sybaritenChunkyz: hmm that's true00:03
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Chunkyzwhere is the cache stored for apt-get downloads?00:39
Chunkyzsafe to delete them?00:40
sarnoldyeah, the apt clean and apt autoclean tools make it super-easy :)00:40
Chunkyzcan I delete the folder or do I need to do 1 by 100:41
sarnoldjust use the apt subcommands00:41
sarnoldI hope apt knows how to recreate the directory correctly if you delete that, but there's easy tools right there..00:42
ChunkyzThanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ saved me 1gb of space00:55
Bashing-omChunkyz: There is also ' sudo apt autoremove ' that deletes what the package manager thinks as no longer needed.01:00
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Sven_vBon some of my focal machones, /etc/resolv.conf points to ../run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolv.conf. shouldn't it point to ../run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf instead? because that one has my DNS IPs in it. do I need to fix that manually on all affected machines? is it a one-time fix or will it happen on new installs, too?04:13
Sven_vBoh. I see. now DNS works, before I even fixed anything. so I guess the failure earlier was something else.04:21
Sven_vBand my old "list all DNS servers" script fails because it only checks NetworkManager connections, whereas the purpose of my new config is to have DNS be independent from which connection I use. can I still query NM for the DNS IPs, should I just grep them from /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf, or is there an even better way?04:23
Sven_vBfound resolvectl04:37
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cryptobughey yah all05:54
cryptobugpatch all ubuntu now05:54
cryptobugis version unknown bug05:54
cryptobugapt update all05:54
Guest42i is using lutris to play games on linux06:36
Guest42my trouble is i have an old installer for a game called transport tycoon06:36
Guest42how i install it with lutris?06:36
Guest42it's exe file06:36
Guest42i see tutorials but don't understand06:37
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recycleherohi, when I connect to a wireless network in GUI. scripts in /etc/network/if-up.d doesnt run08:36
recycleheroI put echo something > ./somefile08:36
osserecyclehero: ls -l /etc/network/if-up.d/somefile08:41
ossealso the file should start with #!/bin/sh or #!/bin/bash08:42
recycleheroosse: I meant the script conent is #!/bin/bash /n echo something > ./somefile which is placed in /etc/networks/if-up.d/somescript08:43
osseis /etc/networks/if-up.d/somescript executable?08:44
ossewhat happens if you change the script to echo something > /home/recyclehero/somefile ?08:45
recycleheroit works08:48
recycleherowhich user run the script?08:48
recycleherocan I use sudo08:48
recycleherowhat is the IF_OPENVPN in the openvpn script in up directory? I couldnt find it08:49
recycleheroprintenv | grep IF_OPENVPN08:49
osserecyclehero: I don't know which user, but I guess it's your user08:54
ossethe problem was the current directory. you are probably not allowed to write there08:55
cryptobugforbes magazine09:10
cryptobugis for billionare magazine tard09:10
cryptobugfrom billgates to everyone09:10
cryptobugof course only billionare among them know09:11
cryptobugnow you all know09:11
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Wamphyrilets say i want to mount \\\alan\     using one set of credentials that would be different compared to \\\andrew\ , so each folder would need its own username / password. can samba do that? if so whats it called and where is the faq? lol10:33
MathisenWamphyri, just create more users and add the share for that user10:34
Wamphyriand have is so each user can't see the other users folder?10:34
Mathisensmbpasswd -a foobar10:35
Mathisenthen add entry for foobar in your smb.conf10:35
Mathisenlike this https://bpa.st/NVLA10:36
Wamphyriwhat would i put into the smb.conf?10:36
Mathisenand after you add that entry you restart your samba service or reboot10:37
Mathisensystemctl restart samba10:37
Wamphyrithank you10:38
cryptobugall ubuntu10:41
cryptobugis absolute now10:41
cryptobugexcept kubuntu10:41
cryptobuggood luck10:41
Mathisenit is chat bot ignore it10:42
Mathisenbeen baned from multiple channels already10:42
Wamphyrilol ok10:42
Wamphyri\\\Share1 you might not have permission to use this network resource.10:43
Mathisenif you did what i said it should have worked. but im gonna back of if there is more to it on ubuntu. atleast on debian thats how i always do it. so someone else more specialized on ubuntu may comment on this10:47
Wamphyrisamba is samba it should be pretty close to across the same lol10:48
Mathisenassuming the share exist and the user got access to it10:48
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kristian_on_linuhi all10:55
ChunkyzHow can I see *why* my USB3 external hdd every now an then disconnects?10:55
kristian_on_linuFirefox 98.0.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 ... I use a website that insists on hiding the scrollbars, which is driving me nuts! What can I do?10:55
MathisenChunkyz, dmesg10:56
ChunkyzMathisen: anything I can grep?10:56
MathisenChunkyz, just tail dmesg and unplug and plug it in and it will show it10:56
Mathisensame will happen if it suddenly dc10:56
Mathisenand then you can grep after what it shows10:56
Chunkyzthanks! :-)10:57
Mathisenkristian_on_linu, hiding the scrollbar ? mind pm me the url ?10:57
kristian_on_linuMathisen, I need to *unhide* ... and I can't share the URL, it is something confidential that I log into :(10:58
EriC^^Chunkyz: dmesg -w , easy way to follow it real-time10:59
ChunkyzI'll check when it next d/cs :-) thanks EriC^^10:59
EriC^^no problem11:00
Mathisenkristian_on_linu, i dont realy understand what you mean when you say it hides it :(11:02
kristian_on_linuyou have to scroll over the bar to see it11:02
Mathisenif it only one website then the site is made to do it11:02
kristian_on_linuI want it there all the time ... I found an extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/custom-scrollbars/) ... but it does not seem to work11:03
Mathisenturning off java script would probably stop it of hideing , but that will also probably break the websites functions depending on site11:03
Wamphyriomg i wanna shoot samba11:09
cryptobugkubuntu remember11:10
cryptobugthat's all11:10
cryptobugand server11:10
Wamphyriyeah ok11:10
MathisenWamphyri, what have you done so far to test it11:12
Mathisenthe share exist ? and whatever user have access to it right ?11:13
Wamphyriyeah i'm sharing the home folder of accounts11:13
Wamphyriso lets say /home/wamphyri/odoo11:13
Wamphyrisharing that11:14
NeoFAT32As Justin Bieber said, never say never.11:14
Wamphyrii have access to it11:14
* NeoFAT32 is hiding behind a cactus.11:14
ChunkyzNeoFAT32: can we help with something? this *is* a support channel. take your offtopic to: /join #ubuntu-offtopic11:14
MathisenWamphyri, hmm yeah that should work right away11:15
Wamphyriyeah, you would hope lol11:16
MathisenWamphyri, and it accepts you user/pass when trying to login to the share and then gives the error ?11:16
Wamphyrican't access \\
Wamphyriif i type in \\\share_yadda11:17
Wamphyriit asks for user name and password11:17
WamphyriBUT it's grabbing my AD information11:18
Chunkyzset your samba password: sudo smbpasswd -a *username*11:18
Chunkyzthen restart samba: sudo systemctl restart smbd11:19
Wamphyriroot@edata:/etc/samba# service smbd stop11:19
Wamphyriroot@edata:/etc/samba# service smbd start11:19
Wamphyrijust did11:19
cubic10I've got a support question :)11:20
cubic10I am booting into Ubuntu on a Pi4, which is located on an SSD on the usb 3 port. 90% of the time, everything loads properly on boot. But occasionally, there is some error with the USB ports getting addressed properly, and the file system never loads. So eventually the busybox shell comes up. First, I am confused about exactly what is going on here,11:20
cubic10because the boot loader recognized the USB ports, and it seems at least some things loaded from the SSD. Because busy box loaded, and this is part of the Ubuntu side of things, right? But then something went wrong and the file system was unable to finish loading?11:20
cubic10My question is: Is there a way to have it reboot automatically from the busy box shell?11:20
MathisenWamphyri, try to mount it in terminal as a test to whatever folder11:20
MathisenWamphyri, sudo mount -t cifs // ~/folder_to_mount_to -o user=foobar11:20
WamphyriMathisen, mount: /srvs: bad option; for several filesystems (e.g. nfs, cifs) you might need a /sbin/mount.<type> helper program.11:23
MathisenWamphyri, install cifs-utils11:26
Wamphyriit assked me for a password11:27
Wamphyrientered it in and thats it lol11:27
Mathisenthen the share works11:27
Wamphyriyup but i can't access it via a windows machine11:28
Wamphyriwhich is a must11:28
Mathisenwell that should be the same thing11:29
Mathisenthere is no logic for it not to work on a window machine11:29
Mathisenonly thing that would prevent it is using smb1 and that you are not doing11:29
Wamphyrithe windows machine is on a domain11:29
Wamphyrithe linux machine is not attached to the domain11:29
Mathisenwell can the windows machine ping the ip ?11:30
Wamphyriwhen i try and connect to the linux machine is always comes up with my domain name11:30
Wamphyrii can ssh, ftp, etc to it11:30
Mathisenis this your domain ?11:30
Mathisenset up a login script for the user in the GPO settings on the domain controller11:31
Wamphyrithe company i work for lol11:32
Wamphyrilets just say its a shit show11:32
Mathisenheh ok.. well ask the domain admin then11:32
Wamphyrii can have the samba server bind to the domain, but i prefer not to11:32
Mathisenit is not ment that regular users start mounting random things11:32
Mathisenthat is kinda obvious11:32
Wamphyriright, only 8 users need access to this11:32
Wamphyrii think that mount just broke my system11:33
Mathisenjust unmount it11:33
Mathisensudo umount /mount/point11:33
Wamphyriit won't11:34
Mathisenit won't ?11:34
Wamphyriyup, just hangs lol11:34
Wamphyrii have to ctrl c11:34
Mathisenok, strange, in any case a reboot and it will not be mounted anymore11:35
Wamphyrimight you i might be just getting impatient11:35
Wamphyriever get the feeling you made a promise and now the promise is adding glue and sand to the broom handle as he looks at you with love in his eyes?11:36
Wamphyriand yeah i was just being impatient11:36
cubic10Chunkyz: any ideas?11:37
WamphyriMathisen, do you have any global configuration with your samba?11:41
Mathisennope just the default stuff like workgroup and interface11:43
Chunkyzcubic10: ideas to what?11:43
cubic10Chunkyz: I posted a question11:46
ChunkyzAnd? what do you want me to do?11:46
cubic10Help me if you knew the answer :)11:47
Chunkyz!patience | cubic1011:47
ubottucubic10: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/11:47
cubic10When the filesystem fails to properly load, and the busy box shell comes up, is there anyway to make the system automatically reboot? Like, is there a way to have busy box run crontab?11:48
ChunkyzYou're probably using too much power from the USB3 ports on your RPI...11:49
cubic10Yes, that probably is the underlying issue. But it works 9 out of 10 times. So if there was a way to have it automatically reboot from busy box, it would resolve 90% of the time on the first reboot :)11:50
cubic10No way to make it auto reboot?11:51
ChunkyzNope, fix your USB3 power hogging.11:51
cubic10The interesting thing is the bootloader is doing just fine11:55
Wamphyricubic10, think of busy box as safe mode, if you need it to do something beyond its intentions you'll need to grab the source, and program it in then re-create the iso to support that busy box.. (i think thats about right)11:55
WamphyriMathisen, should i add samba to the domain?11:56
cubic10Wamphyri: That makes sense. So there are no user configurable settings for busy box?11:58
Wamphyrijust ment for recovery11:58
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cubic10or any settings at all that get loaded before busy box comes up? Because I would also be happy if it would just reboot instead of going into the 'safe mode'12:00
Wamphyrithis is reminding me of conversations with my 15 year old, lol hey dad lemmi ask you the same question 1000 different ways lol12:02
Wamphyricubic10, its not designed like that, once kernel hits a panic it goes busy box12:03
cubic10okay. thanks12:03
cubic10btw, I'm not sure I would describe my situation as a panic, because it actually tries for about 5 minutes to find the file system, and then it says "I give up" -> busy box12:06
cubic10I'm just not very familiar with the early stages of the the boot process12:06
SlartibartAll of a sudden sound is played at a lower speed than it should be, when I listen to web radio it sounds like the songs are played in slow motion. Anyone experienced this? Can I try reinstalling the sound drivers?12:09
cubic10Wamphyri: Do you know the name of the process that has successfully loaded?12:12
cubic10(loaded enough to present busy box?)12:12
Wamphyricubic10, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/59018/create-and-control-start-up-scripts-in-busybox12:13
Wamphyrimake a backup of your iso12:14
BluesKajHi all12:23
ChunkyzBluesKaj: can we help with something?12:23
SlartibartIt seems there's something wrong with my normal sound output, if I change the output to one with a different driver the sound is played at the correct speed. Inxi output for the bad one is "Device-3: Micro Star USB Audio type: USB driver: hid-generic,snd-usb-audio,usbhid". Can I somehow reset(?) that driver?12:29
WamphyriMathisen, well i can see the drve, i can access the drive. but i can also access everyone elses12:43
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codezSlartibar: try bringing up alsamixer in terminal12:46
codezand see if there's anything you can change/set there to sort it12:46
rob0another suggestion is to check modinfo(8) for the relevant modules, perhaps you can tweak the driver12:47
Payam54I can not install anything and get this error: "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem." and when I type that command the whole computer freezes.13:02
wezHi Payam54113:03
Payam54Hi wez13:04
tomreynPayam54: run this: cat /proc/version && lsb_release -ds    - what does it output?13:04
wezPayam54: Is it freezing to give you the time to enter in your sudo password?13:04
Payam54tomreyn : Linux version 5.4.0-90-generic (buildd@lcy01-amd64-026) (gcc version 7.5.0 (Ubuntu 7.5.0-3ubuntu1~18.04)) #101~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 22 09:25:04 UTC 2021ย Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS13:05
Payam54wez no it does do some lines and then stucks at one point13:05
Payam54something with configurating kernel13:05
tomreyncan you take a photo and upload it to imgur.com (or similar)?13:06
Payam54tomreyn I am using remote desktop. I already asked multiple people to restart my computer :(13:07
tomreynoh, i see13:08
tomreynthen run this and post the url it returns here for now: dmesg | nc termbin.com 999913:08
weztomreyn: Yeah, imgur or preferably something with less ads13:08
tomreynwez: namely?13:09
Payam54wez: I did13:10
weztomreyn: Self hosted Apache server13:10
tomreynPayam54: good, whats the http address that was printed?13:11
Payam54tomreyn I did. Nothing happens13:11
Payam54I am waiting13:11
tomreynwez: i dont think its a good time to ask Payam54 to set one up now13:11
weztomreyn: Why not?13:11
EnissayI have an issue with filezilla, it works fine, but when I am on VPN (local access only not internet), it just refuses to start... Any idea how to fix ?13:11
Payam54tomreyn Do you want me to paste the output of dmesg?13:12
tomreynPayam54: can you try again? this should print a http address normally:   dmesg | nc termbin.com 999913:12
Payam54it is computer company. maybe the ports are closed13:12
Payam54computer froze13:13
tomreynPayam54: hmm, i guess this will need to be handled on site.13:13
wezEnissay: Does scp or rsync still work?13:13
tomreynlikely a hardware problem13:13
wezPayam54: Throw it in the bin and stop buying DELLs13:14
Payam54tomreyn someone accidently turned off my pc13:14
Payam54I will try it again13:14
Enissaywez: I meant that the FileZilla GUI doesnt even open up. As of rsync, it works fine. scp I dont use13:15
tomreynEnissay: try starting filezilla from a terminal emulator13:16
tomreynsee if it prints anything useful13:16
Slartibartcodez, rob0: Thanks! Will check now.13:17
wezEnissay: Oh, thanks for elaberating.  Ummmm. any reason not to just use rsync?  Or are you using some advanced queueing feature?13:19
Payam54tomreyn https://pastebin.com/wejMHyLE13:20
Enissaytomreyn: It just get stuck at reading config `Reading locale option from /home/user/.config/filezilla/filezilla.xml`. I tried removing that file relaunching... nothing changes13:32
Enissaywez: It actually holds my list of servers, easy to pick from there. Also, thanks to export feature, it is easy to keep multiple sessions synced (win/linux)13:34
EnissayAnyhow, for now I will just have to lunch before turning on VPN and hope I wont forget :x13:37
RiFohello, is there a good way to turn an ubuntu installation into a virtual machine?13:48
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Anna28ย Jerk off with a random girl. Website: chica.monster13:53
wezAnna28: Sounds a bit offtopic to me13:55
wezAnna28: Although, I am not an op, so I can't confirm.13:55
sprnk[m]RiFo: what are you trying to do exactly? make a bare-metal install into a vm?14:11
RiFosprnk[m]: yes, harddrive is about to die, and the hardware in general is ancient, not worth upgrading14:12
leftyfbRiFo: backup and fresh install14:13
leftyfbRiFo: trying to convert a bare metal install with a failing drive to a virtual machine is a fruitless effort14:13
RiFoit is not failing yet, smart is putting out the first harddrive errors, so its going to fail soon14:14
leftyfbRiFo: there are 3 states of a hard drive: 1. perfectly healthy with no alerts   2. failing with alerts, potential loss of data  3. failed, completely inaccessible14:16
oerheksbad sectors grow, over time14:20
sprnk[m]+1 for leftyfb's suggestion14:25
sprnk[m]you could make a VM on another device and rsync the files you want if that's an option14:27
RiFoDamn i just noticed i can use virtualbox itself to copy a disk into a vdi14:32
RiFo(took me a bit to get the right keywords for the search)14:33
zen_coderI want to format my USB stick, but I get following msg:14:33
zen_coder"This Partition cannot be modfied because it contains a partion table; please reinitiliaze layout of the whole device. (udisks-error-quark, 11)14:34
RiFosprnk[m]: i found this  ((https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch08.html#vboxmanage-convertfromraw))14:34
zen_coderon this stick I have ubuntu OS flashed14:34
leftyfbzen_coder: are you using gparted?14:35
zen_coderleftyfb: I am using normal ubtunu format function14:36
leftyfbzen_coder: use gparted (though I don't know what "normal ubuntu format function" is )14:36
zen_coderokay, this seems to works14:40
zen_coderhow can i format it to exFAT with gparted?14:40
zen_coderdoesnt show me any option14:40
leftyfbzen_coder: https://askubuntu.com/a/999581/1151311   first result on google for "ubuntu format exfat with gparted"14:43
codezzen_coder: install the exfat-utils14:45
codezusing apt14:45
leftyfbcodez: depends on the version of ubuntu as per the link I just posted14:46
craigbass76Is there a command I can use to list all of the installed printer drivers?14:53
codezahh leftyfb kk14:53
Payam49Hi, When I try to install something what I get is : `E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. when installing kernel` when I run that command the whole computer freezes. What do I do? :(15:09
oerheksinstalling a kernel can take some time.. how do you do that, btw?15:12
Payam49oerheks to me?15:12
oerheksPayam49, yes, as one does not install a kernel manually, it comes through updates15:13
Payam49Now I could solve the error15:16
Payam49but when I instal git I get this and the entire computer is freezing15:16
Payam49it was the same error as before. it stops at update-initramfs15:17
oerheks201 not upgraded15:18
oerhekstime to do 'apt dist-upgrade'15:18
oerheksthen install stuff15:18
Payam49oerheks I am not allowed to upgrade the disto by the company15:18
oerheksand freeze; does toggling num lock work?15:18
oerheksoh, that is bad15:18
oerheksgood luck!15:18
Payam49nothing works at all15:18
enigma9o7[m]http://localhost:631 has some printer info15:40
armadefuego@Payam49 git does not require initramfs. that is _usually_ triggered by a kernel-ish update. You must have a pending update that did not complete. Maybe the people that said you can not upgrade the distro might know why?15:55
armadefuegoone possibility is to download the git package and install it directly.16:00
oerheksarmadefuego, interesting, as 201 not upgraded16:02
oerhekshe created an impossible situation16:02
armadefuegoIf you look at the screenshot you see that git is _already_ at the latest update.16:04
armadefuegoThe problem is that a previous update (updated kernel?) did not complete.16:04
armadefuegoAnd there is something that is not allowing the initramfs to complete. That is where the apt is hanging. the computer may not be fully frozen, or it might be.16:08
armadefuegoInitramfs may be hitting some operation that is not working on the hardware.16:08
armadefuegofor example a hardware lock on sector 0 writes could freeze a computer.16:11
armadefuego( the numlock test is to check if the computer is servicing interrupts. It is possible that it is servicing a higher level interrupt.16:13
craigbass76I'm using rdesktop to get into a windows machine. When I print from an app (print to pdf) I'm told that any formatting problems are due to my setup. Anyone know how to tell rdesktop where to find a printer driver? They're saying HP4, but I'm guessing they mean the laserjet4100 driver that everyone used for years.16:19
SkinnyCa_Has anyone else seen issues using the Intel Psteps driver with an intel 8000 series? I have a I7 8650U and it stays locked at 800mhz even at 100% load. AC/DC power make no difference. I disabled the pstate driver and the acpi driver sorta works, but never gets to 4.2Ghz, only 3.9. Thoughts?16:20
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amoeIn Focal Fossa, on a CLI-only server, what's the best way to enable a network interface so that it comes up on boot?16:27
leftyfbamoe: if it's configured properly, it will come up on boot16:28
leftyfbamoe: https://netplan.io/examples/16:28
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amoeleftyfb: thanks, it's the first time I've heard about netplan.16:31
loganrunis there any way to add a right click option to create a file, say a .txt file?16:33
loganrunto the "Files" program16:33
leftyfbloganrun: try https://vitux.com/add-new-document-back-to-the-right-click-menu-in-ubuntu-18-04/16:34
leftyfbloganrun: https://itsfoss.com/add-new-document-option/16:35
loganrunthanks I'll check it out16:36
loganrunhmm, the Templates folder does not seem to be used at all by Files16:40
loganrunoh, does seem to work if I click on "documents" first16:41
loganrunnot quite what I wan't but a start16:42
carnophage2i'm running ubuntu in a vm on vbox16:56
nunyahow do I clear the auoremove list. I removed cinnamon desktop and left gnome an Ubunt Ubuntu Wayland instaleld. Now my apt autoremove list contains blueman, hexchat,a and abotu 50 other things that I know are part of Ubunt. I don't want to unistall any of these. How do I clear the autoremove list without unistalling any of the packages it contains?16:56
carnophage2and the window manager is way choppy and slow16:56
carnophage2i have switched the vbox display, used compiz to remove stuff16:56
carnophage2still kind of clanky16:57
carnophage2followed several guides online16:57
carnophage2is there something to be done?16:57
nunyaexcuse all the typos pleae16:57
nunyamy keyboard and my typing sucks16:57
leftyfbnunya: you have to reinstall whatever package you removed that those packages depend on16:58
leftyfbcarnophage2: compiz is no longer installed by default and I'm pretty sure not supported. What version of ubuntu are you running?16:58
jhutchinscarnophage2: You'd probably start with examining your hardware, your system loads outside the VM, the VM software, the hardware and software virtualized to the VM, and other factors.  Ubuntu on a random VM is not enough to diagnose.16:58
rollappuserwhats up16:59
rollappuserhow are you16:59
rollappuserthis is16:59
rfmcarnophage2, do you have the vbox 3d support enabled (must install guest additions, enable it in vm settings)16:59
nunyaleftyfb: That would be Cinnamon Desktop Environment and I don't want Cinnamon any more16:59
leftyfbrollappuser: welcome to the ubuntu support channel. If you have an issue, please give as much detail as possible. If you just want to chat, try #ubuntu-offtopic17:00
rollappuseri have a free version of rollapp17:00
rollappuserthats all17:00
rfmcarnophage2, I found I was happier with the xfce desktop (Xubuntu) in a VM than gnome17:01
carnophage2i have guest additions and also vbox 3d enabled17:01
leftyfbnunya: sudo apt install gnome-shell-common17:01
carnophage2how do i install this?17:01
carnophage2i'll google it.17:01
leftyfbcarnophage2: please share the version of ubuntu you are running:    ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ) | nc termbin.com 999917:02
leftyfbnunya: or:   sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell gnome-shell-common17:02
rfmcarnophage2, apt install xubuntu-desktop should do it, although I think that leaves you with gdm instead of xubuntu normal lightdm.  installing anew from the xubuntu would result in a more normal config17:04
nunyaleftyfb: gnome-shell-common is already the newest version (3.36.9-0ubuntu0.20.04.2).17:05
nunyagnome-shell-common set to manually installed. Then a long list of stuff I can autoremove. See pastebin https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6kqpSs7rS7/17:05
carnophage220.04.4 LTS17:05
nunyaleftyfb: hexchat is among them. I am currently using hexchat to communicate with you17:07
leftyfbcarnophage2: I was also looking for the kernel, which is why I requested the full output17:09
carnophage2kernel is latest version available.17:10
leftyfbcarnophage2: please post the output of  ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ) | nc termbin.com 999917:11
nunyaleftyfb: I tried  sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-shell gnome-shell-common Then sudo apt update. I then just tried sudo apt install nano just tos ee if all the autoremove stuff still popped up. It did.17:11
oerheksa slow VM could be a slow host issue17:12
leftyfbnunya: at this point, it's probably just easier to "install" the packages from that list you know you still need/want17:12
nunyaIs the autoremove list editable? I just want it empty so nothing is accidentally uninstalled forcing me to have to reinstall my system.17:13
nunyaleftyfb:I don't know which ones I need or want and there are so many17:14
carnophage2output "https://termbbin.com/vbpc"17:14
leftyfbcarnophage2: tried installing the virtualbox extension pack17:15
nunyaleftyb: I guess I could just be careful and ignore the autoremove list in terminal and Synaptic17:16
carnophage2lefty, i'll look into it right away17:16
leftyfbnunya: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/J3xSG7xtnH/17:17
carnophage2extension pack was previously installed17:20
nunyaleftyfb: Ok, so install everything in the autoremove list. Clever if it works!17:20
leftyfbnunya: I left out the libraries. Some of those should get removed from the list after installing the other packages. The rest can probably be removed17:20
nunyaleftyfb: If any of the libraries are need apps will complain then I can reinstalll them right?17:22
nunyaleftyfb: Thanks17:22
nunyaleftyfb: Thanks that reduced autoremove list to 2 libbudgie-plugin0 libfwupdplugin1 I will check in Synaptic to make sure these are available if needed again. Then I will uninstall them.17:26
leftyfbnunya: you probably want libfwupdplugin1. The other can go17:28
nunyaleftyfb: I will try the install again trick and see if that clears them fro the autoremove list17:29
nunyaleftyfb: That worked! Thanks for your help! I'm going to put this in my computer support file.17:32
carnophage2i installed wine17:40
carnophage2and then some programs17:40
carnophage2removed wine17:40
carnophage2but the programs still show on my applications list on ubuntu, the windows ones17:40
carnophage2is there any way to remove them?  Could anyone show me the way?17:41
nunyaleftyfb: Yeah I don't even have budgie. I was trying a clock applet for budgie just to see if it works on Ubuntu. It doesn't. I found dclock but it's kind of ugly. It works though.17:42
knightwisemoved up to the ubuntu beta today17:44
knightwise22.04 looks good17:44
leftyfb!ubuntu-next | knightwise17:44
leftyfb!next | knightwise17:44
ubottuknightwise: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.17:44
* knightwise loves me some jellyfish17:45
nunyaleftyfb: One more question. I've been Googling but having a hard time finding: How do I get an application wind to open on right side or the screen? Just this one app though not all.17:45
nunyaleftyfb: Ubuntu 20.04 if that matters17:46
jhutchinsnunya: That's usually something you can feed to the application on the startup command, either as a part of a shortcut/icon, a menu item, or just from the Alt-F2 launcher (best to test it here first).17:52
jhutchinsnunya: Look at the docs for the application and see what it offers.17:52
nunyajhutchins: thanks I 'll check dclock --help17:53
jhutchinsnunya: Yeah, dclock should have position/geometery parameters.  Pretty sure xclock does.17:54
nunyajhutchins: nothing in dcloc --help about placement. I will try xclock. Unfortunately xclock -digital is not resizeable the window is but the time isn't.17:57
nunyaI need a big digital clock on my desktop so I can see it from my bed across the room from my computer.17:58
jhutchinsYou might check for a manpage or /usr/share/doc18:02
jhutchinsInternal help files for X applications are pretty sparse and unimplemented.18:02
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nunyajhutchins: found -gemoetry for dclock in man page but not help. Figure out geomerty with xwininfo -id $(xprop -root | grep "_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW(WINDOW)" | grep -Eo "0x[0-9a-f]{2,}") Then just palyed with X and Y cordinates until I liked the placement. Thanks for your help. The direction to man page led me to the answer.18:23
kinghathow does the docker snap update? will it restart containers at unwanted times?19:10
oerhekskinghat, a good read; see "refresh-mode: endure "  https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/docker-snap-what-happens-when-snap-is-updated/2029119:16
Lumpio-People run snap in production...?19:17
oerheksand the point to https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/wip-refresh-app-awareness/1073619:17
oerheksLumpio-, some docker people do.. and they can19:17
kinghatLumpio-: lxd is snap too19:18
Lumpio-oh no19:18
kinghatoerheks: so i gather that it might not work for for the docker snap? i dont see anything related to it in the docker snap repo ๐Ÿค”19:57
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AavarI am trying to build my own docker container, but it keeps restarting for some reason.  Can you tell me what is wrong with my Dockerfile?20:43
Aavari'm sorry... wrong channel.20:44
Chunkyzmy HDD is still disconnecting and I looked at dmesg: https://paste.debian.net/1235511/ any ideas what's going wrong?21:22
tomreynuse sg_ses to find out more about the disk(s) in this scsi enclosure21:24
Chunkyzit's a WD USB3 external HDD, it's not an scsi enclosure21:25
tomreynBASHitup: how so?21:26
BASHitupI'm kidding. No, I'm sort of being facetious.21:26
Chunkyztomreyn: https://paste.debian.net/1235512/21:26
BASHitupI'd say if it involves any sys process and interacts with the kernel, it's fine.21:27
BASHitupYes ... even then, the Ubuntu polic will come. And when they do you get ... WHACK BOOM BANG ... INSTANT-MEGABAN21:27
Chunkyztomreyn: deal with this troll please.21:27
tomreynBASHitup: this might happen if you keep chatting like this here.21:27
Chunkyztomreyn: any ideas? I'm clueless21:28
BASHitupSince when is dissent equated with trolling?21:28
tomreynChunkyz: which hardware is this?21:28
tomreynBASHitup: please stay on topic, ubuntu support21:28
Chunkyztomreyn: WD portable USB3 HDD.21:28
BASHitup"please stay on topic ..." disrupts the Ubuntu topic workflow. Yellow card.21:29
tomreynChunkyz: canyou be more specific?21:29
Chunkyztomreyn: sec let me get the link21:29
BASHitupThat's like 45 seconds without Nix talk.21:29
oerheksBASHitup, that is not helpfull at all.21:30
BASHitupYeah ... so I will help and not make wisecracks. Yet, everyone will quickly see that every clause is parsed and may or may not be rejected based on topic rules - arbitrarily conceived. What is the sys proc invoked by this drive issue?21:30
Chunkyztomreyn: it's this https://www.westerndigital.com/en-gb/products/portable-drives/wd-my-passport-usb-3-0-hdd-recertified#RWDBYFT0020BBK-WESN21:31
BASHitupcan you see the HDD using lsusb?21:31
ChunkyzBus 002 Device 013: ID 1058:25e1 Western Digital Technologies, Inc. My Passport 25E121:32
BASHitupK, so it reads. That's something21:32
oerheksrun a fsck https://askubuntu.com/questions/1098436/wd-my-passport-usb-drive-not-recognized21:32
BASHitupThen you can see what it looks like in <ls /dev>21:32
Chunkyzit'll disconnect again21:32
Chunkyzoerheks: it's reconized though, just keeps unmounting21:32
BASHitupYou switched ports to make sure it's not a port issue - rather than an Ubuntu issue?21:32
BASHitupAnd, honestly, given that the USB functions on a lower level than the OS ... I mean, this is not really an Ubuntu thing. Which makes me sound like a hypocrite for sure21:33
BASHitupThe USB process should be conistent based on the kernel version or the drivers which pertain to the kernel - not the OS itself.21:33
sarnoldI can't imagine running ses on a usb disk is very useful21:33
oerhekswd passport, i read a lot of issues, mostly solved with fsck, but if it keeps disconnecting.. power issue?21:34
Chunkyzahh think reparing worked. I wondered why windows 10 wouldn't see it, even though it's ntfs. thanks oerheks :-)21:35
oerheksmaybe usb3 ( blue)  or usb2 makes a difference21:35
ChunkyzI'll see if it carries on disconnecting.21:36
leftyfbChunkyz: the mybooks go to sleep on their own21:36
leftyfbChunkyz: https://askubuntu.com/questions/891173/disable-spinning-down-of-hdd-in-16-0421:36
Chunkyzleftyfb: it's not a mybook but thanks.21:36
leftyfbsame with the passports21:37
Chunkyzthe repair seems to have worked :-)21:40
oerheksChunkyz, in gnome disks, one could set Drive settings > standby > never ..21:41
Chunkyzoerheks: it's greyed out :-921:42
oerheksbut for external i do not think that sticks21:42
philipp64is it a known issue that pastebinit doesn't actually work with -b pastebin.com ?22:25
philipp64I keep getting 405 Method not allowed.22:25
Lumpio-pastebin.com is the worst pastebin22:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1925245 in pastebinit "Many of the sites listed as 'supported' do not work with pastebinit" [Undecided, New]22:28
oerheksknown issue22:29
philipp64oerheks: also https://bugs.launchpad.net/pastebinit/+bug/192148722:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1921487 in pastebinit "pastebin.com HTTP Error 405: Method Not Allowed" [Undecided, New]22:33
philipp64"don't fix it because Pastebin is hostile to Tor"??? really?22:34
oerheksor the captcha..22:35
Unit193philipp64: If you actually care, that's pretty easy to fix.22:51
philipp64great. how?22:51
codezguys any idea how to set cpu scaling off on ubuntu for a i9900k?22:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:52
Unit193Copy /usr/share/pastebin.d/pastebin.com.conf to /etc/pastebin.d/pastebin.com.conf, change the regex to: regexp = https?://((([a-zA-Z0-9\-_\.]*)(pastebin\.com)))   and right below that line add 'https = True'22:52
jhutchinsphilipp64: There are many reasons to avoid pastebin.  Among others, it's blocked by a lot of networks because has spread malware.  Just don't.22:53
oerhekswhy messing with cpu scaling? oke you can ..22:54
philipp64doesn't paste.ubuntu.com require credentials?22:55
codezoerheks ty ty22:55
Unit193philipp64: Yeah it has annoying login requirements.22:56
jhutchinsHm, that's new to me.  There are others.22:58
jhutchinsphilipp64: http://paste.debian.net is still open.23:00
oerheksMaybe that is why termbin.com is populair23:00
jhutchinsLet's find the things that make Ubuntu broadly popular and accessible and break them.23:01
Aarch64debianubuntu is bad, baduntu23:23
sarnoldjhutchins: IS folks were spending hours each day dealing with horrible things on the pastebin :(23:25
Unit193sarnold: Understandable, but then I'm going to go to a pastebin that doesn't have such requirements, and advocate against its use too.  Perhaps it's best to push that responsibility elsewhere?23:26
sarnoldUnit193: aye, I've switched to termbin.com too, it's so much easier to use23:27
Aarch64debianwhat never end drums23:27
sarnoldthe debian pastebin is nice if I want something a bit 'webbier' to work with23:27
oerhekssarnold, maybe opening an account passes through23:27
sarnoldoerheks: I spent five or ten minutes trying to configure pastebinit to do account things but it was way more annoying than just switching pastebins23:28

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