holimanHi, I have a question about a potential regression on ubuntu ppa upload -- is this the right channel for questions about that?10:32
holimanThere appears to be a change in how the sftp server behaves.10:36
holimanAfter connecting (and uploading package), our CI runner cannot exit. I can repro this manually:10:36
holiman$ sftp -i ./ppakey <project>@ppa.launchpad.net10:36
holimanConnected to ppa.launchpad.net.10:36
holimansftp> quit10:36
holimanThe `quit` (and `exit`, `bye`) leaves the client hanging. Pressing ctrl-c (or sending SIGINT) causes it to10:36
holimanprint `Interrupt`, but the only way to exit is to SIGKILL it.10:36
holimanOur CI service kills it after 10 minutes -- which triggers the upload to succeed, but the CI job is terminated so10:36
holimanremaining package uploads are not performed.10:36
holimanFound the problem, it's same as this one (https://github.com/kolban-google/sftp-gcs/issues/23#issue-1095191812) . Fix for the server is pending: https://github.com/mscdex/ssh2/pull/111110:50
ubottuIssue 23 in kolban-google/sftp-gcs "Connection hanging instead of closing gracefully" [Open]10:50
ubottuPull 1111 in mscdex/ssh2 "Properly close connection on EOF" [Open]10:50

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