mitya57mapreri: Hi! telegram-desktop is the biggest blocker for my Qt 5.15.3 transition. What do you think about removing the current version from proposed (unless you have a fix for it)?15:17
mapreri_mobilemitya57: I'm in contact with the maintainer.  He just uploaded to Debian a thing dropping lto in ubutnu where it fails due to lack of memory.  Just wait tonight/tomorrow and sync that.15:18
mapreri_mobileOr I'll do the sync tomorrow afternoon myself.15:19
mitya57Excellent, thank you!15:19
mitya57I will upload a …build1 to my PPA right now to test it :)15:19
mapreri_mobileAnd I've also been contacted by RikMills - I thought he was in the loop of the kde/Qt team there? 🤔🤐15:19
mitya57Yes, he suggested me to ask you about the status :)15:20
mapreri_mobileThe maintainer already tested it in a PPA according to him ^^15:20
mitya57Didn't know that. Good.15:20
mapreri_mobileAt least, it's built in my test PPA. The only difference is in changelog entry.15:20
mapreri_mobile(from my chat with him)15:20
RikMillsmapreri_mobile: I pinged you on TG, and then mitya57 said he was going to ping you as well, but I had already done it then15:21
mapreri_mobileWell, all good I guess.  Is Qt already landed in proposed, or are you waiting for telegram?15:21
mitya57No, I'm waiting until autopkgtest infra feels better.15:21
mapreri_mobileThat infra really is fickle u.u15:22
RikMillswell, it is ok, but slow with a big queue on arm*15:22
RikMills*ok at the moment. who knows though15:23
mitya57Maybe it becomes better by tomorrow?15:23
mapreri_mobileWas something (glibc?) Uploaded that triggered the world?15:24
mapreri_mobileAlways fun15:25
RikMillsI am not sure the arm* non big queues will clear by monday15:25
RikMillsmapreri_mobile: looks like mostly things in main were rebuilt for a 'ppc64el baseline bump', triggering the world of tests15:26
RikMillswhich seems not a great thing to do 3 days before our beta freeze15:26
mapreri_mobileI'm in general not a fan of rebuilding for a baseline bump (except perhaps software known for making use of new features), so15:27
mapreri_mobileBut well15:27
mapreri_mobileGoing back afk now, enjoy?15:27
mapreri_mobiles/?/!/ ;)15:27
RikMillsmapreri_mobile: thanks as always :)15:28
Eickmeyermapreri, RikMills, mitya57: aiui, it's a test mass-rebuild due to failed arm builds for no particular reason, aka false fails.16:18
Eickmeyerbos01 was acting up.16:18
bdmurrayThere was also python3-defaults which triggered a lot of tests17:09
mitya57bdmurray: do you think it's OK to upload Qt tomorrow, or better to wait more?17:17
hallynso, this could be a glitch in my setup, but since updating to jammy, 'cal' does not highlight the current day for me.23:02

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