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ducassegood morning07:45
marcoagpintoso, 22.04 is almost here07:52
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Maik22.04 is still a month away10:16
Maik29 days to be exact10:17
Chunkyzmarcoagpinto: I'm looking forward to it too. :-)12:11
Chunkyzducasse: do you say/do anything else other than say good morning? I don't think I've ever seen you talk other than that.12:12
lotuspsychjeChunkyz: maybe if someone would ever reply, you would see an actual conversation12:24
lotuspsychjeand also other channels exist to chitchat12:25
MaikChunkyz: what's your issue with people just saying Hi or goodmorning anyway.12:42
Maikgetting a bit tired of that attitude to be honest12:42
Maikand that's not only me12:43
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ducasseChunkyz: when there is something of interest going on, sure13:10
ducassethere just isn't much of that anymore13:10
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ChunkyzMaik: I'm getting VERY TIRED of you always being grumpy. life is life; deal with it.14:48
Chunkyzducasse: Yeah irc isn't that good these days, unless you're needing support.14:49
ChunkyzAnyway, was just curious. was answered! moving on...14:50
ducasseChunkyz: i do sometimes participate in main, but not much these days. i spend my time elsewhere14:51
ducasseand to be fair, Maik didn't start this14:52
Chunkyzducasse: I'm sick of Maik and others labelling me a troll. I'm not. I didn't start anything, was curious as to why people say morning then say nothing else. lol14:52
ChunkyzAnyway, my question was answered. back to discuss. :-)14:53
ducassethis channel used to be a hangout for people helping out in main, not so much anymore. i greet the crew mostly out of habit to say i'm here if needed14:54
ducassemoving on14:54
MaikChunkyz: i'm noty being grumpy at all, just saying what i hear from other backstage15:04
Maiksays more about you than anyone else15:04
Maikso i would start to think about that15:05
Maikbesides that i didn't call you a troll, and if others do  that then there's probably a reason for it15:08
Maiki'll just leave it at that and hope we can get along from now on :)15:09
ChunkyzMaik: that's YOUR problem, you listen to the shit others say and form an opinion without facts :-) I'm NOT a troll. you've tried saying this, for how long? months? trying to get me banned from Libera and Freenode. I'm still here :-) there's a reason they call it me yes because I'm honest, I don't like them so they spread rumours trying to get people to label me. oh well, ignored like I should have done long ago. goodbye.15:13
Maikand as always leaving when it gets too hot for him. I meant well though. Sad it proves how he really is.15:19
leftyfbnothing but attitude with that one. Dating back to 201715:20
Maikso i've heard15:20
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devilboyhi everyone21:06
devilboydo I need a bootable usb stick within ubuntu to resize (create new partition) for windows 10 installation - dual boot with ubuntu ?21:07
Jeremy31devilboy: I would make a backup of Ubuntu for this21:11
devilboyJeremy31, I just need Windows 10 for Adobe software to be honest.21:12
Jeremy31devilboy: Maybe install it in VM in Ubuntu21:12
devilboyIs it easy? Never used it before this way.21:12
Jeremy31devilboy: not bad, I used Ubuntu in a Windows 7 VM for a short time21:13
devilboyhmm :D  Will I be able with no issues in VM ?21:13
Jeremy31devilboy: VM's are used a lot by people needing multiple OS without rebooting21:15
devilboyI'm on it now, as I see VM can be deleted in case I don't want it anymore.21:17
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