SDes91Is there a way to avoid a lock-out on first boot with cloud-init? I am trying to create a config for users for raspberry pi and since the boot messages go by really quickly I cannot see what went wrong and cannot login into the device11:24
waldiSDes91: if you are this deep, yank the sd card and read the log afterwards?11:26
SDes91waldi that works thanks.11:58
SDes91Is there a better way to actually force cloud-init to create an admin user for me. I keep getting an error  `useradd: group admin exists - if you want to add this user to that group, use -g.`11:59
SDes91answer to my query setting `no_user_group: true` will create an `admin` user12:18
CorvetteZR1hello.  how do i edit an existing cloud-init config?13:07
CorvetteZR1i set up a mount with noexec option.  i removed it manually from fstab and remount; but when i reboot the server, i see noexec in fstab again.  how can i modify it in cloudinit, so when it overwrites fstab, it no longer applies noexec; without having to reprovision the server?13:08
meenaDoes the bi-weekly meeting still happen? I'm not seeting any updates in about a year now: https://cloud-init.github.io/13:14
meenaCorvetteZR1: hi. How you edit cloud-init config heavily depends on which cloud you're on. Most have web interfaces. and many don't allow editing once the machine is created.13:15
CorvetteZR1meena, ah, i see.  this is in azure.  i was wondering if it can be done in the vm os itself?13:16
meenaNope. cloud-init fetches it anew before applying it13:17
CorvetteZR1ok, gotcha13:19
CorvetteZR1so i guess next question is will azure let me modify it then?  i guess that's out of scope for this channel, but if anyone knows, that'd be very helpful :)13:20
meenaCorvetteZR1: yeah, my experience is mostly with niche clouds13:23
meenaOpenStack, Nebula, libvirt (lol), DigitalOcean and Hetzner13:24
meenaSoon to change…13:24
CorvetteZR1meena, ok, thanks.  i just searched for it, and according to azure documentation you can't change it for single vm deployments; only scale sets which doesn't apply in my case.  all good though, thanks for your help13:29
waldiCorvetteZR1: you can disable the correct module in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg13:37
CorvetteZR1waldi, good to know, thanks!13:38
waldiazure is special as it re-runs the mounts module on every boot and even have some kind of workaround for it13:39
minimalSDes19: don't forget if you're specifying a "users:" section in your user-data that you need to include "- default" also otherwise the default user won't be created13:43
minimalSDes19: BTW I use cloud-init for initial config of my Raspberry Pis :-)13:43
* meena is back to contributing to cloud-init13:55
meenaminimal: of course you do…13:56
meenaminimal: which OS do you put on them?13:56
SDes91minimal I don't require a default user, I am relying on the `users` to be configured appropriately to be made accessible for the Pis13:59
SDes91i.e. `admin` user will be the one configured to access via SSH and other users are anyways locked through password so they can't access the Pis via SSH14:00
minimalmeena: Alpine Linux14:00
meenathat… sure is… minimal 14:01
minimalSDes91: ok, was just pointing out a common issue regarding the default user (which is defined in /etc/clodu/cloud.cfg)14:02
minimalmeena: yupe, my Alpine VMs with cloud-init installed are around 200-300MiB in size :-)14:02
SDes91minimal do you happen to know if the Ubuntu Autoinstall configuration for ubuntu Server works for RPis? https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall-reference14:03
minimalSDes91: no idea, never tried it, but I'm sure one of the Canonical guys can comment14:05
falcojrmeena: meeting no longer happens. We didn't really see any engagement or value from it. If you found value in it, I think we'd be open to bringing it back15:35
meenafalcojr: the main reason i couldn't participate, even when i was working on cloud-init (tho not paid) was the awkward time15:44
meenabut i do think that just looking across issues and PRs and the (very quiet) mailing list should quickly bring someone up to date.15:45
falcojrmeena: Yeah, PRs are probably the best way to get a sense of what has happened. I think the meeting content was more or less a summary of those15:46
meenaanyway, in case y'all missed it: my project with the FreeBSD Foundation has been approved, and I'll be working over the next six or seven months to bring better *BSD support to cloud-init15:53
meena(ambitiously calling this: Making FreeBSD a Tier-1 Platform)15:54
meenathe first step is to overhaul our networking organisation, as proposed here: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/main/WIP-ONGOING-REFACTORIZATION.rst15:58
blackboxsw> "If you found value in it, I think we'd be open to bringing it back"        Yeah I'd +1 that if desirable since meena is going to be organizating some significant 'community' efforts that may need to involve a lot of communication.  The awkward time could be "resolved" my just posting updates/announcements to discourse and let comments/questions flow through that at folks' reasonable waking/working hours.15:59
blackboxsw*resolved by just posting to discouse for async communication/updates*16:00
falcojrmeena: Glad to have you back on the project!16:01
meenai'd be very happy to finish what i started *checks notes* 4 years ago.16:04
meenaI have a question of… Form…19:16
meenaIn the past, when the FreeBSD Foundation sponsored work on external projects, people added Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation to their commit messages. See for example: https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/commit/bdb4468d39496088fc05d8c5575647fac9c8062a19:17
ubottuCommit bdb4468 in llvm/llvm-project "[gdb-remote] Move broadcasting logic down to GDBRemoteClientBase"19:17
meenaIs it okay for me to do that in my PRs?19:17
falcojrmeena: yeah, that should be fine. Other organizations do similar things21:00
falcojrwell, maybe not similar, but not uncommon to see downstream bug trackers or signed off statements21:01
blackboxswcjp256: open question for you as to how Azure wants to handle potential absence of IMDS https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1725#issuecomment-124455808522:01
ubottuPull 1725 in canonical/cloud-init "define new attribute for pre-22.3 pickles" [Merged]22:01
cjp256thanks blackboxsw! I will get on it first thing in the morning22:09

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