murthyoerheks: regarding the chromium snap, one user from #kde told me it could be because of an emergency security update, where the devs possibility didn't spend time to check the icon paths and stuff00:04
murthyoerheks: thanks for the support00:05
noarbwhen logging in with ssh, when does update-motd get run? I'm looking at sshd configuration with 'PrintMotd no' but I still get that message when I log in, does it run at a different time in the login?00:28
weznoarb: It runs in crontab I believe, not at login time.00:28
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Dr-007i'm still looking for a way how to make a live usb stick from the ubuntu os i'm currently on. so with all my apps and settings cloned to an usb thumbdrive. then make the usb thumbdrive live persistent so it will use an overlay for files that get created while you're booted from the usb drive01:08
Dr-007as from what i understand is if you want to make a persistent bootable iso you'll add something like this in the grub.cfg: linux (loop)/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=$isofile quiet splash noprompt persistent --01:09
Dr-007and the $isofile should be an isofile download from ubuntu.com. when i look into that .iso file there's a bunch of folders and such that would not exist if would make a .img file from my current ubuntu partition01:10
sprnk[m]@noarb check /etc/pam.d/login01:11
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RonWhoCaresI posted my question here:   (This is just a database query question) https://pastebin.com/LpVGMQFX01:46
jhutchinsubottu: ping02:28
morganu20.04 I would like to make my view in finle manager to be always a list of the files and their qualities. I have googled how to make that permanent, change the default, but the directions dont work. I dont have a meanu button I dont have something in preferences. \o/02:49
morganuFILE manager02:49
jhutchinsmorganu: Which one?02:54
morganuPCManFM 1.3.1  --- My other one vanished after following somebody's directions. shrug.02:55
morganuLightweight file manager  using LibFM ver. 1.3.102:55
morganuI am able to change it each time it opens. (https://sourceforge.net/projects/pcmanfm/)02:56
morganuI would install a different one.  "soon" I will put a newer Ubuntu on a different opinion.02:56
morganujhutchins, dont worry. I just found THIS on the sourceforge page. --->   Also: there is no obvious way to set the default folder view mode.02:58
EldonMcGuinnessI know there has to be something I'm missing here, how can I install qemu-kvm without the gtk bits? This is on a headless server.04:24
lotuspsychjeEldonMcGuinness: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might know that one04:37
RaimondRaji have issue with sendmail install and configure - can anyone teach me and guide me05:31
Mystifiedhey guy's does anyone have a kernel for for freya 3.2 upgrade06:03
Mystifiedsorry ubuntu 4 kernel06:03
Mystifiedold elementary drive06:03
rfmRaimondRaj, I've worked on email for about 30 years now, and my guidance is *don't use sendmail*.  I've found postfix easier than exim.06:12
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RaimondRajrfm :please guide me06:42
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Dr-007bleh, i wanted to edit stuff on a wiki page but it's hard to find the entrance to do it at all. it's this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeALiveCD/DVD/BootableFlashFromHarddiskInstall where 'install grub to flash disk' it has this command: `sudo grub-install --no-floppy --force --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdc` it should be `sudo grub-install --removable --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sdc`07:50
Dr-007with no-flopy it would hit my efi partition on the usb but grub would just say "System reset" and reboot over and over07:50
oerheksWiki is locked down, to avoid troll edits; To edit the Ubuntu Wiki, join the Ubuntu Wiki Editors team on Launchpad. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wiki-editors07:52
Dr-007and maybe you could add a little section / explanation above it explaining you can use 2 partitions. an efi partition and a ntfs/ext4 partition. the last one so you can store large .iso's onthere. if you follow that guide then youll end up with a fat32 partition and you're restricted to 4GIG isos07:52
oerhekselse mail them with your edit request.07:52
Dr-007oerheks, oki doki07:52
Dr-007im not gonna do that07:52
Dr-007i dropped a line inhere :)07:52
oerheksa small partition extra is called persistent, there are guides for that07:53
Dr-007no the persistent part is not the extra partition07:53
oerheksmkusb can do that, perhaps rufus too07:53
Dr-007you can save the persistent part in a file or in another partition07:53
oerheksmkusb https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/03/create-persistent-storage-live-usb-with.html07:54
Dr-007yeah i tried using mkusb with the iso that guide created07:54
Dr-007but that doesnt work07:55
Dr-007so i was glad when i got to the bottom of the guide07:55
oerheksoh i am sure it works, it just takes forever..07:55
Dr-007where they explained it how to do it by hand07:56
Jasonwizkidhello guys07:56
Dr-007hi wizkid07:56
Jasonwizkidi am hacker07:58
Dr-007hmm, i am booted from the live ubuntu i created myself on a usb. and i installed ubiquity (while not in persistent mode) and the installer i end up with is one for kubuntu.08:02
Dr-007also i forgot to install lupin-casper inside my os before making the iso file. i only installed casper. it complained in the boot sequence about lupin-for-devs or something like that. but it still loaded okay.08:05
Dr-007so what is lupin-casper?08:05
Dr-007or does apt-get install casper also install lupin-casper automatically and am i mistaken?08:06
Jasonwizkidyes its does08:06
Dr-007no it doesnt08:08
Dr-007The following NEW packages will be installed:08:08
Dr-007  lupin-casper08:08
Jasonwizkidhow many live images do you have08:09
Jasonwizkidyou should type apt install only i tried it and it worked am running ubuntu 1808:13
hamburgerhi all08:17
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dob1what is the default python in last ubuntu?08:49
dob12 or 3?08:49
dob1I was sure it was 3 but with python I get python 2... something changed but I don't know what08:50
RedDevilVigilantI usually use the default python as python3.08:50
dob1if you type python  you get 3?08:50
dob1I was sure it was the same here... but it's 2 now08:51
RedDevilVigilantHave you tried "sudo apt install python3-pip"?08:51
oerheksyou must have installed something that pulled in python2.708:52
dob1oerheks, it doesn't seem, apt-get remove python2.7  doesn't list me any package I have installed08:53
dob1RedDevilVigilant, I have this package08:54
RedDevilVigilantThen it is probably what oerheks said, you have something that pulled in python2.7 lol08:55
oerhekscruft from distro upgrade?08:56
oerheksfresh ubuntu is python3 solely.08:56
oerheksand if you removed python2.7, reboot might be needed.08:57
dob1is python-is-python3 package installed as default?09:02
oerheksdob1, no09:24
oerheksand it can cause some problems, not advised to use it.09:24
oerheks!info python-is-python309:24
ubottupython-is-python3 (3.9.2-1, impish): symlinks /usr/bin/python to python3. In component main, is optional. Built by what-is-python. Size 3 kB / 13 kB09:25
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dob1so you don't have python  but just python3, right?10:05
dob1as command I mean10:05
Crorandoes the switch pro controller work well on ubuntu?10:49
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MrokiiHello. Not sure if I'm in the right room for this, but I have an HD that might possibly be broken. It doesn't seem to contain a partition anymore (superblock broken?), and I'm not sure how I can fix that. Mounting failed with this: "column: read failed: Input/output error11:25
EriC^^Mrokii: sounds like either connection or hardware error11:26
MrokiiEriC^^: So what could I try? Another sata-cable maybe? Or another sata-port, to see if that's the problem?11:27
EriC^^Mrokii: try 'sudo apt-get install smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdX'11:27
EriC^^replacing sdx with your hdd11:27
MrokiiI'll post a link to the output.11:29
MrokiiAnd thanks.11:29
EriC^^yeah, i think you should get another hdd and try to copy the data over if possible, or use gddrescue to image the disk11:29
MrokiiThe problem is that no partition is shown when I use Partition Manager.11:30
EriC^^Mrokii: hmm, try installing testdisk, sudo apt-get install testdisk11:31
MrokiiI think I have that already.11:31
EriC^^then sudo testdisk /dev/sdx and see if partitions how up in the quick search11:31
EriC^^Mrokii: also try sudo blkid -s PTTYPE /dev/sdX and see which type of partition table it is11:32
MrokiiI'm trying the quicksearch at the moment.11:34
MrokiiEriC^^: That blkid command returns nothing11:37
EriC^^Mrokii: press p over the partition in testdisk to list the files, and c or C or copy them11:38
EriC^^gtg, goodluck!11:38
Mrokiierica: Thanks, I'll try.11:38
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BluesKajHi all12:40
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MrokiiHello. I have a drive that has suddenly gone into read-mode, and I had to restart. Now, the drive has "lost" its partition information, and a quick search with testdisk didn't show anything. I wonder, would writing a new partition table (it was the complete HD bevore) show the files again? Smart-tools btw can identify the disc, but apart from that only gives input/output errors.13:17
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EriC^^Mrokii: do you happen to have an old parted output13:26
MrokiiEriC^^: No, nothing like that.13:37
MrokiiI am sure I used the whole HD for one partitioin though.13:37
MrokiiAlhtough at this point I'm not even sure a new partition table could be written.13:38
EriC^^Mrokii: you could try mounting it by giving the offset, sudo mount -o offset=$((512 * 2048)) /dev/sdx /mnt13:39
MrokiiIn that case I assume my only chance would be a new HD (which I need anyway) and ddrescue or something like that, to try to get the files.13:39
EriC^^if you're using 512 sectors13:39
MrokiiI think I used the starndard settings. Wouldn't know why I should've changed them.13:39
EriC^^it's basically the same as writing a partition at 2048 and attempting to mount it via /dev/sdx113:40
MrokiiOkay, I'll give it a try, thanks.13:40
MrokiiEriC^^: Didn't work. Gave me this error: "mount: /media/stephan/3_gb_hd: can't read superblock on /dev/loop9.13:45
MrokiiTried to mount it with what it had been mounted to before. I don't know what that loop9-thing is though.13:46
EriC^^Mrokii: you could try giving it another superblock location14:06
EriC^^Mrokii: sudo mount -o  sb=32768,offset=$((512 * 2048)) /dev/sdx /mnt14:07
EriC^^this is the standard alternative superblock locations https://www.poftut.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/img_582d2297090e6.png14:07
EriC^^Mrokii: you could also search for other locations than 2048 in case that's that it was using,   blocksize=512; for i in {0..6000}; do echo "trying offset $i"; sudo mount -o offset=$(($i * $blocksize)) /dev/sda /mnt > /dev/null 2>&1 && echo "offset successful at sector $i , byte $(($i * $blocksize))" && break; done14:11
EriC^^maybe add -o sb=32768 to that as well so it uses the backup superblock14:11
EriC^^Mrokii: what's the output of "sudo parted -ls" look like?14:12
krumelmonsterI resized sda6_crypt from ~60GB to ~900GB on a typical 20.04 luks+lvm installation. pvdisplay still says PV Size ~60GB. How can I extend the PV so I can extend the root lv and root fs?14:20
MrokiiEriC^^: https://pastebin.com/43zc8h0x14:21
krumelmonsterI mean how can I extend the VG/volume group so I can extend the LV/logical volume14:21
MrokiiEriC^^: The relevant part is the error with sdb. That input/output error is something that has been shown with almost everything I tried.14:21
tomreynkrumelmonster: how did you resize sda6_crypt from ~60GB to ~900GB ?14:23
krumelmonstertomreyn replaced the disk etc. I think "cryptsetup resize" might actually be the command I need (looking at https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/322631 )14:26
EriC^^Mrokii: i think you should find another 4tb hdd and ddrescue this one there, then look into photorec and other stuff to recover14:27
tomreynkrumelmonster: replacing the disk would not have resized a dmcrypt-luks layer (assuming you did a 1-to-1 copy)14:27
EriC^^Mrokii: the more you try to recover on this one and longer you take the more the chances of recovery diminish14:28
tomreynkrumelmonster: i'm just trying to understand whether you may already have broken something by what you did so far. you probably have these layers: disk sda -> partition sda6 -> dmcrypt-luks layer sda6_crypt -> LVM2 PV -> LVM2 VG(s)/LV(s).14:28
krumelmonsterYes, I did resize the luks partition using gparted14:28
tomreynkrumelmonster: so sda6 is what you resized?14:29
tomreynand sda6 is now 900 GB?14:30
krumelmonsteraccording to gparted and lsblk yes but not according to vgdisplay14:30
krumelmonsterSo yes, it is14:30
tomreynthen indeed "cryptsetup resize" is the next step to extend the crypto containers' size to that of the extended partition14:30
krumelmonstercan I run this online?14:31
tomreyni don't think so14:31
tomreynactually yes, it works on an active device. but maybe it's not the right command. i need to read up, it's been a while.14:33
tomreynkrumelmonster: "cryptsetup resize" on an active mapping (sda6_crypt) is correct. but run "cryptsetup status sda6" first and note it down14:37
tomreynkrumelmonster: i'm not sure whether you can safely do this while any file systems are mounted from within the crypto container, though14:38
tomreynor lvm2 structures even14:38
BinarySaviorhi I installed nix-bin and I'm having trouble running it without sudo privileges.  I added my user to group nix-users and added my user to trusted-users in /etc/nix/nix.conf.  I noticed the socket file is owned by root:root but the directory it lives in is owned by root:nix-users.  Is this intentional?  or could i chown the socket to root:nix-users without breaking things?14:48
BinarySaviorhost os: ubuntu 21.1014:48
MrokiiEriC^^: That's what I intend to do. I've tried every possible (hopefully nondestructive) command I could get ahold of, and nothing worked. So I'll have to get another hd and try ddrescue or photorec.14:52
krumelmonstertomreyn I was actually missing pvresize /dev/mapper/sda6_crypt15:00
TandyUKhey guys, is there a keyboard shortcut to reset X to some kind of defaults?15:44
TandyUKnot even sure what ubuntu version is on this nuc, but connected to a 4k 60hz screen, i see it boot, but it gives me no desktop etc15:44
TandyUKctrl+alt+2 will get me into a terminal, but im not sure why its giving no gui output15:44
lotuspsychjeTandyUK: did you firmware update your nuc to latest?15:45
TandyUKI havent updated anything as yet, ive just taken it out of storage and booted it up15:46
lotuspsychjeTandyUK: best to do that first, some nuc models suffer no GUI at boot due firmware lack15:46
TandyUKit was fine when last used, about 18 months ago15:46
lotuspsychjeor try getting into recoverymode?15:47
TandyUKhmm maybe just time for a reinstall - its doing the same on a 1080p screen too15:51
TandyUKand actually locks up (ie numlock etc not responding) shortly after getting into a console via ctrl+alt+f215:51
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ioriaTandyUK, are you fully updated ?15:54
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tomreynkrumelmonster: that would have been the next step after resizing the dmcrypt container, yes16:15
tomreyngood that you worked it out16:15
Sven_vBhi :) I'm on focal, "sudo cryptsetup close vg_foo-bar" -> "Device vg_foo-bar is still in use." how do I figure out what uses it? I already closed and released that LUKS's volume group, it no longer shows in "sudo vgs".16:31
leftyfbSven_vB: lsof16:31
Sven_vBso I sudo -s to ensure the glob works, but still "lsof /dev/mapper/vg_foo-*" prints no output, except some warnings about unrelated sshfs mounts.16:33
Sven_vBI'll try if I can make dm force-close it16:36
Sven_vBnope. guess I'll just rename it and have it linger until reboot.16:39
Sven_vBnope, doesn't help. if I try to remount it, it still tries to use the old, failed vg_… even after I successfully closed their pv16:50
Sven_vBfound someone with the same problem (unexpected storage device disconnect) on the dm-devel ML: https://www.spinics.net/lists/dm-devel/msg24301.html17:12
Sven_vBunfortunately that thread ends without a solution.17:25
Bushmasterhowdy folks, what is that command that visually display system requrement with some unicode drawing17:28
NiekdoBushmaster: neofetch17:35
en11gmai have windows 11 (TPM enabled) installed on my nvme m.2 in my x570 motherboard. i want to use a ubuntu live usb to install ubuntu to an "external hdd usb to sata adapter" which from what i seen is possible. during the install process i just select that drive and also select that drive for the partition manager/grub to be installed too. the problem i have is after i reboot into the usb-hdd18:33
en11gmaubuntu is at some point there will be an ubuntu update and it will overwrite my windows 11 partition manager and take control. this is what i do not want. is there a way to keep both operating systems seperate and just select which drive to boot through F12 boot menu18:33
en11gmaand also what happens if i remove the usb-hdd ubuntu from usb connector?18:33
en11gmastill leaving my windows 11 nvme m.2 conencted of course18:34
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leftyfben11gma: why do you say an ubuntu update is going to overwrite your windows 11 partition?18:38
en11gmai think it happens when ubuntu updates and there is a kernel update or a grub2 update18:38
en11gmabecause it does everytime18:39
en11gmathis isnt my first rodeo with a seperate 2 drive dual boot situation18:39
en11gmai want to control which OS gets booted with the F12 not with a partition manager18:39
en11gmaand then when it picks the drive i select it boots to that partition manager which should only see ubuntu or should only see windows depending on which drive i select with F1218:41
en11gmai do not want windows partition manager giving me the option to boot ubuntu and i do not want ubuntu partition manager to give me option to boot windows18:42
en11gmabut somewhere along the line ubuntu tries to take over and run it. it will install grub2 to the windows drive. does grub2/ubuntu look for windows partitions and then try to overwrite windows partition manager even when ubuntu install was told to install grub2 to the ubuntu drive?18:43
en11gmai mean how is this preventable? only way i found so far was to disconnect sata cables for the os i didnt want to boot18:44
en11gmabut now i dont have any sata drives. just the nvme m.2 (windows) and a sata drive i want to use as external drive for ubuntu with usb2sata adapter18:45
en11gmawhy is this channel so dead?18:49
tomreyndo you understand how uefi booting works / how it's supposed to work, with a single efi system partition on a single disk, containing boot loaders which the firmware chooses from?18:50
EriC^en11gma: you basically don't want grub-install to ever run on the ubuntu install, you could manually pin the package so it never gets updated, and replace grub-install binary with something like /bin/true18:51
EriC^en11gma: or maybe tackle efibootmgr instead, as that's the package that really would be altering your uefi menu, also -x os_prober from /etc/grub.d/  so your windows install doesnt show up in the ubuntu grub menu18:56
Sven_vBwhat does the "eol" in linux-image-lowlatency-eol-hwe-5.11 mean?19:32
leftyfb!eol | Sven_vB19:39
ubottuSven_vB: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:39
Sven_vBoh, so that one is End-of-Life even though it's newer than the default lowlatency kernel?19:40
rfmSven_vB, but it's older than the current hwe lowlatency kernel19:50
Sven_vBoh I see. thanks!19:53
en11gmaEriC^ so that means on my first install of ubuntu i should have the nvme m.2 with windows 11 on it removed?20:34
EriC^en11gma: yeah20:35
en11gmamy nvme m.2 is above my gpu so its not that hard to remove. i think i will just have one device connected at a time. can i swap back and fourth like that with no problems when i have tpm enabled in uefi?20:36
en11gmaim not going to edit anything i will just disconnect ubuntu drive (usb to sata adapter) and put in nvme m.2 when i want to use win11 and then remove nvme m.2 and hook up ubuntu drive. can i do that as long as both drives are gpt?20:37
en11gmawithout ill effects in ueft tpm system.20:38
tomreynen11gma: had you considered virtualization? it can make it much easier to run two OSes, plus you can even run them at the same time.21:28
en11gmatomreyn i might give that a try but i have a usb 3.0 device that might be picky in that kind of enviroment. its a limesdr-mini and saturates that bus sometimes. that might be a good idea. i could try it and see how it goes maybe.21:40
Sven_vBthee's also SuperGRUB Disk, it can auto-detect various OSs including Windows and Linux kernels21:43
Sven_vBI use a variation of that as my default boot21:43
tomreynprobably not an option for a secureboot scenario21:45
en11gmadoes that just replace grub2 after you have did the default ubuntu install?21:45
en11gmayea secureboot i was thinking there could be problems. got to be careful with that.21:45
en11gmai can do almost everyting from a live usb but my gpu drivers cant be done correct21:45
en11gmait would be nice to have the binary working so the usb device works good with the fft window21:46
en11gmai think i will try the vm. thats a really good idea and i have done those before i just worry that the usb device might not work. then again i think maybe just pull the dang nvme m.2 out and hook the sata drive up without the adapter.21:47
en11gmaso confused21:47
en11gmabbiab and thanks guys21:48
en11gmai was just thinking if i download the ubuntu 20.04.4 is finished right? there isnt really anymore updates that will reinstall grub is there?21:53
en11gmai should only have to remove my nvme m.2 one time for the ubuntu install and the only updates after that are secutiry?21:54
en11gmaso i could add my nvme m.2 back in without worries?21:54
en11gmai had been doing the ubuntu 22.04 daily builds and writing those images to usb so it didnt update anything because there was nothing to update until the next day21:55
oerheks20.04.4 might not have the latest updates, just enable updates during install21:56
en11gmaisnt 20.04.4 finished? the final point release. so any updates are just security updates?21:58
en11gmaright now im writing it to a 16gb usb stick with rufus. i selected gpt and maxed out the persistent partition21:59
en11gmahow do i boot it up so it uses persistent i forget22:00
tomreyn 18.04 is currently at .6. i assume 20.4 will go there, too22:00
en11gmaoh crap. why an i thinking its finished.22:00
en11gmaoh no. lol im stupid22:00
en11gmain the persistent partition can i tell it not to update anything else so when i do a sudo apt update it will not try to install anything that makes me restart to finish installing?22:01
en11gmai think i might just try and run it from a usb live enviroment and hope the 2d driver for the gpu will be good enough for that usb fft app22:02
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