pitticpaelzer: hah, thanks for the super-fast response wrt. libvirt-dbus :-) but I think I got this07:04
cpaelzeryou do - as always07:08
cpaelzerbut even if sometimes I can't help I at least want to let you know that you are not alone :-)07:09
* cpaelzer hugs pitti07:09
* pitti hugs cpaelzer back, thanks :)07:21
pitticpaelzer: I am currently enabling all our projects for 22.04, working my way upwards from podman/criu/container (done), now machines/libvirt (just started), and finally cockpit itself07:21
pittiit covers so many APIs, it's a pretty rigorous "server OS" test07:21
pittifor focal we did that too late, so a lot of regressions surfaced after release only07:22
pittithis time I hope to squash a few bugs before release 😀07:22
cpaelzerthank you for that!07:26
pitticpaelzer: at least after that unkillable libvirt-dbus permission zombie bug, the rest of the libvirt stack looks 👍 https://logs.cockpit-project.org/logs/pull-638-20220325-073412-51a515d9-ubuntu-2204/log.html07:49
eoli3nsince few time, my preseed installation installs oem kernel08:44
eoli3nhow to disable it, and run stock kernel ?08:44
eoli3ni want to automatically install stock kernel and not that one, which break my os on specific hardware08:46
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eoli3nubuntu-drivers --no-oem is broken09:52
eoli3nthat story is funny09:59
eoli3nCanonical provides a oem kernel to "improve" hardware support.09:59
eoli3ninstalling this breaks my OS, which can't start lightdm10:00
eoli3nremoving oem driver fix the issue10:00
eoli3ni noticed that what installed oem things is my "ubuntu-drivers install" task10:00
eoli3nthen i try "ubuntu-drivers --no-oem install" which breaks10:01
eoli3ngood job, really, it amaze me how deep you work to break things10:01
seb128ginggs, hey, how often is the ftbfs report refreshed? daily?11:02
ginggsseb128: daily, but manually. I'm actually just about to upload a fresh report.11:03
seb128ginggs, great, thanks!11:04
ginggsseb128: .11:08
seb128ginggs, 👍11:08
seb128ginggs, it doesn't take account updates which are in proposed right?11:09
ginggsseb128: correct, those would be on http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/11:11
seb128ginggs, ack, it was rather the other way around, it would be nice if entries that have an update which built in proposed and didn't migrate yet cleared off from the list because technically the build failure is resolved11:13
ginggsseb128: except those updates might never migrate11:16
juliankheh nothing migrates right now anyway, the queues are full and capped at 40-50% capacity11:31
seb128ginggs, right11:43
seb128ginggs, what's the process to ask for a retry for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20220317-jammy/+build/23329873 ?11:43
ginggsseb128: pinging me with the link in irc :) retried11:46
seb128ginggs, thanks!11:46
pitticpaelzer: FTR, I have cockpit covered as well; I found/reported a PAM regression, the others we found were already known/reported elsewhere; so, mostly 👍 😀12:17
ahasenackpitti: is that cockpit running on ubuntu, managing ubuntu systems?12:32
pittiahasenack: both (although for most detected regressions, the latter is the important part)12:33
ahasenackpitti: is that cockpit the ubuntu package from the ubuntu archive, or a separate build you have?12:33
* ahasenack double checks it is in the ubuntu archive12:33
ahasenackyeah, 264-1, from debian12:34
pittiahasenack: not sure what "that" is -- my linked log from earlier was upstream main12:34
ahasenackI meant the deb12:34
ahasenackbut upstream main, ok12:34
pittibut in the course of the regular upstream release → debian upload → ubuntu sync it'll also get there12:34
pitti(however, I didn't sync the latest upstream release because feature freeze)12:35
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