sybariteni keep harping on about this in another channel but havent really come to a good solution yet so i figure i'd give it a shot here too: I'm looking for suggestoins on how to practically set up a little system to be able to store command/history in a centralized place (git server)00:17
sybaritenmore specifically, i'd like to be able to treat certain commandlines like "bookmarks" or something . Long complicated lines that i want to remmeber. I see no point in storing complete history sessions per default, i'd rather be able to pick out what i want to stow away (after this long commandline has been used, i guess) ...00:18
sarnoldsybariten: https://github.com/nicksherron/bashhub-server/ https://github.com/rcaloras/bashhub-client00:18
sybaritensarnold: yeah, there are umpteen different solutions out there but in my experience they all do slightly different things than what i'm looking for to achieve00:19
sarnoldsybariten: yeah.. these two caught my fancy ages ago..00:21
sarnoldsybariten: here's something different but similar https://github.com/Xion/gisht00:21
sarnoldwhile trying to find this I found there's way more like it, heh00:21
sybaritenthank you for the links though!  I think i've read about ... bashhub, at least. (Mayube the other one too). I remember thinking it was bold of them to offer to store peoples history, they offer the server space right?00:23
sarnoldI couldn't trust that myself00:23
sarnoldso I'm glad someone put together a server for it.. but I'd really want to read them both pretty well before trusting them :)00:24
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sybaritenYeah, personally i'm quite (too) relaxed when it comes to security like that so i would in fact probably trust them and maybe i should just suck it up and use bashhub ...    the thing is, what i essentially want to do isn't very complicated and all so if i can just figure out how to tie things together....00:40
sarnoldsybariten: hmm.. do you know bash's ^R keybinding?00:46
geanalguem ai01:45
Unit193Hello!  This is the English support channel, for other languages there's specific channels for that.01:46
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:46
^Mhi maybe someone here know how can i run this on a ubuntu ? https://github.com/sYCH3L/GatherBOT01:52
sybaritensarnold: ctrl r for , uh, incremental search?02:12
sybaritensarnold: I use that all the time, and it's also what i'm planning to use this git/bitbucket thing for....02:17
h1pothow do I safely clean my /var directory? is it normal to ocupy 15gb?02:32
KilroyI would use the ncdu command02:32
Kilroyncdu /var02:32
^Mhi maybe someone here know how can i run this on a ubuntu ? https://github.com/sYCH3L/GatherBOT02:36
henryfor module missing in openldap, which channel should i go to?03:03
h1potis it safe to clean /var/lib/snapd/cache? currently i have a lot of snaps installed on my system03:04
rootx74hi all how are you03:18
rootx74how should i fix ubuntu when it crash03:18
rootx74from repo03:18
djennaUpdate on HP with 18.04 says possible missing firmware. Is this bad?  --  one line of 3 Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/amdgpu/vangogh_gpu_info.bin for modul04:43
djennae amdgpu04:43
djennathe initramfs will attempt to resume from /dev/sda1404:44
djennaneed to reboot04:46
illiahello blode whats up07:02
illiai am a hacker07:05
rootx74hi all07:09
rootx74hi illia07:09
illiahey man wats up07:09
rootx74see pm07:09
rootx74:) private message07:10
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OutBackDingoseem to be seeing disk enumerations issues on ubuntu with multi disk systems, like 2 256gb ssd boot drives and 6 3.5Tb storage drives, ubuntu sees the boot drives last and installs to the 3.5TB08:32
OutBackDingois there a proper fix08:32
illiacheck the parition table and make sure its correct08:39
tom-1Excuse me, what is the partition table?08:41
ravageOutBackDingo: ubuntu installs on the disk you choose08:41
OutBackDingoravage: not when using MAAS08:42
ravageyou did not say anything about MAAS08:42
ravagemaybe try #ubuntu-server08:42
ravagei dont know if there is a maas specific channel08:42
lifeboyThe documentation page for Roundcube installed from packages is not correct, but I'm not sure how to fix it.08:47
lifeboyActually, it seems the package for Ubuntu 20.04 is broken.08:48
lifeboyThe config creates and alias for Apache pointing at /var/lib/roundcube, but much of Roundcube is not symlinked to /usr/share/roundcube08:49
ogralifeboy, while you could use "ubuntu-bug roundcube" to report this into launchpad, it does not look like roundcube is ever touched in ubuntu, it comes straight from debian as is ... so better file a bug there08:52
SpeedStickI need help every time I boot my Ubuntu machine my drivers aren't loading right08:59
SpeedStickmy wifi isn't work right and my nvidia drivers haven't loaded right08:59
ravagelifeboy: on a fresh 20.04 installation i get the roundcube login at /roundcube in my browser. i don't see anything broken. https://p.haxxors.com/gdjtd669.txt09:00
SpeedStickit feels like restarting ubuntu takes a solid hour with all the troubleshooting I do with every reboot09:02
SpeedStickits tiring09:02
SpeedStickso I got everything working09:10
SpeedStickbut how can I make sure my drivers load when I reboot?09:10
lifeboyravage: Yes, you get the roundcube login, but you can't run the configuration scripts.09:14
lifeboyogra: Yes, I think I'll do that.  Not getting much traction on askubuntu about this either09:15
Jeremy31SpeedStick: what wifi driver?09:19
SpeedStickwell on my last reboot I had problems with both my nvidia driver and my wifi driver09:20
SpeedStickniether loaded properly09:20
linsuxis it possible to upgrade 21.10 to 22.04 lts? if yes how do i do it?09:22
TheLinuxNerdlinsux, 1. 22.04 is not yet released09:22
TheLinuxNerd21st of April09:22
TheLinuxNerdsee you then. 2. /etc/apt/sources.list edit09:22
linsuxi mean when it's out09:22
SpeedStickisn't it pretty painless to upgrade?09:23
knightwiseInstalling a persistent copy of 20.04 on a usb stick atm09:23
knightwiseamazing how fast this thing is09:23
linsuxcan i change /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades from normal to lts09:23
linsuxand then do-release-upgrade to update from 21.10 to 22.0409:23
TheLinuxNerdlinsux, you should change that, but do-release-upgrade won't work until 22.04.109:24
TheLinuxNerdand I for one plan to install 22.04.009:25
TheLinuxNerdon my home PC (for goodness sakes don't install a .0 LTS on a server :-D)09:25
linsuxi'll wait then. i now have 21.10 and planning to upgrade to 22.0409:26
TheLinuxNerdso for home is fine09:26
TheLinuxNerdjust don't do it on Ubuntu server09:26
linsuxfor home desktop09:26
TheLinuxNerdlinsux, look, I'll still be here on the 21st of April and we'll follow the procedure both09:27
linsuxon my 24/7 server i run rhel09:27
TheLinuxNerdI have 20.04 LTS, but is the same procedure09:27
linsuxless update09:27
TheLinuxNerdUbuntu 20.04 also on server09:27
TheLinuxNerdbut I'll update that one after 22.04.109:28
linsuxit should be quite stable right09:28
linsuxwhat you run on server09:28
TheLinuxNerdyes, but server will be downtime, cause I have to configure the new PHP, blah blah blah09:29
TheLinuxNerdI remember 18.04 to 20.0409:29
linsuxmine are all docker containers so basically distribution doesn't matter09:30
olleAnyone else is having problem with latest version of Discord on Ubuntu?09:35
webchat84Is there an easy mechanism to downgrade the latest kernel changes? I think the new update broke my soundcard setup which worked fine before.09:42
Jeremy31webchat84: Use the grub menu at boot, Advanced Options to boot into an older kernel09:43
webchat84Thanks, I shall try that.09:46
nat2i have kubuntu installed, since i've installed it about 5 months ago, i had like several updates now and then but for about a month now there's no coming notifications for new updates, is this normal?09:48
Jeremy31nat2: what release?09:50
nat2Jeremy31 how do i check lol09:50
Jeremy31nat, in terminal>  cat /etc/os-release09:51
Jeremy31nat2: that one is no longer supported, ended January this year09:54
nat2Jeremy31, makes sense - didn't have any updates for about 2 months yes09:55
nat2how to i upgrade to a newer version09:55
Jeremy31nat2: You may have to change your sources.list on something not supported09:56
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:56
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ice9what will happen if i enabled FIPS to my machine?10:15
wezice9: The world, as we know it, will end!  Heh, nah, I don't really know :) Try it and see?10:47
TheLinuxNerdice9, FIPS is a set of Government approved (US) encryption algorithms10:51
TheLinuxNerdit will disable ECC10:51
TheLinuxNerddisable compatibility algorithms10:51
TheLinuxNerdice9, basically loads of SSL issues10:51
TheLinuxNerdnothing exciting, and if you buy FIPS Yubikey, it will have less features10:52
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lord4163I had to revert to an older kernel to make my hardware work again. How do I make sure it won't be removed in the future?11:13
rootx74hi all11:14
rootx74do you all mind to test something ?11:14
rootx74anyone free to test11:14
rootx74some eggdrop script11:14
rootx74private message me11:14
lotuspsychjelord4163: thats not really how things are meant to be, best to file a bug so your bug gets solved in future kernels11:14
rootx74i guide you11:14
rootx74and discord to irc tooo11:15
rootx74private message me11:15
lotuspsychjerootx74: please dont so that, and stop messaging users on random711:15
lord4163lotuspsychje: sure, but I want to keep the kernel so that I always have a working kernel that I can revert to.11:15
lord4163lotuspsychje: I don't want it to be removed through autoremoval11:16
lotuspsychjelord4163: you can keep kernels forever, as kernel version constantly update for security reasons too11:16
lord4163I wanna keep it as long as it isn't fixed11:17
lotuspsychjelord4163: take your box offline and keep running it forever :p11:18
lord4163that isn't a solution11:19
lotuspsychjeif apt suggests updates & kernel cleanups its wise to do what apt suggests11:19
xu-irc92wwhere can i ask about relations11:20
lord4163this is useless advice that doesn't help me :/11:20
sprnk[m]lord4163: you didn't mention what sort hardware? potentially useful information11:35
lord4163sprnk[m]: It's actually a friend who is experiencing this problem with his sound card, I found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1398614/upgrading-to-5-13-0-37-generic-breaks-audio-with-external-audio-card and he said that he had the same sound card.11:40
Wamphyrianyone use vsftpd with ubuntu and have windows mount the ftp s a drive?12:01
KhepraHi. Anyone laptop savvy? I got a new field laptop (Acer aspire 3) and it has 8GB installed (dmidecode checked), BUT the linux kernel sees only 6.2GB. There's no corresponding BIOS setting, but I do see some memory related "reserve" and similar strings in dmesg that might explain. Is there something I can do via kernel cmdline to get all 8GB available?12:05
Wamphyridedicated video or onboard?12:09
WamphyriKhepra: dedicated video or onboard?12:11
KhepraWamphyri: Ryzen APU, 3250U , Vega gpu12:15
Khepraah yes... so that's video RAM then, ya?12:16
WamphyriKhepra, looks like it12:16
KhepraI'm so unused to APUs and shared memory... Thanks.12:16
Wamphyriyour very welcome12:16
gordonjcpI have a desktop machine that has failed to boot with an extremely un-userfriendly error message "Oh no! Something has gone wrong"12:20
gordonjcpis there a way to get any sensible information out of it?12:20
lifeboygordonjcp: Can you read the disk partition on some other way (like with a bootable ISO or CD?).  If you can you can see the logs in /var/log/12:28
gordonjcplifeboy: yeah, I just booted off an install USB stick, I'm just going to flatten it and reinstall12:29
Kheprarootx74: any reason for your attempted PM?12:49
Wamphyrispamming a channel12:50
Wamphyriweirdest thing, i have vsftp installed, filezilla allows me to create / edit files, same with winscp, but i have the ftp mounted as a drive on my local machine but i can't edit/open files12:52
BluesKajHi all12:57
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wezHi Dr BluesKaj!13:15
BluesKajhi wez13:15
wezHow are you?13:16
BluesKajdoing ok here, and you?13:17
wezBluesKaj: yeah not bad, about to head off13:44
wezI have a meeting in 8 hours :\13:44
BluesKajmeetings... :/14:01
paul424Hello, hello how do I reset user password if I don't know it , or how do I disable screen lock14:02
paul424I mean it shouldn't screen lock when left too long idle14:02
leftyfbpaul424: use sudo/root to change a users password14:03
paul424forgot it14:04
lotuspsychje+query ubottu14:04
paul424leftyfb, how do I do it ?14:05
ubottuForgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords14:05
leftyfbpaul424: https://linuxhint.com/reset-ubuntus-forgotten-password/14:06
oerheksit is the same as your user password, to unlock your system14:06
leftyfbpaul424: you don't know any password for any users on your machine?14:06
paul424no , no I mean when hiberneting or suspend so it doesn't run screen lock14:07
paul424forget about password story14:07
oerheksscreen lock is in systemsettings14:07
leftyfbpaul424: disable screen lock in your privacy settings14:07
paul424it' session and startup under xfce ...14:07
paul424leftyfb, how do I do it ?14:08
oerhekssee power and monitor settings?14:08
paul424I do use xfce414:08
leftyfbpaul424: https://www.xmodulo.com/control-screen-lock-settings-linux-desktop.html#:~:text=Xfce%2FLXDE%20Desktop,as%20enable%2Fdisable%20screen%20lock.    first result on google for "xfce disable screen lock"14:08
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rootx74hi guys can you test to join channel #worldroot ? is it working ? type /join #worldroot ... .14:29
leftyfbrootx74: no. Please /join #libera for help with IRC14:30
SantanaFtRobThomHi All, I'm on 20.04LTS. If I try and boot I get `error: out of memory.` and the system fails to boot. Usually, when I reset it'll then kick me into GRUB where I can select and boot 0.35, and that boots fine. I've tried reinstalling `linux-image-generic` but the same issue occurs. Any ideas? Many thanks.14:30
leftyfb!ircroot | rootx7414:30
oerheksirc as root..14:30
leftyfb!rootirc | rootx7414:30
ubotturootx74: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.14:30
oerheksSantanaFtRobThom, what if you boot in -35 and run dist-upgrade again?14:31
SantanaFtRobThomI've never run dist-upgrade as I'm on a managed install (work laptop).14:32
leftyfbSantanaFtRobThom: either run dist-upgrade or contact your work administrators14:33
SantanaFtRobThomAnd dist-upgrade _won't_ kick me to 22.04?14:33
SantanaFtRobThombecause as much as I'd like that that'll be a Bad Time for me14:33
leftyfbespecially since 22.04 isn't released yet14:33
leftyfbSantanaFtRobThom: sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade14:33
SantanaFtRobThomOkay I'll give that a shot.14:34
oerheksdpkg -l | grep linux-image # might give a clue14:34
leftyfbSantanaFtRobThom: dist-upgrade and full-upgrade do not upgrade you to the next release. They only update packages for your current release14:34
decryphehi everyone, got a special question regarding building ubuntu images for raspberry pi14:35
decryphei'm trying to use "ubuntu-image" to build a classic image14:35
oerhekscaused by a nvidia driver..14:35
SantanaFtRobThomfull-upgrade only installed `The following NEW packages will be installed14:36
SantanaFtRobThom  libfwupdplugin5`14:36
decryphei'm trying "ubuntu-image classic --debug --output-dir images/ --project base --suite focal --arch arm64 --subarch raspi --workdir /tmp/ubuntu-build --thru load_gadget_yaml pi-gadget/" with pi-gadget being the snapcraft/pi-gadget repo14:36
oerheksdecryphe, next 22.04 gives a raspi image http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-preinstalled/pending/14:36
SantanaFtRobThomBut I have recently installed nvidia drivers for an abortive attempt to use an eGPU14:37
decryphei want to build it myself to integrate some packages before installation14:37
SantanaFtRobThomI'm glad I didn't pay for this eGPU case because it simply Does Not Work™14:37
rootx74can ragnarok 2 run on ubuntu guys ?14:38
rootx74this one ?14:39
oerheksrootx74, maybe on Proton https://www.protondb.com/app/23106014:39
oerhekssupport in #protondb14:39
rootx74i see14:40
SantanaFtRobThomOne of my favourite things about linux is that under Cinnamon at least, 'software & updates' where I've selected NVIDIA drivers takes 5-15 minutes to open14:42
SantanaFtRobThomLike, half the time I've forgotten I've tried to open it and then the window comes up14:42
decrypheanyone ever used "ubuntu-image"?14:51
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SlartibartIt seems that all of a sudden audio is played at a slower rate on my computer o_0. I've not tried to edit those settings. But now streamed audio/video, local video files..they are all played at a - slightly, but especially the effect on the audio is clearly noticable - lower speed than they should be. Anyone experienced this?? Because I sure haven't. Windows dualboot seems to play at the correct speed.15:02
ogradecryphe, regulary ... got any issue with building ubuntu core images ?15:35
decrypheit's still an open question if we could build images with the requirement of signing with keys through the snap store15:36
decryphetraditionally, we support our devices for way longer than 10 years15:36
ograyou can build completely local images using the --snap option so you can add your own kernel and gadget snaps15:37
ogra(and could theoretically also use your own base snap, practically that one will indeed fall out of support after 10y)15:38
decryphewhich is why we're looking at either:15:39
decryphe1) taking an existing image, running that in qemu, updating/patching it, installing separate software, packing that15:39
decryphe2) building a traditional image using "ubuntu-image classic" and configure that to pull in the in-house-software15:39
decryphein the tutorials for ubuntu core i haven't seen much info on how to build images completely locally, got any pointers where i can read up on that?15:40
decrypheas a side-note: for a traditional build, we'd mirror a subset of the main repo using aptly, just to make sure that we still have all the bits and pieces needed, 10+ years down the road15:44
ogradecryphe, https://ubuntu.com/core/docs/image-building15:55
ograi must admit i havnet used ubuntu-image a lot for any classic images ...15:55
nuxnuxso this question is likely to be asked16:09
nuxnuxad nauseam, the reason I am asking is because I wonder over time if something has changed with the opensource drivers. I have a laptop with a BCM43227 wifi card and I know there is closed source driver but is the open source driver now a fine replacement in the same way the noveau driver is fine for the average user with an older nvidia card?16:09
ravagewhy dont you just try it?16:11
oerheksBCM broadcom is a vendor with poor support. and yes, openradeon is good enough.16:11
nuxnuxravage, well it doesnt seem to be working out of the box so I was wondering if there was good support or not. I did not select add all the nonfree stuff from the installer so16:13
oerheksadd non-free, before questioning?16:13
oerheksi find only intel working OOTB16:14
nuxnuxwell why would I enable it if it not necessary16:14
nuxnuxthe noveau driver is more than enough for me and I find the upgrade process is much better than with the nonfree16:16
leftyfbscortal: please stop posting useless garbage here. You've been told before16:47
scortaloh !16:48
leftyfbscortal: you are well aware. Please stop16:48
scortalcan become a membah?16:48
leftyfbscortal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership   good luck16:48
paul424hello, anyone on bionic 18 lts ?17:16
paul424I need to check up which package provides the file egl.h17:16
leftyfbpaul424: why do you need to know on bionic specifically?17:18
paul424I do use snapcraft build system , which base is bionic beaver 18 ...17:18
paul424and my game requires ogre which requires file egl.h .....17:19
paul424https://packages.ubuntu.com/ this doesn';t work as apt-file search17:20
leftyfbpaul424: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/NtXV3r6Ydg/17:21
leftyfbpaul424: if you're going to develop like this, I suggest installing Ubuntu 18.04 in a VM or container17:21
paul424leftyfb, yeah some people suggested to me that also17:22
paul424but I have only one script to ammend and then I am free to go17:22
paul424hmm is already there in build-packages --  libgl1-mesa-dev, what I might be doing wrong ? :\17:24
paul424leftyfb, anyway many thanks for that query :D17:24
pycuriousIs there a firewall software for ubuntu that has a UI that is similar to AWS firewall rules? (ufw seems to need a command for each rule. Would be nice if there was a easy to use ui for that)18:09
matsamanmost likely18:09
tanranHi, I need some advices on removing orphaned packages. I'm looking in Synaptic at packages listed with status "Installed (auto removable)" and I see few things listed, however I'm not sure if they are safe to be removed or not because in that list I also see shim and some other system libraries. Is there a way to effectively understand what's it is used and what's safe to be deleted?18:10
PTNapivoskitanran, apt autoremove18:12
tanranPTNapivoski: Yes, but that will do more or less what Synaptic does. It will list the same packages and ask me if I want to remove them - but I don't know if they are safe to be removed18:14
tanranPTNapivoski: hence my question: Is there a way to understand if a package is actually used by the system?18:17
matsamanapt autoremove ?18:19
matsamandeborphan -anp1?18:19
sprnk[m]pycurious:  gufw - graphical user interface for ufw18:27
matsamantanran: y'see those up there^ ?18:28
tanranmatsaman: Will try that, thank you. However it is interesting that autoremove suggests also packages that might be in use18:29
sarnoldsybariten: re ^R in bash, good good; quite a lot of people have no idea that it even exists, and I wanted to make sure the basics were covered :)18:32
ioriatanran, if you ask me, there is no notion of 'in use package'; maybe you mean Priority , like 'required', 'important', 'standard', etc .etc18:38
tanranioria: that is what I was thinking; these tools just "guess" based on dependencies/dependants but it is still possible that one package listed is actually needed by the system18:44
ioriawell, yes ... apt is good but it's not A.I.18:46
tanranioria: as example, I can see some liblvmxxx in that autoremove list and per my understanding it is there because no other package depends on it and it was auto-installed, but that does not mean that I can safely remove it18:47
matsamantanran: might be?18:47
ioriatanran, look, i can tell you this: if apt wants to remove that pkg, there is a reason.18:48
sarnoldsometimes it's a *bad* reason :)18:49
matsamanwell, if your package manager says you can remove it, and it's wrong, you just need to find a better package manager18:49
sarnoldonce upon a time we'd get a bug report every week or two from someone installing guitar hero 5 or whatever that was -- and whatever they did to their dependencies wound up trying to *uninstall* sudo18:50
sarnoldthankfully I haven't seen that in a few years18:50
tanranmatsaman: another way might be... trust the package manager and if something goes wrong re-install the packages :D18:50
tanransarnold: well, yes - of course I check the history to see when a package was installed and its context, but there are some packages that was installed along with the whole system, long time ago - in that case I really don't know what happened.18:53
cc0a3hr Guys how can I install this https://mupdf.com/ Im %100 beginner and do not know how to do it. It is lightweight pdf viewer.18:56
tanrancc0a3hr: sure you can18:56
sarnoldcc0a3hr: sudo apt install mupdf  ?18:56
tanrancc0a3hr: If you've Synaptic installed, just search for it... it is there18:57
rob0Do note that you probably have other PDF viewers installed.18:57
cc0a3hrYes but how to do it hard way like "git" thing, I want to learn that.18:57
sarnoldcc0a3hr: run sudo apt install build-essential xorg-dev   then read http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=mupdf.git;a=blob;f=docs/building.html;h=8266bf211b0c819be631b25eb0dd06cfa005f78a;hb=HEAD19:00
sarnoldcc0a3hr: that'll get you a lot of the way there :)19:00
Kheprasarnold: apt install mupdf. the user also asked in #debian, so this is all likely a waste of time, in at least one of the channels.19:05
sarnoldKhepra: lol19:07
sarnoldKhepra: sigh :)19:07
zemzemhow come there are not really any programs that scan the entire disk or home folder for malware?19:08
sarnoldzemzem: install clamav, knock yourself out :)19:09
rob0maybe because anything could be malware?19:09
rdris there a channel for jammy testing?  i'm using the iso in gnome-boxes and it can't get past unpacking firefox19:09
zemzemIve used clam. but it gets buggy when i try to scan the entire home folder. Not really sure why19:09
sarnoldrdr: there's an #ubuntu-next -- perhaps not *testing*, but more focused on jammy19:09
sarnoldzemzem: how are you calling it?19:10
Kheprazemzem: also note that clamav will likely find 0 of the linux malwares.19:11
rob0Right, you can make a fork bomb in a few ASCII characters.19:11
KhepraI mean, attack vectors are different. clamav is the "windows virus" paradigm of fingerprint database scanning.19:12
rob0Malware itself is mostly a Windows thing.19:12
Khepracan't disagree19:13
sarnolda lot of people have windows clients and linux fileservers / mail servers / webservers / etc19:13
matsamanzemzem: you're also getting basically 100% of your packages from the official package manager & repository, instead of from random installers you found online19:13
Jim`Is there still a Min ISO for when you don't want a GUI on old machines?19:17
leftyfbJim`: ubuntu server19:18
Jim`leftyfb: Sounds like an idea19:18
Jim`leftyfb: says "multipass" now??19:18
leftyfbyou don't need multipass19:19
Jim`So I'm kind of confused where the min ISO is19:19
leftyfbclick on Option 219:20
Jim`leftyfb: Even with XFCE Mint locks up so I'm giving up on the E2160 and new OS'19:21
Jim`E2160 and a 467019:21
leftyfbJim`: Mint isn't supported hre19:21
Jim`leftyfb: Right, but Ubuntu was locking up too19:21
Jim`I'm thinking the old machine "just aint got what it takes"19:21
matsamanmaybe it has a hardware fault19:21
Jim`matsaman: Could be, I haven't used it in 10 years besides file storage19:22
Jim`and I've moved twice19:22
matsaman10 years, probably pretty energy inefficient by today's standards anyway19:22
Jim`so it might have been beat up19:22
Jim`matsaman: Someone just gave me this FX-8370 and AM3+ to update my AM3 , so it happens lol19:23
Jim`He wouldn't part with his DDR4 and Ryzen he just bought :(19:23
Jim`I suppose I could take the HDD out and add it to this machine19:25
Jim`But then I'd have one less backup machine19:26
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Jim`... but then smartphones do emails and all that anyway now..19:26
leftyfbJim`: let us know when and if you come across any issues with Ubuntu. We'll be happy to help19:27
Jim`leftyfb: It's downloading so we'll see soon19:27
c_89to flash the motherboard BIOS (BIOS executable EXE / DOS) which version of freedos should I use ?: FreeDOS 1.3 LiveCD or FreeDOS 1.3 FullUSB?19:39
sarnoldprobably whichever is easier to use19:39
rob0or what the manufacturer recommends19:41
leftyfbc_89: are you going to be booting to FreeDOS using a USB and flashing the BIOS or are you attempting this in a FreeDOS emulator? If the latter, I wouldn't trust flashing a BIOS from an emulated environment. If the former, this really has nothing to do with Ubuntu19:45
pycuriousis there a way to define firewall rules in a yaml or json file and then feed it all to ufw at the same time?19:45
leftyfbpycurious: yes: https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.7/modules/ufw_module.html19:48
c_89leftyfb I have to create a bootable pendrive with freedos, and then once started after loading the bios, type the name of the firmware from the command line which is in (EXE / DOS) format to be able to flash ...19:49
c_89leftyfb inside FD13-FullUSB.zip there is: FD13FULL.img and FD13FULL.vmdk19:51
c_89leftyfb inside FD13-LiveCD.zip there is: FD13BOOT.img and FD13LIVE.iso19:52
leftyfbc_89: you should reach out to the vendor for help with what to do with that19:53
Jim`leftyfb: Whatever ln-target is seems to be taking a good amount of time19:53
leftyfbc_89: if I had to guess, both of them should get written to a flash drive or cdrom respectively and should just do what you want, regardless of FreeDOS or the OS you are running(Ubuntu). But again, you need to reach out to your vendor for support with that19:54
c_89leftyfb https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/it-it/000131486/update-the-dell-bios-in-a-linux-or-ubuntu-environment19:54
leftyfbc_89: great place to start. Good luck19:55
sarnoldhmm if it's dell I'd expect fwupdmgr to work19:55
sarnoldis it ancient or something?19:55
Jim`leftyfb: Alright it finished, but now says "wait for network to be configured.."19:56
Jim`after removing the install USB flash drive and reboot19:56
leftyfbJim`: wait longer. You probably have a network interface that isn't connected19:57
Jim`leftyfb: yes, it has an internal and a Microsoft PCI19:57
Jim`leftyfb: two NICs19:57
Jim`only one is connected19:57
Jim`is that the issue19:57
c_89leftyfb in this dell support article UNetbootin is used to download freedos directly, I would like to install it instead in the usb pendrive directly by downloading it from the official website19:58
leftyfbc_89: you know most Dell motherboards let you just use fwupdmgr to update the BIOS right? From within Ubuntu. No manual downloaded needed. Did you try that?19:59
Jim`leftyfb: It now has made the OpenSSH keys .. and isn't doing anything else.  Is that all Server does?19:59
Jim`I need to SSH in to do anything else?19:59
leftyfbJim`: hit enter and login19:59
octav1a* ssh keys as a service *20:00
c_89leftyfb already tried fwupdmgr tells me that no update is available, so I have to install the firmware manually20:00
Jim`leftyfb: Seems to work, but just take about 2 extra mins cause of the other NIC I guess20:06
leftyfbJim`: set them as optional in the netplan config20:06
Jim`leftyfb: wow, this install didn't even have df for df -h to check the disks20:07
Jim`must be VERY min20:07
Jim`leftyfb: how would I go about doing that ?20:13
leftyfbJim`: https://netplan.io/examples/20:14
Jim`eh.. I suppose I could just wait the extra 2 mins..20:14
leftyfbJim`: what's the purpose of this machine?20:15
Jim`Once I get these files back on there I imagine I wont be using the machine that often20:15
Jim`leftyfb: basically storage now20:15
leftyfbJim`: over what protocol?20:15
Jim`That's why I figure I might as well just take the hard drive on out of it and use it that way..20:16
Jim`And stop wasting power on another machine20:17
Jim`leftyfb: The other machine I put regular LTS on20:19
Jim`leftyfb: But it's a Celeron .. Sky Lake something.. I forgot off hand20:19
Jim`And doesn't struggle with new GUIs20:20
pjsI have this weird issue like 3-4x a day where my network access just stops working for 15-25 seconds. I can't even ping stuff (ie, my gateway) on the local lan. After 20ish seconds, everything is normal again. I thought maybe I was having issues with my ubiquiti AP but I've been testing with my mac the last few days and when my ubuntu machine can't access the lan, the mac has no issues.20:22
pjsAny ideas on what could cause this? I guess it started maybe 2ish months ago20:22
leftyfbpjs: try https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/31540020:23
pycuriousany ideas on how to fix this - https://dpaste.org/bZjq20:32
ioriapycurious, sounds a bug ... do you have broken packages ?20:43
pjsleftyfb: thank you!20:51
jhutchinspycurious: A brief summary/explanation is more likely to get people to follow a link.20:52
jhutchinspycurious: You could do something radical like actually look in your preferences, or maybe check for third-party repos.20:54
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devilboyhi everyone, do I need a bootable usb stick within ubuntu to resize (create new partition) for windows 10 installation - dual boot with ubuntu ?21:08
tomreyndevilboy: to resize (active) partitions (and file systems) on your ubuntu disk, yes. to just add a new partition, no.21:13
PRETEXTATOHeLLo! I would like to change the Header message from tty. Like... From "Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS localhost tty1" To "Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS LOCALHOST TTY.001"?21:13
devilboytomreyn, adding a new partition that means it will somehow cut or resize my active 1TB disk right?21:16
devilboyJeremy31, I'm thinking also your advise now for VM. Thinking21:18
sarnoldPRETEXTATO: that might be /etc/issue21:19
pycuriousAnyone knows how to fix this in Ubuntu 20.04LTS-> python3 -m pip freeze -> /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/secretstorage/dhcrypto.py:15: CryptographyDeprecationWarning: int_from_bytes is deprecated, use int.from_bytes instead.   from cryptography.utils import int_from_bytes21:29
oerheks-m Searches sys.path for the named module and runs the corresponding .py file as a script.21:41
oerhekspycurious, so it is a bug in dhcrupto.py, or inconsistent use of that module?21:42
oerheksyou might want to reask in #python21:42
[jake]is it safe to disable packagekit? The first thing i always do after bootup is to run my update script. It is really iritating as 9/10 times it stops because of packagekitd.21:56
leftyfb[jake]: you mean unattended-upgrades21:56
[jake]leftyfb: i already uninstalled them21:59
[jake]using apt22:00
[jake]and today got this error again:22:01
[jake]E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock. It is held by process 1367 (packagekitd)22:01
leftyfb[jake]: have you rebooted since you removed unattended-upgrades?22:01
alkisgRun software-properties-gtk and select to never search for updates etc; or disable the apt-daily systemd unit and timer22:03
alkisgOr you can just configure it to run daily and pop up a dialog to ask you if you want to install them, instead of running your script :)22:04
[jake]no no I want my script its much faster, also the popup is _really_ annoying and reminds me a bit of an OS that i left a year ago :)22:08
leftyfb[jake]: how is your script faster?22:09
[jake]'Automatically check for updates' was already set to 'Never'22:09
[jake]1. thing it does it runs apt-get update an i see the packages i type Y for continuing and go on with my stuff22:11
leftyfb[jake]: huh?22:11
[jake]where the popup shows after 2 min sometimes updates a progeam that im using ie. firefox and i have to restart it22:12
leftyfb[jake]: the snap version of Firefox is the only application I know of that requires restarting it after it updates because the Mozilla developers made it that way. This applies to any method you use to update it22:13
[jake]hmm... it really happend to me one time and i use the deb package version, maybe because of extensions idk22:19
[jake]alkisg: i just disabled the apt-daily & apt-daily-upgrade timer & service22:28
[jake]so i guess thats everithing you mentioned22:29
[jake]but if that still doesn`t fix the issue will it be unsafe to disable the packagekit?22:32
devilboydo we have a resource monitor as on windows ? On windows I had a 100% disk usage, now I want to check on ubuntu the live disk usage in %.22:36
Jeremy31devilboy: I think you can install a program, hardinfo?22:37
devilboyJeremy31, thank you once more :P22:37
enigma9o7[m]gnome system monitor22:37
devilboyenigma9o7[m], I have checked that but it doesn't show live usage in %.22:38
enigma9o7[m]confirmed you're right22:40
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devilboyI will try to use Windows 10 in VM tomorrow, I don't want my laptop to use this blah OS ;p22:41
devilboyhardinfo doesn't show live disk usage. I may try iotop, thank you oerheks22:44
enigma9o7[m]DiskIO in conky....22:46
devilboythank you all for your recommendations22:49
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sybaritensarnold: yeah no i use it, i mean, it's basically what got me through my last job hahaha...   (ctrl r) . I'm not good with remembering exactly how to run command lines...23:05
sarnoldsybariten: between that and firefox history..23:06
sybaritenyeah, i gotta admit, i'm not one to ever go and look at actual browser history though....23:11
sybariten...which is _probably_ because they are bloody well all on my desktop at once - i'm not afraid to admit that yes, i have a problem. Sometimes the tabs are so many and tight that you can hardly make out individual ones in the top row...23:12
[jake]sybariten: yea thats why i use the Sideberry extension for firefox, it orginizes tabs in 2D :)23:22
sybariten[jake]: aha, organizes how? I think i've tried more remedies for taboholism than there are tabs on this planet.... often in form of chrome extensions23:58
sybaritenNow chrome has tab groups naturally built in, which should in theory help.. but....23:58
Chunkyzsybariten: [jake]: maybe take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, this *is* a support channel. :-)23:59

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