-2gnome-software upstream/latest f33bfa8 Philip Withnall src/gs-application.c * gs-application: Make search provider setup unconditional * https://deb.li/3Hvp714:04
KGB-2gnome-software upstream/latest 60978b3 Philip Withnall src/gs-application.c * gs-application: Inline initialize_plugins() * https://deb.li/VfaU14:04
KGB-2gnome-software pristine-tar f90c296 Jeremy Bicha gnome-software_42.0.orig.tar.xz.delta gnome-software_42.0.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-software_42.0.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3N0HF14:04
KGB-0gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng pristine-tar 4d806e4 Gunnar Hjalmarsson gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng_43.orig.tar.gz.delta gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng_43.orig.tar.gz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng_43.orig.tar.gz * https://deb.li/R0mi14:05
KGB-2gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng tags c3e1ef3 Gunnar Hjalmarsson upstream/43 * Upstream version 43 * https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/shell-extensions/gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng/tags/upstream/4314:06
seb128jbicha, webkitgtk failed to build on amd64 again (and some others)15:15
jbichaseb128: my theory is that the archive rebuild makes things like webkit struggle to build15:16
ricotzhello desktopers15:16
ricotzhey seb128 jbicha 15:16
seb128jbicha, welcome to the real world :)15:16
seb128hey ricotz 15:16
jbichahmm, you don't think so?15:16
seb128jbicha, ypou pushed back on my suggestion to make that build change to other arches a while ago15:17
seb128I do15:17
jbichayes, lol15:17
ricotzoSoMoN, hi, regarding the confined firefox access to the temporary libreffic help file, afaics only the $HOME directly seems viable?15:17
seb128but that tends to happens which is one of the reason I was pushing to land that workaround also for other arches15:17
seb128anyway, how you fix it is up to you, just pointed that out15:17
seb128you can hit retry until it works or decide to take the workaround :)15:17
jbichathe webkit2gtk now builds twice, once for libsoup2 and once for libsoup3. mcatanzaro pointed out that we'll eventually need a third build: gtk4 with libsoup3 🐌15:18
oSoMoNhey ricotz, yes, that's quite ugly, but I can't think of a cleaner solution right now15:44
ricotzoSoMoN, yeah, something like ~/.cache/ might be better but that would not be accessible either15:45
ricotzoSoMoN, let's if this works out :)16:17
ricotzoSoMoN, do you know another snap (besides libreoffice) which includes openjdk-11?16:19
ricotzI am seeing this "Store upload failed: package contains external symlinks: usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjdk-amd64/lib/security/blacklisted.certs"16:19
ricotzhellsworth, hi :), maybe you have an idea ^16:20
hellsworthricotz: reading more about the external symlink issue (https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/resolve-package-contains-external-symlinks-error-when-trying-to-snap/2963), seems recent and common. we could try the workaround of removing the symlink.19:26
fossfreedomHi folks ... the  ubuntu jammy daily is failing because of snapd-desktop-integration I am guessing hasn't had its 22.04 snap channel open/closed?20:03
jbichakenvandine: ^20:17
kenvandineThe next build should work20:18
ricotzhellsworth, ah many thanks, I feared that removing the offending file would help, not sure if this raises concerns regarding using java20:39
ricotz(jfyi the recent openjdk-lts security update introduced the problem)20:40
KGB-0gcr pristine-tar 716f988 Jeremy Bicha gcr_3.41.0.orig.tar.xz.delta gcr_3.41.0.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gcr_3.41.0.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/33nEe21:06
KGB-0gcr upstream/latest 082bd78 Jeremy Bicha * pushed 51 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/i2F0021:07
KGB-0gcr upstream/latest c8982ba Philipp Kiemle po/de.po * Update German translation * https://deb.li/UAWM21:07
KGB-0gcr upstream/latest 56838e3 Fran Dieguez po/gl.po * Update Galician translation * https://deb.li/3t2Vj21:07
KGB-0gcr upstream/latest ce7577f Claude Paroz po/fr.po * Updated French translation * https://deb.li/mnd421:07
KGB-0gcr upstream/latest 8580611 Jiri Grönroos po/fi.po * Update Finnish translation * https://deb.li/3yrgD21:07
KGB-0gcr upstream/latest 5ba609b Baurzhan Muftakhidinov po/kk.po * Update Kazakh translation * https://deb.li/ErFg21:07
KGB-0gcr signed tags 28d0558 Jeremy Bicha upstream/3.41.0 * Upstream version 3.41.0 * https://deb.li/3IBNl21:07
KGB-0gcr Simon McVittie 302545 * commented merge request !1 * https://deb.li/pLYc21:56
KGB-0glib Jeremy Bicha 302547 * commented merge request !16 * https://deb.li/3p4zA22:19
KGB-2orca tags 7f63576 Samuel Thibault upstream/42.0 * Upstream version 42.0 * https://deb.li/OIvl23:51

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