YegaHey guys, is it possible to get some help writing a #cloud-init script that installs npm, node, yarn on a Azure build agent?11:12
YegaI got as far as installing the packages but its now complaining about the permissions and version of node11:13
cjp256anyone familiar with https://lists.launchpad.net/yahoo-eng-team/msg84992.html ? It seems to refer a bug on launchpad that isn't public.   While I think it can be addressed on RHEL like it has on Ubuntu with updated service configs,  I'm wondering if instead of `mount -a` cloud-init should only be mounting the devices it added to fstab?12:57
falcojrcjp256: It got moved private because logs with PII were uploaded. There isn't a whole lot of additional context in the ticket. It looks like Anh was involved with some previous conversations, so he might have some more context as well15:08
blackboxswman something is really crawling for me today on sbulid runs. It's taking me 10 mins to get a build locally to test our latest ubunut jammy upload15:33
blackboxswfalcojr: SRU of cloud-init status --wait hotfix branches look good, I'm wrapping up sbuild run on impish and will queue uploads into B, F I proposed right afterward17:16
jdvis there a way to dump the merged cloud cfg?18:37
blackboxswjdv: for merged config from disk  (as in merged config from filesystem at /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/*)  `sudo cloud-init query merged_cfg` if you are talking about the fully merged configuration which also includes datasource vendor_data && user_data etc. I'll dig up a one-off python invocation that'll help.. But it's not yet exposed easily in the cloud-init commandline19:51
blackboxsw`sudo cloud-init query userdata; sudo cloud-init query vendordata; sudo cloud-init query ds.meta_data` also give you aspects to some of those individual components19:52
blackboxswfalcojr: uploads to bionic, focal, impish just got approved for hotfix SRU on `cloud-init status --wait` behavior. I've also just dput them to ppa:cloud-nit-dev/proposed20:35
falcojrblackboxsw: great, thanks!20:36
blackboxswonce packages are up we can manually run CLOUD_INIT_PLATFORM=lxd_container CLOUD_INIT_CLOUD_INIT_SOURCE=PROPOSED CLOUD_INIT_OS_IMAGE=impish tox -e integration-tests  tests/integration_tests/cmd/test_status.py on each series and mark verification done20:36
blackboxswfalcojr: minor thought on how we do pinning, just because our original pin for rtd modules is not antiquated a bit 21:16

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