Tripknotixhi guys, a bit of a noob for ubuntu here, but i keep getting this message repeating forever when i get to the last part of the 1st step called 1. Setup a Solona dev environment. the msg is: "solana_runtime message_processor program vote1111111111111" is it supposed to go on forever?01:12
Tripknotixhttps://www.leewayhertz.com/build-solana-smart-contracts/ is the page01:12
Tripknotixdid they maybe mess up the last part of that first step? because i see a spelling error when they typed "Nodjs v14" which is supposed to be nodejs01:12
sarnoldTripknotix: pastebin a bit of the context?01:15
oerheksi guess the 1111111111 is uses as example01:18
Tripknotixthat last line i entered, is when it started doing the unlimited scrolling of that message processor thing01:24
Tripknotixseems to be eating away space on the hard drive too01:25
Tripknotixshould i stop it and how do i stop it o.O01:26
Tripknotixlol that'd be funny if i am not serving contracts in the backend heh01:28
Tripknotixif i am now^01:28
sarnoldprobably ^C will stop it, if it's running in the foreground01:31
sarnoldbut if it isn't running in the foreground you'll have to read docs to figure out how to control it01:32
sarnolddisk usage is probably normal, I have the impression that blockchain things need a local copy of the block chain in order to do things with it; otherwise, what's the point?01:32
Tripknotixah nevermnd the logs werent takig up more than a hundred mb or so01:35
Tripknotixah yep, weird i guess they assumed i would know thats a test, and that i should cancel it after some time =P01:41
Tripknotixhmm after running :   npm run build:program-rust  , i get this errorhttps://pastebin.com/pLpt03CS01:45
sarnoldTripknotix: running as root but doing things in /home/robertq/... might cause problems -- for example, that ~/.local/share/../dependencies path might be in /root or it might be in /home/robertq/, depending upon what the shell (or processes involved) know of your HOME environment variable, or if not that, perhaps whatever getent returns..01:51
Tripknotixso i shuldnt run as root?01:57
sarnoldit really depends on what you're doing; I know their example used it, but it kinda looked like they logged in as root, which is different than using sudo to get to root, and can give different results02:00
sarnoldit would have been kind of them to indicate which commands, if any, actually needed root privileges02:01
Tripknotixim using sudo -s -h02:01
Tripknotixshould i try to login as root on wsl?02:02
sarnoldsorry, I don't know much about the wsl environment02:02
Tripknotixis there a wsl channel on here by chance?02:05
Bashing-om!wsl | Tripknotix02:06
ubottuTripknotix: Windows 10 and newer have a feature called "Windows Subsystem for Linux", which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide02:06
sarnoldI *think* they do discourse instead, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/c/wsl2/27 -- but they probably won't know much more about the software you're building, what assumptions are made in the various build scripts, etc02:07
Tripknotixo i c02:07
Bashing-omTripknotix: ouch - guess no longer have a WSL channel :(02:07
sarnoldBashing-om: hah, I wasn't the only one who thought we had one around here at some point, right? :)02:08
Bashing-omsarnold: Uh huh . Yhere was - there was :(02:10
Tripknotixi found this https://github.com/solana-labs/example-helloworld/tree/master/src/program-rust has Cargo.toml02:12
Tripknotixso the command, npm run build:program-rust02:13
sarnoldbut no Xargo.toml02:13
Tripknotixshould have looked in that folder?02:13
sarnoldXargo.toml is used for cross-compiling rust software, and it kind of looks like you're trying to cross-compile to an ebpf target02:13
Tripknotixic ic...02:20
Tripknotixwell it is ebpf, but this tutorial was based on around using wsl02:20
Tripknotixso i assumed it should have worked02:20
Tripknotixshould i skip the hello world example?02:21
Tripknotixmaybe try some other example?02:21
sarnoldTripknotix: I'm having trouble articulating my wild-ass-guess .. cross compiling is weird, wsl is weird, etc. it's possible that you could do very similar things to build that project in a more standard windows version of rustc02:25
sarnoldTripknotix: or it's possible that if you used a more standard linux vm you'd get a different 'target triplet' and the scripts would be more successful building ..02:26
Tripknotixic ic02:27
Tripknotixwhy the heck would this guy have recommended wsl then ...02:27
sarnoldit sounds like it's pretty simple for most windows users to get to something that kinda sorta works like a regular ubuntu with it02:28
sarnoldI can't recall if microsoft has a more traditional vm offering or not; telling folks to go grab oracle virtualbox and then grab a linux, and then after ten or twenty minutes of setup, *then* you can start with their tools, that's probably not a great experience, hehe02:30
Tripknotixalright thanks you guys, i may need to go the standard vm route =/02:38
Tripknotixhopefully that fix the issue02:38
Tripknotixim gonna head home, thanks again02:38
doubletwistSo what's it take these days to get a laptop touchpad to work similarly in *buntu (XFCE usually) as it does in Windoows? I've really struggled with this for a very, very long time.02:46
doubletwistI can't seem to get the sensitivity and palm detection to be anywhere close to how it performs in Windows.02:47
doubletwistI just tried to use libinput_measure_touchpad-pressure but apparently my touchpad doesn't support the capabilities for it02:48
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knightwiseWhat are your favorite command line applications on Linux? Here are mine : https://knightwise.com/kw1607-conquering-the-command-line/04:52
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brandoneliza`File /path/to/file is being edited (by user-name with nano 2.9.3, PID 5284); continue?` how do I rebind to PID 528405:33
knightwiseYo yo everyone05:45
knightwiseany of you played around with 22.04 ?05:45
knightwisei'm loving it so far.05:45
brandonelizanot really05:47
knightwisebrandoneliza: Worth a look, Gnome got quite a bit faster05:52
brandonelizacould try it out. Though really I'm a KDE fan. But in the end whatever DE you pick it'll be a hodgepodge of gnome KDE or whatever.05:55
brandonelizaI like both though. Just that I need less deps if I use KDE as a base05:56
brandonelizaso less bloated system05:56
brandonelizaI'll give kubunut 22.04 a shot but this is the ubuntu channel so no more speak of it.05:57
knightwise:) Ive been on budgie for a while now because I felt like Gnome was getting in my way05:58
knightwisehey gandalf06:00
knightwisehey i-garrison06:00
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yurtesenHello, I have found a bug in `tomcat` package that exists in 21.10 and 22.04 which causes catalina.out log file not being rotated and growing forever. I would like to ask some opinions on what would be the correct way to fix it as thre are many ways this can be fixed. I am willing to produce a debdiff but having hard time getting any directions. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.07:41
yurtesenHere is the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tomcat9/+bug/196488107:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1964881 in tomcat9 (Ubuntu) "Logging/Log rotation does not work for catalina.out" [Undecided, New]07:41
eoli3nubuntu fucked up my desktop with ubuntu-drivers because i used it without --no-oem switch07:53
eoli3noem with SPECIFIC hardware support broke the hardware, what a nice work !07:54
eoli3nthen, how to revert that shit ?07:54
eoli3noem-somerville-weedle-meta : hardware support for Dell Precision 3650 Tower07:55
eoli3nit sould be descripted as "hardware breaker for Dell Precision 3650 Tower"07:55
Khepraeoli3n: broke how?07:57
eoli3nbroke as lightdm doesn't start on all hosts07:57
eoli3nand i get multiple errors in logs07:57
eoli3nbecause of nvidia card maybe07:57
eoli3nthe only thing i know for know is : all hosts without oem works, all hosts with broke07:58
Khepraso it's not hardware that's broken (physically, needs replacement), but there's software issues?  perhaps start with a pastebin of those errors you think are relevant07:59
eoli3nobviously yes08:00
Khepraeoli3n: not sure what's obvious, you barged in with accusations that ubuntu broke your hardware. so... if you need help, please provide that pastebin.08:13
eoli3nubuntu "improve" hardware support with "oem", but all hosts i manage that run stock kernel runs smoothly, but all oem hosts can't start lightdm. I redeployed all broken hosts, so i dont' have logs anymore, it will solve my issue. thanks for helping08:15
eoli3nok so now preseeding automatically install oem08:43
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BlackMageon lxqt i cant assign strg+alt+l in shortcut manager09:29
BlackMagewhen i click on modify and then on the key, no key is recognized09:32
BlackMagehow can i check if the lxqt-globalkeysd daemon is running? when i try to run 'lxqt-globalkeysd' in terminal then comes the message "[Critical] Cannot register service 'org.lxqt.global_key_shortcuts' [Notice] Stopped"09:42
eoli3nubuntu-drivers --no-oem install is broken !!09:52
eoli3ngood job ubuntu, you amaze me each second god do09:52
exploithi all10:14
exploithow to install microsoft for ubuntu10:18
exploitWe microsoft open Our official channel support here in 1  hour10:18
Khepralooks like there's an exploit here that's about to be patched.10:18
exploithow are you khepra10:19
exploitdownload kubuntu.org10:19
exploitthat's the best ubuntu version for desktop10:19
exploit64 bit10:19
exploitif you love linux desktop and dev10:19
Kheprapatched! :)10:20
tomreyneoli3n: do you know how to look up existing and file new bug reports?10:22
tomreynalso, please watch the language a bit here, we're trying to be family friendly.10:23
tomreynRikMills: that macro seems to have failed ;)10:27
* Unit193 selects RikMills.10:27
eoli3ntomreyn I agree10:28
eoli3nwhat's sad is that i'm pretty sure that canonical have a ci/cd tool10:29
eoli3nmaybe testing things could solve that kind of problem10:29
eoli3nwhere to report on launchpad ?10:32
tomreyn!bug | eoli3n10:33
ubottueoli3n: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:33
eoli3nhow to block oem kernel install ?10:36
eoli3njust tried --gpgpu, but it stills install oem packages10:37
eoli3nany alternative to --no-oem ?10:37
eoli3ntomreyn there is no ubuntu-drivers package10:38
tomreyneoli3n: dpkg -S ubuntu-drivers    will tell you which packages provide a file named "ubuntu-drivers"10:42
tomreyn(file or directory)10:43
eoli3nis there another way to automate the right nvidia driver install without ubuntu-drivers tool ?10:45
lotuspsychjeeoli3n: ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, does that but that doesnt really mean its the 'best' driver for you10:47
eoli3nautoinstall is broken+deprecated10:47
eoli3nyou should use install10:47
lotuspsychjepaste the apt errors for the volunteers?10:48
eoli3nthere is not apt error10:48
eoli3nif searching for "a way to"10:48
eoli3ni just inform you that the way you want to use ubuntu-drivers is not the right one10:48
eoli3nubuntu-drivers --help for more information10:49
tomreynmaybe the two of you are using different ubuntu releases?10:52
eoli3ni'm using latest LTS10:54
lotuspsychjeeoli3n: as in 20.04 or 22.04?10:55
eoli3nlatest LTS is 20.0410:55
lotuspsychjeok, then pastebin us the output of ubuntu-drivers autoinstall on 20.04, i would like to see that10:56
tomreynit's correct that 'ubuntu-drivers autoinstall' is deprecated (for 'ubuntu-driver install') on 20.04 (it also was on 18.04).11:00
lotuspsychjeoh yeah?11:01
tomreynaccording to --help, yes11:01
Guest38Hi i would like to recover crashing logs and boot it up and running from the disk /dev/sda1,2 , Currently i have booted my system from bootable pendrive11:07
eoli3nlotuspsychje autoinstall still works when lucky but leads to different drivers version in some cases11:09
eoli3ni use ubuntu-drivers over 800 hosts, with ~20 differents models11:10
Guest38Any documentation to do auatopsy of  disk in Ubuntu. Just wanted to learn how to know the root cause11:11
tomreynGuest38: so you're saying your computer froze or rebooted unexpectedly, and you'd like to review its logs from before that?11:11
Guest38tomaw Well Earlier my system was booted using disk /dev/sda{1,2} Unfortunately it looks  some file corruption was  predicted. And i run fsck on sda1, sda2. Now i'm unable to locate and boot from the hardisk.11:13
lotuspsychjeeoli3n: i assume ubuntu would already pick the reccomended graphics driver for your nvidia card11:13
tomreyneoli3n: then you're probably more experienced with it than many if not most here, and should probably just file a bug report if there's a bug.11:13
Guest38So now i have just booted my system using bootable pendrive to find the root cause and recover my data11:13
eoli3ntomreyn i already did11:13
lotuspsychjeeoli3n: but then its also the users choice to install the driver that performs best to your needs11:13
tomreyneoli3n: oh, nice.11:13
lotuspsychjewhats the bug ID eoli3n11:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1966413 in ubuntu-drivers-common (Ubuntu) "--no-oem option is broken" [Undecided, New]11:14
eoli3nlotuspsychje i can't manage manually which kernel to choose for each hardware i manage, that's why i rely on ubuntu-drivers tool11:14
Guest38How do i spot or find corrupt sectors and fix it?11:15
eoli3nactually i can, but that's a lot of work11:15
tomreynGuest38: i think you wanted to talk to me there, not tomaw ;)11:15
Guest38okay i'm sorry i'm bit ill, does not spot the nick apologies11:15
tomreynGuest38: did you override any warnings by fsck when you ran it?11:15
Guest38yes i did it11:16
tomreynGuest38: sorry to hear you're ill, get better soon. so fsck can actually do much harm on file systems which are mounted. which is why it would cancel attempts to run it against those.11:16
tomreynand exit with a warning11:17
tomreynif you overrode those, by running it with -f (force), though, it may have broken your file system, possibly beyond recovery.11:17
Guest38There is tool name smartmontools11:17
Guest38Can we check and verify it?11:17
tomreynGuest38: sure, you can install smartmontools and run     sudo smartctl -x /dev/sda      to gather information on the physical state of disk sda.11:18
yurtesenSmartmontools can ask the disk to report if it detected any problems and can ask it to run self test. It won't fix it.11:19
tomreynfsck is used to look for (logical, so not physical) errors on a file system (so not on a full disk, which is why you'll usually point it to what contains that file system, which is often a partition such as sda1 or sda2)11:20
nook24Hi, is someone in here in charge for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases ? The table uses white text on white background.11:21
Khepranook24: it doesn't. maybe your browser has css overrides? some extension?11:22
Guest38Here is the log details https://pastebin.com/raw/G7t4bR6c11:22
tomreynnook24: it does not for me. i see orange and black text.11:22
nook24Khepra tomreyn: Interesting I tested Chrome and Firefox. No Addons but running on macOS.11:23
tomreynGuest38: this disk has been running for 1,5 years total, but there is no indication in this data that it should break soon or be broken.11:25
nook24Khepra tomreyn I can also reproduce this on my Ubuntu 20.04 desktop. Maybe there are different versions in the cache or so?11:26
Guest38So how to boot from this /dev/sda111:26
yurtesenGuest38: "Error: UNC at LBA" uncorrectable error11:28
Guest38I have spotted some ATA Error using `-a` options11:28
yurtesenGuest38: Error 2441 [136] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 14263 hours (594 days + 7 hours)11:28
tomreynGuest38: oh, actually, there's a 'current pending sector', and there were several potentially problematic events (i'm not sure about those) about an hour ago.11:29
yurtesenGuest38: Error 2441 [136] occurred at disk power-on lifetime: 14263 hours (594 days + 7 hours)11:29
yurtesenyou have bad sectors11:29
yurtesenSorry, copy/pasted wrong line "197 Current_Pending_Sector  -O--CK   100   100   000    -    32"11:29
tomreynyurtesen: guest38 has left us for now11:30
yurtesenguest38: if you have possibility, you can clone the disk into another without hardware errors before trying to do anything.11:30
yurtesenOtherwise you will have long delays when and if drive tries to read from bad sectors.11:31
tomreynnook24: hmm, so, for now, i'd bet on a client side issue. but we can have a quick look together11:31
iomari891when is the official release date of 22.04?11:35
tomreynnook24: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases loads the CSS from the same host, wiki.ubuntu.com, which - for me - resolves to 5 IPv4 hosts https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and 1 IPv6 host: 2001:67c:1360:8001::3011:35
tomreynnook24: it could be that one of those doesn't sned the CSS file properly, or sends a broken / outdated copy. but as i'm testing this i notice that the table headings are actually white on white for me, too. is this what you actually meant?11:37
Guest38sorry i missed out the convesation, could anyone please paste it out11:38
nook24tomreyn The issue is within the HTML itself. there are &quot; inside of the style="" attribute all over the place. See: https://cloud.nook24.eu/s/p35eQCFnTecddgQ11:39
tomreynGuest38: https://paste.debian.net/plainh/dfbd7d5511:40
nook24tomreyn white on white. Yep that's exactly what i mean.11:40
Guest56hey what are default processes in ubuntu 20.1011:41
tomreynnook24: i assume this will need to be reported to #canonical-sysadmin / RT11:41
Guest38Could you please tell me how to trace out the root cause. And  fix this bad sector issue?11:41
Guest56the explanation that I can see them in top or system monitor is not enough11:42
Guest38.pkg testdisk11:42
nook24tomreyn: I will give it a shot, thanks11:42
EriC^^Guest38: it's likely a hardware fault, hdd is dying11:43
Guest38How could you confirm that?11:43
tomreynGuest38: the root cause for a bad sector is physical damage to a disk. unless the disk firmware is able to mitigate this situation (yours does not seem to be), your best option is to replace the disk.11:43
EriC^^cause it's a bad sector, it's not software11:43
Guest38I think it's my intentionally pwned11:44
Guest38Just wanted to answer him11:44
Guest38If it possible then kindly do let me know how to recover it.11:44
EriC^^Guest38: best thing to do at this stage is backup your stuff and copy it to a new/better hdd, if the data is important to you11:45
Guest38Yes it's11:45
EriC^^the longer you take and the more you use the hdd the more the likelyhood of losing data11:46
Guest38 think it's might be intentionally pwned11:46
EriC^^not sure what you mean11:46
Guest38I mean it looks security breah.11:47
EriC^^no, failing hdd11:47
Guest38Yes but the things is we need to get the logs i'm not sure where to look for this kind of logs11:47
Guest38It will be good ffor the canonical either :|11:48
tomreynlogs of a failing disk?11:49
Guest38yes, if it possible11:49
tomreynthe problem is you probably broke the file system when forcing fsck to run on mounted sda1 and sda211:50
tomreyn"Well Earlier my system was booted using disk /dev/sda{1,2} Unfortunately it looks  some file corruption was  predicted. And i run fsck on sda1, sda2. Now i'm unable to locate and boot from the hardisk."11:51
tomreynbut you can try to mount them now, or try to run fsck again on them (but this may actually make it even worse)11:51
tomreynif you really, really need to recover critical data from this disk, then don't touch it now and get it to a serious data recovery company11:52
Guest38Thank you.11:53
matt__hello. I am trying to get a desktop with dual monitors (one that is touch with stylus) and audio to always route to a tv but Ubuntu 2.04 seems to always select the wrong settings. I am trying to find out how to make the sound default to the tv for all users not just a Startup Applications launch11:53
EriC^^Guest38: probably you can get the data off using rsync or dd11:53
matt__I tried editing /etc/pulse/default.pa and commenting out the load-module module-switch-on-port-available and load-module module-switch-on-port-available11:55
EriC^^Guest38: if you have another disk of similar or larger size, you can dd this disk to that one, then work on getting it booting11:55
tomreynmatt__: I'm afraid that Ubuntu 2.04 is slightly out of date. ;-) (But I could probably not answer your question anyways.)11:55
Guest38okay thank you Eric11:55
EriC^^Guest38: no problem11:56
backthenI mount a usb drive and get told it's read only. Is this because the OS I'm mounting from itself is read-only?12:01
EriC^backthen: no, probably it needs to be fsck'd12:07
backthenEriC^: ah ok it's a Ubuntu install disk perhaps that's the reason?12:09
Tinkerydoes somebody know (kernel freeze is not yet) if kernel 5.17 will be in ubuntu 22.04?12:10
backthenEriC^:  Why is it that I can add/remove files from it if I use Ubuntu's GUI based interface?12:10
ArsimaelAnyone free to help me with a strange problem? I am unable to change any setting in my 'powersaving settings' and it drives me nuts12:11
ArsimaelIn short: The "turn off monitor" Setting is fixed to 5 minutes and I can't change it.12:12
tomreyn!next | Tinkery12:12
ubottuTinkery: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.12:12
ArsimaelUh, I forgot: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS12:13
EriC^backthen: no idea, must be mounting it rw, but you can remount as rw from the cli, mount -o rw,remount /mountpoint12:14
tomreynArsimael: is it *fixed* to 5 min exactly, or is 5 min the minimum, but greater values can be set?12:14
ArsimaelI can set every "regular" value between 1 minute and 15 minutes and "never", but it'S not getting saved. as soon as I switch categories or close the window its reset to 5 min12:15
tomreynArsimael: hmm, this doesn't happen on my VM running a fresh 20.04 installation. Is your system up to date? which graphics driver is in use?12:17
tomreynyou can tell the latter by inspecting: settings -> about -> graphics12:18
tomreynand the former by running, in a terminal emulator:   sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade12:18
Arsimaeltomreyn, "freshly" installed ubuntu (company image) all updates installed nvidia 510 drivers installed12:20
tomreynArsimael: see if you can configure this via nvidia-settings instead12:21
ArsimaelNope. Can't see any option which indicates something "power-saving"12:25
tomreyni'm afraid that's all i could think of. you could keep a    journalctl -f      open to see whether anything is logged while you try to change the setting, or just file a bug report12:26
tomreyn!bug | Arsimael12:27
ubottuArsimael: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:27
ArsimaelThe problem: this is an enterprise joined image. I doubt it's an ubuntu bug.12:30
Arsimaeldoes anypone know in which file ubuntu/gnome/unity saves these kind of sewttings?12:34
geirhasee if there's any files not owned by you in your homedir. find ~ ! -user "$USER" -ls12:46
Arsimaelgood hint, but sadly no luck :(12:47
BluesKajHi all12:50
tomreynArsimael: here's my 20.04 VM's /etc/systemd/logind.conf - maybe yours differs? https://termbin.com/9rsd12:54
SyzygyMy system crashed earlier. When I start it, it starts slowing down within seconds until it freezes completely.13:24
rob0sounds like a hardware problem13:25
Syzygyit seems to be fine while i'm not logged in13:27
tomreynso *you* are the problem! ;-) just kidding.13:27
tomreyntry running smartctl -x against the disk13:27
tomreynand boot to recovery and run file system checks13:28
SyzygyI'll give it a try. hopefully it won't freeze in recovery or I can do it in time before it freezes13:28
tomreynbut only after you reviewed the smartctl data and got the impression the disk is physically ok.13:28
tomreynyou can also boot from an installer / live iso and do both from there13:29
Syzygystartup filesystem checks seem to pass13:30
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Syzygysmartctl not installed. yay13:31
Guest4276hi guys13:31
rob0heh, let's hope installing smartctl doesn't cause the drive to fail :)13:32
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SyzygyI don't think I've got enough time to install it at all13:34
Syzygytomreyn, any chance you can help me interpret recovery mode?13:43
SyzygyI did the system check option. disk usage seems fine, although my largest drive /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root has 232gb, should be ~50013:44
SyzygyLVM state lists Physical Volumes: not ok (BAD)13:44
tomreynSyzygy: which ubuntu version are you running there?13:45
SyzygyI believe 20.4 LTS? I'll check quickly13:46
tomreynyou can drop to a root shell from recovery (last option) and run    lsb_release -ds13:46
tomreynactually last but one option13:47
Syzygy20.04.4 LTS13:47
tomreynby the "system check option", you mean "fsck - Check all file systems"?13:48
Syzygyfsck didn't really do anything and trying to do it again tells me i need to be in read only mode13:49
SyzygyI guess I'll restart and try that again13:49
tomreynthat's expected13:50
Syzygyactually now my pc isn't freezing13:50
Syzygyat least for now.13:50
SyzygyI'll just quickly look for an USB stick and back up everything that isn't already.13:51
tomreynyou can examine what heppened at the end of the previous session using   journalctl -b -1 -e13:51
tomreynan usb stick is not a great backup media. but if no other is available, it's still better than none.13:52
Syzygyit just needs to survive the night13:53
Syzygygsd-media-keys: fontconfig error13:53
tomreynmost likley unrelated13:54
Arsimaeltomreyn, yes, I have the "Lid Actions" meand open/closse the laptop lid.14:43
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tomreynArsimael: well those should be fine, i guess15:00
nafisrecommend me some active good channels plz15:05
leftyfbnafis: try #libera15:05
nafisok thnx15:06
iomari891greetings, does anyone know what installed all the apt-get aliases on my system? They all start with "ag".15:41
leftyfbiomari891: I'm not aware of any official ubuntu packages that would do that15:42
ioriaiomari891, a quick search indicates that might be oh-my-zsh15:49
ioriaiomari891, https://github.com/ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh/issues/363315:50
ubottuIssue 3633 in ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh "The nuptial problem about 'silversearcher - ag'." [Closed]15:50
leftyfbiomari891: so the answer would be, none :)15:50
leftyfb(no official ubuntu packages)15:51
audiowhat is ssd and what is transfer? apparently my DO droplet has 25GB SSD and 1TB transfer. I'm uploading a 46GB file and it's taking a while. I'm hoping it doesn't deny it due to lack of storage15:54
leftyfbaudio: try #hardware or ask Digital Ocean about the specs of their hardware15:55
sprnk[m]ssd is your storage. Transfer is total bytes up15:56
sprnk[m]audio: you should look at their docs for the definition of transfer but it's definitely talking about network transfer. the ssd is solid state storage. they have many good articles in the support15:58
sprnk[m]*solid state drive. I'm tired lol15:59
jhutchin1audio: What speed is your local WAN link?16:02
jhutchin1The povider stats are only a measure of performance within their network.16:02
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audiothanks for the help guys, my droplet has 60GB SSD now16:03
yuesbeezI tried installing an extension while the site was down yesterday and it seemed to partially install. How can I fix this error  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/UkRLgjXW/16:25
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yuesbeezI've tried uninstalling/reinstalling and checking ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ and /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ and the folder disappears after uninstall16:33
oerheksyuesbeez, what extention exactly? and for what ubuntu/gnome version?16:38
yuesbeez20.04.4, GNOME Shell 3.36.916:39
ioriayuesbeez, in general, that ext is for 40 and 41....  (not 36)16:39
oerheksyes, my 1st check too, ioria16:40
oerhekstoo new .. wait for the next jammy 22.0416:40
ioriayuesbeez, anyhow, you can trey it again ; i suggest to unistall, reboot, and reinstall   (that err is about , probably, leftovers)16:41
yuesbeezThat UI could be improved to make that more apparent to someone who isnt super familiar with ubuntu16:41
yuesbeezok ill try a reboot soon16:41
jhutchinsyuesbeez: Which UI do you mean?  You are assuming lots of people here have tried to install this specific extension.16:43
yuesbeezthe extensions web page doesnt make it clear if a extension is supported on my gnome version16:44
oerhekswe wish we could push gnome version to make that easier, but we can not :-(16:45
oerheksyuesbeez, now you know; have fun!16:45
EldonMcGuinnessHaving an odd issue with netplan on 20.04 vs. 21.10, for some reason when I use https://pastebin.com/D7PvuZMv on 20.04 it behaves as expected, enp3s0 gets its regular ip 192.x and br0 gets the needed ips 167.x. However, if I use the exact same plan in a fresh 21.10 install, the br0 section breaks the connection. Any ideas?16:48
EldonMcGuinnesswhen I say breaks the connection, I'm testing it using `netplan try --timeout 10`16:49
leftyfbEldonMcGuinness: do you have bridge-utils installed?16:51
leftyfbon 21.1016:51
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oerheksi miss addresses: [167.something]16:51
ioriaEldonMcGuinness,   can you please try :   ' netplan try --state /etc/netplan '   ?16:51
leftyfbthey probably don't have bridge-utils installed16:52
EldonMcGuinnesssry was checking indents, just in case16:55
EldonMcGuinnessyea, already installed bridge-utils16:56
audiowill scp have to restart if my computer goes to sleep? or does it just pause and then continue when the computer is back up?16:57
ioriaEldonMcGuinness, ^  and paste   'apt-cache policy netplan.io | nc termbin.com 9999'16:57
EldonMcGuinness@ioria trying that and will paste16:57
EldonMcGuinnessFWIW, if I comment out the br0 section it works just fine16:58
EldonMcGuinness@ioria did the netplan command you posted and same result, connection breaks when "trying". https://termbin.com/0p4m17:01
EldonMcGuinnessthanks for the termbin trick, have not seen that before, or at least don't recall it. ;)17:02
ioriaEldonMcGuinness, what's the exact error ? Error in network definition: unknown key 'br0' ?17:02
EldonMcGuinnessI'm actually not getting an error, that is the bugger. Instead of seeing, "Do you want to keep these settings message" I see nothing. Additionally, while it is testing the network connection goes dead17:06
ioriaEldonMcGuinness, remove 'dhcp4: yes' in  the bridge part17:06
EldonMcGuinnessSame thing17:08
ioriaEldonMcGuinness, no idea then sy17:08
ioriaEldonMcGuinness, check syslog maybe17:09
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EldonMcGuinnessit is the oddest thing, I can drop that config into a fresh 20.04 box and it works just fine17:10
armadefuego@audio. That will depend on many factors. It _can_ come back, but _might not_.17:13
audioarmadefuego, what factors17:13
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ioriaEldonMcGuinness, have you already checked   'sudo networkctl status -a' ?17:15
armadefuegothere are a few. for one a NAT device may timeout its translation entry. the remote may decide to drop the connection, due to idle time.17:17
armadefuegoyour sleep setup may pause disk access.17:18
armadefuegoi, personally, do it a lot. and, sometimes it will fail for any one of a number of factors. i tend to use rsync just to be sure.17:20
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armadefuegomostly, however it doesn't matter... in my network world.17:23
rachelfishHow do I change my language settings for the on-screen keyboard to show other alphabets without changing the language I use for evertyhing else on my system?17:27
humanBirdwth are "charms"?  is this another package maanger like snap and apt?17:48
oerheksjuju/openstack related17:49
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wokerslaughis there any way to know ho wmuch data used by a wifi network or as a whole by my laptop? i'm running kubuntu18:01
enigma9o7[m]For the laptop.18:01
wokerslaughwhat's the command please enigma9o7[m]18:01
enigma9o7[m]For the network it's possible too, but depends on your hardware.18:01
wokerslaughok i want to know the laptop usage18:02
tomreynwokerslaugh: there's actually no easy way to measure how much data has been sent and received since a given date + time.18:08
tomreynwokerslaugh: the best / right way to do this is at a separate router which you connect through18:09
wokerslaughtomreyn but i can know as a whole? linux os don't have a record of data usage through the system itself without a third party app?18:09
tomreynwokerslaugh: you can inspect interface statistics. ip -s link18:10
tomreynbut those will reset once the network interface is brought down or reset (such as when rebooting)18:11
wokerslaughi see that18:12
wokerslaughit's not what i'm looking for tho18:12
wokerslaughbut thank you for your answer18:12
wokerslaughthere's a wifi data usage in windows so i was thinking there's something similar in linux18:13
tomreynthere are some applications trying to measure the data transferring, but it's difficult to do this right, it's better done on the switch / router18:13
tomreyndo you have metered wireless, though?18:14
wokerslaughyes metered wireless18:15
tomreynyou can set the connection to be treated as a metered connection so that the amount of data sent through it will be reduced18:18
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tomreynwokerslaugh: ^ in the network settings, but this only really makes sense when you aren't *always* on this connection, because you'd potentially miss a lot of ubuntu updates that way.18:19
HestonThere seems to be an error on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases   The top most bar of the release lists is missing the data describing what each element is18:20
Hestonrelease version:  codename:   notes:   release date    etc18:22
tomreynHeston: thanks, someone else (nook24) also pointed this out today, and created a support ticket on it.18:22
Hestontomreyn, ok then sounds good18:22
pagioshello, mysql is using 130% of cpu, checkd error.log in /var/log/mysql nothing thwre, how can. i know whats happening behind the scenes?18:42
leftyfbpagios: you will probably get better support in #mysql18:42
Tr1nkcomment monter un partage nfs depuis ubuntu vers openbsd ?18:45
leftyfbTr1nk: /join #ubuntu-offtopic18:46
Tr1nkhow to mount nfs share from ubuntu to openbsd18:46
Tr1nkmount.nfs: requested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported18:46
Tr1nkeither nfs or nfs418:46
leftyfbTr1nk: install nfs-common18:47
Tr1nkleftyfb : thanks18:47
Tr1nkalready installed18:48
Tr1nkmount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
Tr1nknow different message19:24
sarnoldare there more log messages on the server?19:25
Tr1nklets see19:26
Tr1nknot that much19:27
Tr1nkbyt the way pf was enebled19:27
Tr1nkso ive issued : rcctl disable pf19:27
Tr1nkopenbsd# rcctl get pf19:28
Tr1nkcan be intersting exercise to make openbsd from with linux in a network19:28
oerheksso there is nothing we can do?19:30
sarnoldTr1nk: how about dmesg?19:33
Tr1nknothing related19:33
sarnoldif it's not logging why it failed, it'll be very hard to fix, yeah :)19:33
Tr1nkthe only log is from client linux ubuntu side19:35
Tr1nkNFS est proprio...au départ... :(19:41
Tr1nkou bien en fin de compte19:41
tomreynanglais ici, s'il te plaît, ou /join #ubuntu-fr19:43
sarnoldor perhaps an openbsd support forum; if it isn't logging what is broken, it's hard to suggest what to try next19:45
scortalscortal. here19:46
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eelstreborwhy do i get invalid option when i try to execute ls *.txt or ls *txt?21:04
sarnoldyou probably have a file named something like --haha-hello-mom.txt21:05
funhouseIm trying to merge all csv files in a folder into one -->  cat /2022/02/18/*.csv > data.csv but its saying not found21:06
funhousecan i not use the wildcard when doing that?21:07
sarnoldfunhouse: probably that leading slash is a mistake21:07
funhousesarnold ok all the files are in the `18` folder21:08
sarnoldfunhouse: but if that guess isn't right, try running the command namei -l /2022/02/18/*.csv   and it will probably tell you something interesting about the path you gave it21:08
mattfis there some helper to install an arch's tar.xz on ubuntu21:16
enigma9o7[m]I bet all you need is tar and bash....21:17
mattfand move things manually and figure out the dependencies21:17
rob0"install"?  Is it source or a binary package?21:18
tomreynwhat is "an arch's tar.xz"?21:19
oerhekssounds like arch source code package..21:19
enigma9o7[m]The point is matt, it depends what it actually is.  there's no such thing as an "arch's tar.xz"21:20
enigma9o7[m]Depends what's inside that archive to know what to do with it21:20
leftyfbmattf: what package are you trying to install exactly and why?21:20
mattfleftyfb: blender 3.1 for aarch6421:20
rob0You can't expect to run some other distro's binary packages on Ubuntu.21:20
mattfonly built i found, well i didn't want to compile from source21:20
leftyfbmattf: you want to run blender on arm?21:20
rob0always helps to start out with the real goal21:21
enigma9o7[m]Sure you can.21:21
enigma9o7[m]You can run other distros binary packages just fine usually.21:21
rob0unless you can't21:21
mattfyes ive tried that, just happens that sometimes some lib is missing21:21
enigma9o7[m]Well yeah.21:21
mattfthen you find out you cant apt install that lib and has to compile it21:22
oerhekshttps://www.blender.org/download/release/Blender3.1/blender-3.1.0-linux-x64.tar.xz/ ?21:22
mattfand that lib depends on another lib that you have to compile too because of the new version21:22
mattfthat is x6421:22
rob0broken libraries, missing dependencies, wrong versions ... life is too short to deal with all that garbage21:22
oerheksstable 3.121:22
enigma9o7[m]Hence why you should just use something packaged for ubuntu.21:22
mattfthe snap is only x6421:22
oerheksmattf, oh right21:22
mattfand ubuntu is back on 2.83 or something, come on21:22
oerheksthen !build21:22
mattfi guess building cant be that bad21:23
oerheksfrom the readme in the .xz: Linux: Unpack the archive, then run the Blender executable.21:23
mattfwel yes it is already complaining about missing libs21:25
Maikthere's a reason ubuntu's version is older21:25
Maik!latest | mattf21:25
ubottumattf: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.21:25
mattfim aware21:25
enigma9o7[m]If you don't wnat to deal with yourself, then use https://launchpad.net/~savoury1/+archive/ubuntu/blender21:28
oerheksso get the source from git21:28
sarnoldthere's an lxd container image for archlinux/arm64  you could try21:28
mattfyeah i will build21:28
mattfoh thats a different idea indeed sarnold21:29
mattfi could do that if i cant build21:29
mattfthanks for the help guys21:29
enigma9o7[m]nvm that ppa anyway, only amd6421:30
mattfyeah i saw it21:30
mattfi even tried it :P21:31
tomreynhow will you be using blender on aarch64? won't it be undesirably slow for most scenarios?21:33
sarnoldtomreyn: graviton2 instances on aws have crazy bandwidth, and some of those newer apple machines are pretty quick despite their storage21:34
tomreynsarnold: for 3d graphics, too?21:34
sarnoldtomreyn: aarch64 isn't only raspberry pi levels of stuff :) hehe21:34
enigma9o7[m]Jammy has 3.0 and release isn't that far away....21:34
mattfoh i got this beefy arm64 vps to test out21:35
sarnoldtomreyn: that's a good question; I know the amdgpu stuff works on ppc64el, so maybe it'll also work on aarch64? that's hoping and dreaming though21:35
mattfit doesn't have a gpu but 32 cores, i just wanted to test out21:35
tomreynlooks like aws offers to combine graviton with nvidia gpus for graphics workloads "such as android game streaming"21:40
sarnoldoh yeah that makes sense21:42
nshirelaptopdoes anyone else get a bug where chromium disappears off of the taskbar when in use? I can alt-tab back into it but clicking the taskbar icon just causes a new window to be spawned22:25
nshirelaptopalso opening any OS dialogue windows afterwards will be completely bugged out(all characters within the window will be the [][]-looking placeholder characters and images will be the blank placeholder image)22:27
nshirelaptopfor example https://i.imgur.com/vBqafNP.png22:28
nshirelaptopping nshire if this goes offline btw22:30
jhutchinsnshirelaptop: Versions please.22:36
sarnoldhah wow that's a wild screenshot22:37
nshirelaptopthis has been happening for over a year btw, maybe 3+?22:37
nshirelaptopchromium: Version 99.0.4844.82 (Official Build) snap (64-bit)22:37
nshirelaptopUbuntu 20.04.4 LTS22:38
jhutchinsnshirelaptop: Ubuntu version?22:38
jhutchinsnshirelaptop: Only happens in chromium?22:38
nshirelaptop64-bit. gnome 3.36.8, x11,22:38
nshirelaptopseems so. I can't recall it happening in anything else22:39
leftyfbnshirelaptop: ( cat /etc/os-release ; uname -a ; snap list chromium ; apt-cache policy chromium-browser ) | nc termbin.com 999922:39
leftyfbnshirelaptop: I would suggest first installing linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04 and updating your nvidia drivers22:42
nshirelaptopthis laptop only has intel graphics22:42
leftyfbah right, xps13, not 1522:42
nshirelaptopMesa Intel® HD Graphics 520 (SKL GT2)22:42
leftyfbwell, maybe start with the kernel22:42
jhutchinsIt looks like chromium isn't able to render the font for some reason.22:42
jhutchinsIf it were a video problem, I would expect it to affect other programs.22:43
nshirelaptopit works again for a while(tm) until it happens again. can't seem to manually trigger it, it kinda happens whenever it pleases22:43
ogranshirelaptop, sudo snap set system experimental.refresh-app-awareness=true22:44
ogranshirelaptop, chromium got updated while it was running, that breaks the dialogs (an update normally re-generates the font cache for the snap) ... if you set the above it will not get updated in the background and ask you to close the app in a notification22:45
cocomohi, may not be the right place but any one know where elementary os .icc color profile are at? I wannt copy them for my gnome de, elementary os has very nice vivid display colors.22:46
nshirelaptopI think that is it actually, I remember running apt-upgrade today22:46
leftyfbnshirelaptop: apt-upgrade won't update snaps22:47
ogranshirelaptop, sudo snap refresh ... snap is a different packaging system22:47
nshirelaptopwell I guess it was actually apt upgrade not apt-upgrade. not sure if that matters.22:47
ogranope )22:47
jhutchinsOh, snap probably can't find/use/communicate properly with the main font system, probably trying to use it's own.22:48
ograsnaps update themselves (as you experienced in a bad way)22:48
nshirelaptopI'm content with just closing and reopening chromium or just waiting to upgrade now that I know what causes it22:48
ograjhutchins, no, it uses the hosts font system (and that is the problem since snaps can run on pretty much any distro and fontconfig isnt API stable between versions)22:49
oerhekscocomo, likely in the standard folder?22:49
ograso a snap refresh generates a new per-snap font cache22:49
oerheks /usr/share/color/icc/22:49
oerheksand /usr/share/doc/icc-profiles/22:50
cocomothanks a lot. (y)22:50
yuesbeezy/j pycharm22:55
LangleyHi, is it possible in Gnome Files to see all subfolders in a folder at the same time?22:56
oerhekssudo snap install pycharm-community pycharm-professional pycharm-educational --classic22:57
oerhekshttps://snapcraft.io/pycharm-educational  -- https://snapcraft.io/pycharm-community -- https://snapcraft.io/pycharm-professional  to read about the differences22:58
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