Unit193...I swear, I have the memory of a well trained guppy.  Forgot about the reviews...04:32
Unit193bluesabre: Hate to be pedantic, but seems the copyright should be updated to '2009–2019' on greybird, and perhaps add your self as uploader (or mark it as a team upload.)  Seems on both the Breaks/Replaces can disappear, and seems like you should update your email address in elementary-xfce?04:47
Ted_PI am using Xubuntu 21.10, just removed the Gnome-software package and snap. It was sending notices, but not functioning well. I prefer Synaptic or apt from commandline.17:13
Ted_PI also found that the "Message of the Day" was not working in the consoles, so I disabled the parts and re-wrote two to give the release and the web address for Xubuntu documentation.17:17

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