davefEvening all13:07
davefHow goes?13:09
zxmpilamenting how few were wearing masks when i made my monthly trip to chemist13:10
davefhow is that no restrictions going for you over there?13:11
davefour mask mandate stops in april for public spaces and may for public transit13:12
zxmpiwe did away with almost all restrictions at start of feb. people are shocked that cases are so high again. shocked i say13:12
davefwell, duh. lol13:12
zxmpiwe're recommended to wear masks indoors and on public transport but about 25% do13:13
davefi'm in two minds about it. the first is not having to remember to put one on to go into a store. the second being sharing the lergy.  I'm probably going to wear one when I'm sick and I need to go out from now on. 13:15
davefalso good news.. i will be getting out of this hell hole in june.  moving to a new apartment.13:33
zxmpiso... a new hellhole :-P13:35
daveflol, yeah. pretty much anywhere in montreal13:35
davefthe nice thing is concrete floors and celings, so there's no noise.13:36
davefnew digs also have access to a pool, gym, library and grocery store, pharmacy and post office all on site13:37
zxmpiis it a prison? had to ask :-P13:38
penguin42davef: Is that on site, or indoors?15:09
davefall on-site and indoors15:09
penguin42davef: Excellent, so you can go to the grocery store in your slippers15:10
davefbut I do that anyway, so nothing will change lol15:10
davefcrocs, versatile.15:11
penguin42davef: I used to work in an office above a small shopping centre that had an internal door into it; some people used to go down to the coffree shop in socks15:14
davefone thing i'm looking forward to is not listening to my neighbours music15:29
daftykinsdavef: what's he/she like? :D21:42
daftykins(neighbour, music)21:43

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