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cpaelzergood morning06:28
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gjollyGood morning!08:23
mirespaceI forgot to say "good morning!"09:16
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utkarsh2102ooh, we have a guest. Hello, gjolly o/09:43
gjollyI don't know where to go, there is no #ubuntu-cloud channel :'( 09:45
utkarsh2102gjolly: let's make one :)09:50
gjollyutkarsh2102: good point, but it's not enough to create it, we should also update the wiki to make sure people know about it. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList09:54
utkarsh2102gjolly: yas! 10:49
ahasenackI need a review on https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/samba/+git/samba/+merge/417186, and I have another samba change queued up. I didn't want to clobber two unrelated changes in one MP12:19
ahasenackhm, I got a quota set on my just-created jammy lxd container, that's odd18:17
ahasenackolder containers don't have it18:17
ahasenackI wonder if I changed something (host is impish)18:17
ahasenack$ zfs get quota nsnx/lxd/containers/j1-postgresql-ftbfs18:18
ahasenackNAME                                     PROPERTY  VALUE  SOURCE18:18
ahasenacknsnx/lxd/containers/j1-postgresql-ftbfs  quota     954M   local18:18
ahasenackand an older container, also jammy image18:18
ahasenack$ zfs get quota nsnx/lxd/containers/j-kdc18:18
ahasenackNAME                       PROPERTY  VALUE  SOURCE18:18
ahasenacknsnx/lxd/containers/j-kdc  quota     none   local18:18
ahasenackstgraber: hi, do you recall something changing in recent lxd releases (4.24 perhaps?) about quotas and zfs?18:26
ahasenackI could also have inadvertently changed some config about it, I was messing around with adding storage to vms spawned by lxd the other day18:27
ahasenackI see "volume.size = 1GB" in "lxc storage edit default", that is close to the quota set on these container's datasets18:28
sdezielahasenack: 1GB is 954MiB so that sounds likely18:30
ahasenackyep, changed it to 10GB, got 9.31Gb18:30
ahasenacknow I removed it18:30
ahasenackand quota is unset again18:30
ahasenackso maybe I added it when adding volumes to vms back a few days ago, to add a 1GB volume, by mistake18:30
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