Unit193bluesabre: re: Docs review.  Took a look at several sections, https://xubuntu.github.io/xubuntu-docs/user/C/internet-networks.html for example seems a bit "odd", shouldn't be using ifconfig, etc.  Otherwise, well...uh..maybe seems fine?00:55
bluesabreI suspect that ifconfig section might be the carry-over from the ancient docs01:03
bluesabreBut yeah, we can build the docs on commit in GitHub01:04
Unit193I pushed two commits to master a few months back that aren't stacked on top, but that shouldn't matter for that review.01:06
bluesabreVery cool.01:07
bluesabreOnly other thing is the latest wallpaper ping, in case you haven't already voted on Tenerife01:07
bluesabreAnd if you're feeling artsy, you could make a wallpaper in case knome isn't quite done yet :D01:08
Unit193I stupidly responded to that on IRC elsewhere just now. >_>  I do not have the skillset needed for the wallpaper.01:09
Unit193Specifically, I'm never feeling artsy, and not sure I even voted for the winning wallpapers. :D01:09
bluesabreWant to test https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/pull/318 ?01:11
ubottuPull 318 in shimmerproject/Greybird "Fix installation of a11y and compact themes (Fixes #316)" [Open]01:11
Unit193Maybe not sure how, but I could if that'd help.01:12
bluesabreInstallation instructions in the readme. Current version doesn't install anything outside of Greybird/Greybird-dark correctly :D01:14
bluesabreCan probably also just drop it in the current package since its all meson01:14
Unit193I still use a patched Numix, I should likely find a different theme...01:14
bluesabreOh wow, the numix theme really just stopped01:17
krytarikbluesabre: Wrt the doc changes, so far from looking over the overall diff a bit, I noticed 1.) the webchat links are still from old Freenode, and 2.) all the icon additions in the user docs should have gone into the xubuntu-user.ent rather than the -common one.01:18
bluesabrekrytarik: awesome, thanks for the review!01:20
Unit193More useful than mine. \o/01:20
bluesabreAny feedback is good feedback to me01:21
krytarikbluesabre: Going into the textual part a bit, first one I've noticed is in software-management and is that "apt or apt-get" is completely bold including the "or"..01:24
krytarikbluesabre: I think the reason why I'm still seeing a guide-desktop.html while the corresponding XML file was renamed may be because it still says <chapter id="guide-desktop">01:42
krytarikSame on a few other chapters it seems.01:47
krytarikAnd I think following the overall pattern there, "guide-default-apps" should then also be renamed to just "default-apps"01:53
krytarik"Hibernation is disabled by default in Xubuntu and instructions to enable it can be found in Chapter [placeholder]." - lol XD02:07
Unit193That's the *best* chapter!02:08
krytarikIt'd seem "hardware-devices.html#enabling-hibernation" would be the appropriate place to link from there though.02:12
bluesabreGood good. I'll get those changes in today or tomorrow. :)11:13
bluesabreUnit193: We've got a new greybird-gtk-theme, in case you want to upload to Debian :) https://salsa.debian.org/desktop-themes-team/greybird-gtk-theme11:13

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