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alkisgChunkyz, virt-manager is a completelly different program than virtualbox03:27
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ChunkyzI know........10:37
lucas-arghey all... got one question12:29
Chunkyzlucas-arg: shoot the question. :-)12:29
lucas-argwhen i install ndivia drivers gnome shows that its runnin with nvidia drivers12:29
lucas-argbut when i run glxgears it says its using intel instead12:29
lucas-argso dont really know if ubuntu is really using nvidia or intel drivers12:30
tarzeaulsmod  would help? or dkms status?12:33
lucas-argnvidia-smi query shows on demand12:35
lucas-argits confusing 12:36
lucas-argubuntu says nvidia drivers are installed 12:37
lucas-argbut i dont see ubuntu using them12:37
lucas-argme again12:49
lucas-argim sure ubuntu is not using nvidia drivers12:49
lucas-argeven though it says they are installed gnome says nvidia is installed, software-center too, but nvidia drivers just donr run at all12:50
lucas-argglxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"12:51
lucas-argOpenGL renderer string: Mesa Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2)12:51

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