rbasakAnyone around who is in ~ubuntu-dev and can help me understand your end of CIVS please?00:04
rbasakI think people need to opt-in to receiving CIVS polls now. I need to make sure I understand what is required in order to specify that in the announcement and avoid confusion.00:05
Unit193Yes, we ran into that issue last round with the IRCC election, I had spoken to someone from Canonical about the possibility of running an instance of CIVS, but that didn't get anywhere. :/00:06
Unit193We had to use LP polls, which...were quite terrible for that.00:06
rbasakUnit193: you for example are currently held I think. Can you confirm that you haven't received anything?00:06
rbasakAnd should I just ask everyone to opt-in to vote, then?00:06
Unit193I got nothing.00:07
rbasakUnit193: could you try https://civs1.civs.us/cgi-bin/opt_in.pl please?00:08
rbasakwith <username>@ubuntu.com since that's the email I have for you00:08
Unit193Email address successfully activated.00:09
Unit193Pending poll invitations:00:09
Unit193Ubuntu Developer Membership Board restaffing00:09
rbasakI'll give details in the announcement then.00:10
rbasakThe trickiest thing is probably to help people understand what alias I am using for them.00:10
Unit193dpocock used it to spam Debian, so that's why we can't have nice things. :/00:10
Unit193rbasak: Email all the people on hold, using that email address? :P00:11
rbasakI'm concerned I'd have email deliverability problems with that :-/00:14
rbasakBut yeah, I could do that.00:14
rbasakFor now I'm just going to send an announcement with an explanation I think.00:14
rbasakLet's see if people can figure it out. If it doesn't work, I can try something else.00:14
rbasakPeople who struggle to get their ballot should contact me.00:14
rbasak(and I'll note that in the announcement - previous equivalent announcements have always said that anyway)00:15
Unit193...Some of us are a bit stupid and were surprised the first time we got a ballot, weren't expecting to vote. :300:16
rbasaku-d-a@lists.u.c moderation please00:35
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schopinHi there! Could a Core Dev please click on those autopkgtests links? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tpM6h5y6PP/10:38
ginggsschopin: doing...11:01
schopinthanks ginggs !11:03
ginggsde rien11:04
cjwatsonrbasak: .11:05
didrockshey xypron! Do you have any idea on this Go build failure on riscv64 only? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/592536294/buildlog_ubuntu-jammy-riscv64.adsys_0.8.3_BUILDING.txt.gz14:43
didrocksunsure if this is golang 1.18 related or not14:43
bdmurrayThere have build failures on riscv64 in general recently I belive cjwatson may know more.15:01
cjwatsonbdmurray: that Go thing is unrelated to anything I've been working on, and I don't know about it15:02
cjwatsonDoesn't look like a builder-level issue15:02
bdmurrayOh, I guess there is a log file which wasn't true with other things. Sorry!15:04
xyprondidrocks: bdmurray: "fatal error: mheap.freeSpanLocked - invalid stack free" this is inside the go runtime.15:05
didrocksjawn-smith: can you have a look? It seems it’s Go 1.18 related as last upload is recent on 1.17 and worked (no code change in the part that is now failing) ^15:10
jawn-smithdidrocks: I'll take a look15:11
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jawn-smithdidrocks: adsys is building successfully on my Unmatched hardware, so I'll restart this build.15:52
jawn-smithIt also built successfully for me in a riscv64 qemu environment. Both builds were done with Go 1.1815:52
didrocksinteresting, let’s see if we just got unlucky16:01
tewardseb128: uhhhhh exactly how much of Universe is impacted by the dhcompat problem you emailed about?16:06
tewardI ask because I am pretty sure all these things that are no longer compatible or updated with DH compatibility to later versions are 'unmaintained' in Debian and probably subject to removal/chaos there16:06
teward(RC bugs and what not)16:06
tewardcontinuing to support $ANCIENT dh-compat sounds... a little bit poor.16:07
teward(also this is relevant because it'll affect a debhelper backport that's been requested)16:07
seb128teward, I don't know, we have like 10 in the desktop set in main which is somehow activelly maintained, so I would say if we already have that number in a small set from main, then number is probably higher in universe16:14
seb128we can maybe get data from the archive rebuild if we are able to grep logs16:15
tewardactively maintained from a code perspective or a pakaging perspective?  if the *packaging* is unmaintained and not updated its just as bad as bitrot.  just sayinh16:16
tewardi'm with Dimitri on this one, its package overhaul (or removal!) time for incompatible and old dhcompats.16:18
cjwatsonIt should be just a source grep rather than needing to grep logs, shouldn't it?16:27
cjwatsonAdmittedly slightly complicated by debian/compat vs. modern Build-Depends: debhelper-compat (= X), although the latter doesn't apply to those old debhelper compat versions anyway16:28
ahasenackfun, AX_COMPARE_VERSION from autoconf thinks python 3.10 is 3.118:11
ahasenackand comparisons like these don't produce the expected result: AX_COMPARE_VERSION(${PYTHON_VERSION}, [ge], [3.8], [EMBED="--embed"], [])18:12
ahasenackin jammy, which is using python 3.1018:12
ahasenackhttps://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=AX_COMPARE_VERSION.*python&literal=0 and https://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=AX_COMPARE_VERSION.*python&literal=0 show some hits18:12
ahasenackfreeradius is a confirmed bug, I'm working on it18:12
ahasenackjust a heads up18:13
ahasenack(I might email the list later)18:13
cjwatsonautoconf-archive FWIW, not autoconf itself18:23
cjwatsonAX_* are all separately-distributed add-ons18:23
xnoxseb128:  even if compat=5 packages used to build; it's not been known for a couple of years now if they build correctly anymore. so that sounds scary that there are packages in the desktop set, that use compat 5 since precise.19:05
xnoxlike very scary19:06
xnoxlike i want to SRU them all.19:06
jawn-smithdidrocks is gone, but xypron adsys built fine with a retry19:26
ahasenackoh, false alarm about AX_COMPARE_VERSION, the bug was elsewhere22:30
ahasenackit was fed 3.1 instead of 3.1022:30
seb128xnox, feel free to SRU things as you see fit :)22:43

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