craigbass76Eickmeyer: Ok, so far, so good. How's your experience with Ardour and PulseAudio? Does it work, or is it a Monty Python "RUN AWAY!" scenario?00:30
EickmeyerArdour will not work with PulseAudio, but it'll work with ALSA directly.00:34
taeaadHave any of you muzos tried Orca (the sequencer)?14:53
Eickmeyertaeaad: That kind of discussion belongs in #ubuntustudio-offtopic unless you're looking for support.15:23
rghEickmeyer, craigbass76 Ardour 6.9 has pulseaudio support, but it's meant for mixing and editing18:52
rghI wouldn't use it for recording, and it also lacks midi (because pulse has no concept of midi)18:52
OvenWerksrgh: Isn't pulse on Ardour out only?22:18

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