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piscvauHello My xubuntu system freezes very often, then I need to reboot. Is there a log in which I could have a hint of what happens before I reboot?09:39
tom-11Hello . I would appreciate your help with two questions that I can't find an answer to. I'm currently using Virt-Manager version 2.2.1. Installed Xubuntu for testing. Problem one. I can take and transfer any file from the host to the virtual machine. I want to understand what setting affects this and remove it. So that nothing can be transferred to or from a virtual machine!13:17
tom-1 I can attach a configuration file if you need it 13:20
xu-irc38wI have a problem because I have a thinkpad x230, the volume up and down buttons do not work for several hours17:36
bob_1Hello everyone. Please tell me how to fix the error.18:00
bob_1I installed Virt-manager  and can transfer any file from host to virtual-mashine18:00
geniiSome description of the error your are experiencing may be useful18:09
bob-1Genii ,thank you for your reply. Now I will listen to a small video and show an error, so it will be clearer.18:16
bob-1Here I recorded a video of my mistake. I would be grateful for help!18:30
oerheksexplain the mistake; you seems to be able to transfer a file from the host to your vm19:00
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