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BluesKajHi all12:40
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user|40Hello everyone!19:41
user|40I have a bit of a problem19:41
user|40I have an old sff HP 7900 with an intel onboard graphics chip, and when I switched to Kubuntu I only have resolutions to 1024x768. The same happens with every other distro I tried,but it works just fine with Windows 10. Can you help?19:43
user|40Thank you in advance!19:43
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IrcsomeBot<Oov> hi21:05
IrcsomeBot<Oov> my kubuntu always freezes when i start it up21:05
tomreynOov: where does it freeze exactly, what do you see at the time, which part of the boot is it at when it freezes? has this started happening recently on a system which you had installed for a while, or is this a fresh install and it happened from the start?21:32
tomreynare there other problems? do you assume there can be hardware problems?21:33
tomreynwhich ubuntu version are you running there, and which kernel version?21:33
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