cpaelzergood morning06:12
utkarsh2102cpaelzer: o/06:14
cpaelzero/ utkarsh210206:14
gjollygood morning o/ 08:26
cpaelzerhi gjolly08:30
utkarsh2102gjolly: o/08:41
mirespace_good morning 08:49
utkarsh2102mirespace_: o/08:51
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cpaelzermirespace: indeed :-)08:53
cpaelzerutkarsh2102: mirespace: paride: has one of you time for https://code.launchpad.net/~paelzer/ubuntu/+source/ldns/+git/ldns/+merge/417678 to upload it before beta-freeze?09:18
paridehi cpaelzer, looking09:18
paridecpaelzer, approved09:35
cpaelzerthanks paride09:48
mirespacehi! I trying tu run autopktest against a private ppa10:52
mirespaceI added the string with user and stringpass10:53
mirespaceI mean , the deb http:/....10:53
mirespaceused the --login 10:53
mirespaceathorized the token 10:54
mirespacebut LP said the token is unclaimed10:54
mirespaceWhat else do I have to do?10:54
mirespaceI'm reading this in the meantime: https://uci.readthedocs.io/en/latest/oauth.html11:08
mirespaceused the --login 11:12
mirespacesomething tells me that I won't be able to do it that way because a different oauth token is generated each time. 11:12
ahasenackI haven't done that, sorry12:11
ahasenackyou are using one of the ubuntu-release or ubuntu-archive scripts?12:11
ahasenackor autopkgtest, the normal runner? Can't you then use --setup to just add the ppa url with u:p in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/myppa.list?12:12
mirespaceahasenack: I'm using the normal runner, with the setup ...12:14
ahasenackthen it should work, can you paste it, with the user and password masked?12:15
mirespace--setup-commands="sudo add-apt-repository -y -u -s --login deb https://mirespace:<generated_key_subscription>@private-ppa.launchpadcontent.net/<ppa_name>/ubuntu jammy main"12:15
mirespaceups, I didn't mask the user12:16
mirespaceutkarsh2021 is suggesting adding the [trusted=yes]12:16
mirespaceI'll try it again :)12:16
ahasenackI didn't know add-apt-repository worked with private ppas, I would have just echoed the sources.list line to a file12:17
utkarsh2102not 2021 but 210212:17
utkarsh2102and yes :) 12:17
ahasenackI think that --login option is for something else12:17
ahasenackit saysor not12:17
ahasenackor not12:17
mirespacesorry utkarsh2102 (2th Feb ;) )12:18
mirespacein the meantime I came back to the local testing, resizing qemu img12:18
utkarsh2102and I recommend `--add-apt-sourcre` instead of `--setup-commands`12:18
mirespace--login option was suggested from the tool in the fail12:19
mirespacebbut it doesn't appears in the --help for autopkgtest neither add-apt-repository12:19
ahasenackutkarsh2102: I don't see that option, maybe you meant        -S, --sourceslist12:20
ahasenack ?12:20
ahasenackdiffering add-apt-repository versions perhaps?12:20
utkarsh2102hold on a sec12:21
utkarsh2102are we talking about autopkgtest or sbuild 12:21
utkarsh2102correct, then `--add-apt-source` is there. 12:22
utkarsh2102just to be clear, I'm on Focal atm. 12:22
utkarsh2102man autopkgtest should show the option I'm talking about. 12:23
mirespaceme also in Focal12:23
ahasenackah, right12:24
trippehoh man, update-initramfs is so much faster now in jammy.12:45
trippehwhoever pushed the compression level change through - thank you :)12:45
mybalzitchisn't that user definable? I remember having to go to lz4 because the default /boot size is too darn small13:21
sdezielmybalzitch: looks like it: `grep COMPRESS= /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf`13:23
ahasenackthe algorithm is configurable13:25
ahasenackbut not the compression level13:25
RoyKmybalzitch: isn't xz better than lz4? last I checked, lz4 doesn't compress that well, but it's really fast. xz is the complete opposite14:19
ahasenackRoyK: here is the long thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2021-December/041726.html14:23
ahasenackand here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2022-March/041907.html14:23
ahasenackthe latter one has the conclusions/actions14:24
trippehmy initramfs grew by like 1MB after the level change - a trade-off I'm more than willing to take.14:45
trippeh(zstd, anyway)14:49
patdk-lapdid they even enable multithreading? :)15:01
ahasenack-T0, which iirc means "auto"15:12
ahasenack`Setting threads to a special value 0 makes xz use as many threads as there are CPU cores on the system.`15:13
ahasenackbut picture a vm a dev is using for local tests, that needs to be updated15:13
ahasenackmkinitramfs was taking like 10min for m15:13
patdk-lapbut I don't think -T0 is the default so unless someone set it15:14
ahasenackit's what was used15:15
ahasenackwith the higher levels15:15
ahasenackand still now I think15:16
ahasenackserver team, postgresql-14 FTBFS fix up for review: https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/postgresql-14/+git/postgresql-14/+merge/41769515:22
RoyKahasenack: ah - I see - pi zero :)15:25
ahasenackwell, yes, some extremes were mentioned :)15:25
ahasenackbut my vm case was real enough to me15:25
ahasenackI had 3 vms with 1Gb each, 1 core, to run a glusterfs cluster15:25
ahasenackwhich I was testing15:25
ahasenackand waiting 10min for each (in parallel) to generate the initramfs after a normal apt-get dist-upgrade, prior to testing, was painful15:26
patdk-lapI always hate when a dkms package updates, and it kicks off a recursive initramfs updates15:27
waveformpatdk-lap, -T0 is indeed the default with zstd at least: https://git.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/tree/mkinitramfs#n19515:27
waveform(though not with xz interestingly, although it also has -T0 for "auto-threading" -- but both lead to *huge* memory usage at the higher compression levels)15:28
patdk-lapya, I didn't know where to look to find it coded in there15:28
patdk-lapwas just saying, unless someone passed that option, that isn't the zstd default15:28
waveformah, sorry -- misunderstood the context15:29
ahasenackholy excuses, batman, what happened https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses_by_team.html#ubuntu-server16:39
ahasenacklots of rebuilds16:39
ahasenack  * No change rebuild for ppc64el baseline bump.16:39
brycehahasenack, yeah I noticed that last night.16:39
ahasenackbryceh: found this old MP, is it still relevant and are you still waiting for it? https://code.launchpad.net/~bryce/pdbq/+git/pdbq/+merge/40978817:14
ahasenackI don't even know what pdbq is17:14
brycehahasenack, yeah that's still relevant, although it's a bit dated.  That's the last piece needed for our merges board, and provides tracking for MRE tasks.17:33
ahasenackwhat is pdbq?17:33
brycehahasenack, pdbq is Pinot's database backend that does the various queries to gather data from launchpad, et al.17:33
brycehpdbq's a flask application and where most of the "real" code is.  Pinot is a web frontend, just smatterings of css, html, and javascript17:34
brycehahasenack, having this split to frontend/backend means there can be CLI tools that interact with the backend, so the information shown in the web frontend will also be available from cli tools17:36
ahasenacksure, I just had no idea what it was17:37
ahasenackand looks like the others forgot about it too17:37
brycehyeah, I've been preoccupied myself, but now hopefully have some chunks of time17:39
brycehanyway, don't worry about reviewing that, I'll respin it at some point17:39
ahasenackbryceh: would you have time to review this ftbfs fix for postgresql-14?18:04
ahasenackand I certainly thank you effusively18:05
ahasenack(had to look that spelling up)18:05
brycehahasenack, are you aware of / have you used Christian's lp-test-ppa ?18:08
ahasenackwhat's on your mind?18:09
* ahasenack senses a lightning talk coming :)18:10
bryceh@ahasenack, hah it is indeed already scheduled as a lightning talk for next week by Christian :-)18:13
brycehanyway, you've remarked some concerns about bileto, but I have a suspicion that between ppa-dev-tools (lightning talk week after next), and lp-test-ppa, it should be possible to cobble together the main bileto-ish workflow you like to use.  It makes me curious what functionality from bileto might be missing, that might need implementated.18:15
ahasenackI think the biggest one would be testing the dependencies18:16
ahasenackdon't know if the tools you mentioned do that18:16
ahasenackfor example, upload postgresql, and run dep8 tests in the things that use postgresql18:17
ahasenackjust like the real migration does18:17
brycehno, they don't do that directly.  I'd need to understand more detail of what it'd need to do.18:17
brycehI want to add a --list option to install-build-deps, which might provide some of that 18:18
brycehI'll have to dig into bileto's code a bit18:19
brycehanyway, breakfast calls.  bbl18:20
ahasenackheed that call :)18:27
ahasenackuh, samba on riscv64 takes a while to build...18:27
ahasenacklast build took 4 hours, 40 minutes, 32.5 seconds in LP18:28
mybalzitchRoyK: I don't recall what I ended up with. might have been xz indeed. I know it was an issue on my surface laptop19:49
ahasenackbryceh: I have another one up, https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/ubuntu/+source/samba/+git/samba/+merge/41769920:05
ahasenackon top of what I uploaded earlier today, after miriam's review20:06
ahasenackthe risc build takes forever :/ https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/2:4.15.5~dfsg-0ubuntu320:06
brycehthe samba MP reviews scare me :-D20:07
ahasenackI should have pinged about the previous one that was stuck this week20:08
ahasenackthis is just the 0ubuntu4 one, 0ubuntu3 was uploaded already, git-ubuntu just didn't import it yet because riscv64 is still building20:08
RoyKmybalzitch: IIRC, xz will also require a lot of memory. gz should be pretty low there21:45

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