henryhi, how do i get help on module missing in slapd package?03:10
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cpaelzergood morning05:53
utkarsh2102cpaelzer: o/05:54
cpaelzerhi utkarsh210205:54
OutBackDingoseem to be seeing disk enumerations issues on ubuntu with multi disk systems, like 2 256gb ssd boot drives and 6 3.5Tb storage drives, ubuntu sees the boot drives last and installs to the 3.5TB, specifically using MAAS08:43
OutBackDingowe noticed it also trying an install from usb stick where sda was 3.5T, and not 128Gb08:43
mirespacegood morning09:22
iceyjamespage: any idea why this doesn't have logs: https://launchpad.net/~chris.macnaughton/+archive/ubuntu/focal-ussuri/+build/23490887 ?13:10
JanCOutBackDingo: I'm not sure why you expect drives to be enumerated in a particular order?13:25
OutBackDingoevery other linux os sees the 2 ssd drives as sda / sdb except ubuntu13:26
OutBackDingoJanC: so curiously ubuntu sees them as sdi / sdj13:26
OutBackDingoand i would "expect" them to be enumerated in slot order at a minimal13:27
JanCAFAIK this enumeration has no guaranteed order, and might even differ between installer runs...13:27
OutBackDingoJanC: would make sense but mostly occurs only with ubuntu13:28
JanCthere are many types of "slots"13:28
JanCI suppose /dev/disk/by-path/* is the closest you can get to a "slot order" ?13:35
ograany guaranteed drive enumerration in linux has been dropped around linux 3.x ... it is sheer luck if you see them enumerated the same all the time 13:39
ogra(or was it 2.x ??? definitely some time after udev got common standard)13:40
JanCwell, some distros keep a cache to keep them the same over reboots after install13:40
JanCbut on install, there would be no such cache13:40
ahasenacksergiodj: around?14:16
ahasenacksergiodj: you are not including the patches from https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiodj/ubuntu/+source/bind9/+git/bind9/+merge/417404 in the bind 9.18.1 merge because of the FFe?14:17
ahasenackbecause it might not be granted?14:17
jamespageicey: some other infrastructure issue in the build farm - my ceph upload from yesterday died in a mysterious way as well14:17
sergiodjahasenack: yeah, I thought it was better to have two separate processes.  but I can refactor things here and include the patches in the merge if you think it's best, no problem14:37
ahasenacksergiodj: if that ffe goes through, it will need the patches, so I think better add them now14:38
ahasenackI'm reviewing the 9.18.0 one, to unblock that in case the FFe doesn't go through14:38
sergiodjahasenack: makes sense, I will add the patches to the merge14:38
sergiodjthanks for reviewing14:38
sergiodjahasenack: thanks for the review19:09
ComnenusAfter I remove a static IP from netplan and change it to DHCP, # netplan try is getting the DHCP address but not releasing the static.  How can I get rid of that?19:28
geniiDid you issue: sudo netplan apply   19:34
ograif "apply" behaves different from "try" thats clearly a bug though (not saying that apply wont work indeed, but behaviour is supposed to be identical for both)19:37
ComnenusI did not try apply yet.19:43

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