davefdaftykins: you got diddledani's number? 00:30
daftykinsjust email00:30
davefon telegram shows she was online 7:40pm my time00:31
daftykinsthere does indeed appear to be life!00:33
davefwant me to ping her?00:33
daftykinsprobably just busy - was only a request for a basic website for a pal's new biz00:33
daftykinsif you wouldn't mind, just a confirmation of receipt of said email would be good! i don't think there's any rush on00:34
daftykinsty sir!00:36
daftykinsall well on your end? have you got a move date yet?00:36
davefall good. just got the confirmation from the rental company my file is good.. key day is May 30th so I guess I'll be moving in a day or two after that. I'm getting in contact with some moving companies to get quotes.00:37
davefI'm happy to know I'm getting out of here00:42
daftykinsi'll bet, noisy neighbours are no fun00:43
davefIt's not the neighbours00:43
davefIt's the landlord I can't stand00:43
daftykinsi had a funny chat with those AWS guys my pal's biz has asked to consult and do some work, today00:45
daftykinsthey asked if i could run a VM in-house to transfer this database to AWS... so i asked what it ran and what system requirements it had, or whether AWS published a Xen compatible image00:46
daftykinsthey had no idea on any of those points xD00:47
daftykinsi said umm i don't think we need a whole VM to so an SFTP transfer? 00:47
penguin42but what do they mean by 'transfer this database to AWS' - has it got to land in one of the databases AWS maintains for you?00:59
daftykinsproof of concept is solely a transfer to a bucket of theirs to start with, this is the MUMPS medical database that they will then be looking at trying to squeeze into Athena or some other jazz01:00
daftykinswe have nothing AWS right now01:00
penguin42just make sure they get their AWS storage config right so that the entire planet doesn't read it01:02
penguin42rclone seems to be popular these days for pushing data into aws or elsewhere01:02
daftykinsah that might come in useful, thanks!01:03
daftykinstruth be told we still don't know what format we're being sent, so i told 'em it's too early to design around unknowns01:04
daftykinsthey also haven't spoken to the users they're designing a platform for, so want to convert them into their idea of workflow rather than asking how they work right now01:08
daftykinsi said umm guys maybe you should... speak to them?01:08
penguin42perfectly normal01:08
penguin42what I often see in stuff I have to use, is stuff that's been designed to make the life of the admins of the software happy rather than the end users; e.g. HR software that's optimised for the HR dept not the many more users who have to schedule a holiday etc01:14
davefOh sweet! Both the Jazz Festival and Just for Laughs is back on this year in Montreal! :D 02:01
davefGoing to have to go to this.. https://montreal.hahaha.com/en/shows/british02:02
davefLast time I went to that show, it was Jimmy Carr hosting02:03
daftykinsnever been to any comedy stuff, i saw Dom Joly was over here the other day, but i didn't fancy a public venue02:10
davefseen a few comedians.. jimmy car, sarah millican, ken dodd, norman wizard, kevin 'bloody' wilson, craig charles to name a few02:14
daftykinswho was your fave?02:14
davef*I mean normal wisdom lol02:15
davefken dodd was just fabulous02:15
davefbut overall, jimmy carr02:15
davefalthough i got to meet kevin bloody wilson.. he told me to 'get f**ked' and signed my t-shirt lol.. "to dave, get f**ked, kev"02:16
daftykinsnot familiar with his work but know the name02:16
davefhis music is rather rude02:17
diddledaniello daftykins .. sorry about the lack of response. Been struggling with insomnia the past couple of months where I've been reducing medications09:16
davefdiddledani: you are alive!10:41
diddledanijust about ;-p10:59
davefi take it you got my message then?11:45
diddledaniyup. I was in bed, but I got it11:49
davefWhen Lidl launches an AWS competitor.. https://www.stackit.de/en12:29
penguin42I was confused, I couldn't see the Lidl link in that?12:44
penguin42oh I see12:44
davefCheck the about us page.. "STACKIT is the digital brand of Schwarz IT and thus part of the IT organization of Europe’s largest retail group, which includes Lidl"12:45
penguin42it's part of the Schwarz group; and they also own Lidl and Kaufland (whoever they are)12:45
penguin42hmm, I'm also not seeing how to actually use it - I think it's a ring up and speak to a sales guy12:47
davefI think it's a B2B provider12:49
zxmpiif you have to ask you're not big enough :-)12:49
penguin42but I just wanted a bottle of milk, a block of cheap chocolate and a VM12:50
zxmpiand you'll leave with the milk, a scuba suit and welding gear just like every time you go there12:51
penguin42but no VM!13:35
zxmpiyou didn't see it in middle aisle13:36
penguin42bah, someone must have got it first13:37
zxmpiyou'd think a massive cloud would be obvious to spot13:48
penguin42it can be difficult to distinguish them in Manchester14:30

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