en11gmawhy is there an ubuntu mate daily with a 03-29 release while the default ubuntu 22.04 is dates 03-26?02:58
rdri guess they just had one ready at that point in time?03:01
yurtesenCan anybody tell me why the rsyslog.conf in Ubuntu has  "$PrivDropToUser syslog" and "$PrivDropToGroup syslog" by default ?10:32
alkisgyurtesen: try in plain #ubuntu as this one is specific to 22.04, not for general topics10:34
alkisgFor security, I'd guess ...10:34
yurtesenWell my next question is related to 22.04. Can this be undone in 22.04 ?10:38
alkisgSure just edit the configuration file10:38
alkisgIt's in /etc, no package will touch it after you modify it10:39
alkisgrsyslog.conf is pretty much the same in all ubuntu versions, that's why I suggested #ubuntu, as more people will see it and answer there10:39
yurtesenalkisg: I was thinking more like if there would be change in the Ubuntu `rsyslogd` package. Because this is causing actual problems with Ubuntu packages also.10:42
PaulW2Ulotuspsychje: re your yelp bug - see bug 1966418 for other applications affected17:48
ubottuBug 1966418 in webkit2gtk (Ubuntu) "[jammy regression] Evolution does not display message content anymore" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196641817:48
lotuspsychjetnx PaulW2U , ill check tomorrow19:00

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