themillhallyn: https://bugs.debian.org/97295000:16
ubottuDebian bug 972950 in ncal "ncal: cal fails to highlight current date (and rejects -h flag)" [Normal, Open]00:16
hallynoh sweet thanks01:43
hallynlol @ 'compatibility concerns' as justification for changing behavior that's been around at least 10 years :)01:45
mitya57https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/4803 is ready to land now14:14
mitya57bdmurray: I see queues are still in bad state, especially s390x. Better to wait more, right?14:17
juliankbluca: I think you were asking systemd ci questions? Just a heads up that networking is somewhat broken outside of amd64, and I've cancelled any pending non-Ubuntu tests, as we don't seem to be making progress (they won't suddenly switch to succeed)20:05
julianknew ones will get back in agani20:05

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