OvenWerksEickmeyer: I don't have access to all the mail lists you guys sent that to. So my messages are only sent to our list and Steve. If you feel the content is worth sharing beyond that, feel free to copy/paste to other lists as well.22:20
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Ok. Yeah, Steve is the one that's going to do the change on that, so he's the guy.22:20
EickmeyerYou can always subscribe to ubuntu-devel@ and ubuntu-release@ if you want to be able to post without moderation.22:22
OvenWerksEickmeyer: is there no way to get FF as a deb?22:22
EickmeyerNope, the deb is merely a transitional package now.22:22
EickmeyerThis was Mozilla's call as part of renewing the distribution agreement.22:22
OvenWerksEickmeyer: so if I send mail there it will be held not just bounced?22:22
EickmeyerRight, should be held, not bounced.22:23
OvenWerksok, I didn't bother sending to any list I wasn't a member of.22:23
EickmeyerYeah, don't worry about it. It went to the right people.22:23
* OvenWerks wonders how long till snap is dropped in favour of flatpack22:23
OvenWerkswell you got it anyway :)22:24
EickmeyerRE: Flatpak: Not likely. One of Steve's biggest objections is that flatpak installs with authentication *per repo* as opposed to per package, causing some weird security implications.22:25
EickmeyerSo, once you authorize a repo, you can install from that repo without entering a password ad infinitum.22:25
OvenWerkshas snap entered the redhat relm?22:25
EickmeyerSnaps can be installed on fedora and rhel, yes.22:26
OvenWerksEickmeyer: my understanding is that a USB stick is seen as another drive and can boot with whatever FS it happens to sport as if it was another "hard drive" since quite a long time, is that correct?22:31
EickmeyerYes, that's correct, depending on the BIOS.22:31
EickmeyerMost modern machines can.22:32
OvenWerksI am thinking bios in 64bit systems... but then I guess there may be older amd64 bios that do not.22:32
OvenWerksI know my 15? year old 32 bit system is picky22:34
OvenWerksSpeaking of my old 32bit laptop... I have an old RPi (2 something) which is 32bit as well that does a better job of redering YT videos that the laptop.22:38
Eickmeyer[m]Oh, that's cool.23:01

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