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guest01276Good day, I'd like to know if Xubuntu includes telemetry?14:37
orqcxhawas just about to answer14:39
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MathMan05I need some help connecting to the wifi16:35
MathMan05i've tried doing the wireless trouble shooting16:35
MathMan05And doing sudo lshw -C network16:36
MathMan05But I don't see claimed unclaimed enabled or dissabled16:36
MathMan05I'm currently tethered to my phone for internet16:37
MathMan05I've gone and instaled the proprietary driver for the wifi16:48
MathMan0561I just unpluged from my phone and ran it again, it's still the same things16:53
orqcxhaMathMan0561: Hi what does work though? Your adapter is recognized? Can you run NetworkManager? etc17:01
MathMan0561When I run the command it does see the device17:02
orqcxhaThats weird17:08
orqcxhaYou even see networks listed?17:09
MathMan05How do you install ndisgtk?18:15

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