blackboxswfalcojr: as we are driving through schema coverage for cc_* modules . cc_set_hostname and cc_update_etc_hosts both define fqdn/hostname keys. We **can** continue to document them in both places, but we should touch base on our separate PRs to make sure we are representing them with common/complete docs.21:50
blackboxswfalcojr: holmanb: Also, I'm not sure now that we have looked at our readthedocs page views as we add module-level schema examples whether we want to fully drop doc/rtd/topics/examples content as it is the most viewed page of our RTD by a factor of 5. So folks go to that reference frequently.21:51
blackboxswwhen we start defining a common reference section it may be easier to grasp how we can better represent this tome of cloud-init example use-cases as there are cases that represent simple recipes that don't fall into just one confing module or another21:53
falcojrgood things to think about21:54
blackboxswI'm about 4 of 7 modules in u->z cc_* json schema coverage.... it's taking a while :/21:55

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