yurtesenJust out of curiosity, if one edits files under debian folder. How these are kept up to date when the package is synced from Debian upstream?06:32
Unit193If it's sync'd, they aren't.  Packages with 'ubuntu' in the version string don't get autosync'd.06:33
yurtesenUnit193: This is fine after debian import freeze. But what happens when it is synced from upstream Debian for the next ubuntu version? The Ubuntu specific fixes would get lost?06:45
yurtesenI guess my question is how is it handled that ubuntu specific fixes are not lost?09:39
RikMillsyurtesen: packages with a ubuntu revision do not get autosynced. they need a developer to manually force sync them, or do a merge with debian to keep the ubuntu changes that are still required09:42
yurtesenRikMills: I understand that but packages have ubuntu revision only after the debian import freeze. For the next version of Ubuntu, same package will be synced without the ubuntu revision. Isn't this correct?09:47
yurtesenIf the fix is for a problem shared between Ubuntu and Debian, yes the fix can be merged into upstream Debian package. But what if the fix is only effecting Ubuntu because of a Ubuntu specific change in a different package?09:50
yurtesenHow will somebody remember that a certain Ubuntu specific change was needed in a package when package is synced from upstream Debian for the next version of Ubuntu?09:52
yurtesenI created debdiff for fixing #1964881 and added to the launchpad issue. But this bug does not effect in Debian. I am just wondering how to proceed from here now.09:56
RikMillsyurtesen: no, that is not correct. the ubuntu in the version string will prevent the auto-sync script from syncing it10:01
yurtesenRikMills: in focal, the tomcat9 package version is 9.0.31-1ubuntu0.1 but in jammy the version is 9.0.58-1  how is this possible then?10:03
yurtesenIt seems that for the next Ubuntu version, the latest upstream versions are synced until debian import freeze.10:05
yurtesenindependent of if in previous release there was ubuntu in the version string or not.10:06
RikMillsbecause that is a security update to focal which would not have have needed to be copied forward to hirsute archive as the debian version included it. if the debian version had not had the fixes, a ubuntu dev would have done a ubuntu110:10
yurtesenRikMills: It is fine. My point was that the Debian packages can be re-synced in new releases of Ubuntu even if in the past the package had Ubuntu specific patches with "ubuntu" version string.10:22
yurtesenSo my question remains, how does one make sure that changes in one package due to an Ubuntu specific reason, survives the re-sync?11:07
yurtesenThat said, I submitted the patch to Debian also now. But it seems silly as the issue is created by Ubuntu running rsyslogd as syslog:syslog :(11:17
laneyDevelopers are supposed to check any Ubuntu changes can be discarded or are in the Debian version, when they request a sync. If they're still needed, then a merge is required instead and not a sync.11:42
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