NeoFAT32I need some help.18:54
NeoFAT32So last days ago, I configured the .conf file.18:55
NeoFAT32My primary monitor is plugged in the dGPU (Nvidia 740GT)18:55
NeoFAT32The secondary is plugged in the iGPU (Intel HD 530)18:56
NeoFAT32So my conf made the the secondary less tearing.18:56
NeoFAT32But I notice, strangely even if it's connected to the iGPU, the dGPU processor was used.18:57
NeoFAT32So I deleted everything. x)18:57
NeoFAT32I spend 2 days to learn that a few hours ago.18:57
NeoFAT32Can someone help me ?18:57
NeoFAT32*** Problem in xorg19:03
NeoFAT32The problem cannot be reported:19:03
NeoFAT32This is not an official Linux package. Please remove any third party package and try again.19:03
NeoFAT32Press any key to continue... 19:03
NeoFAT32Am I using a... ?19:04

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