phyphorIs anyone able to help me ensure that bug 1989380 has sufficient information in it - I'm not sure that I've done it right21:35
ubottuBug 1989380 in squid (Ubuntu) "squid 5.2 memory leak - affects Ubuntu LTS 22.04" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/198938021:35
phyphoror, even, if raising "the version of the package in the repo is buggy" as a bug is the right way to do things21:37
tomreynphyphor: you should run     apport-collect 1989380     on an affected Ubuntu 22.04 system22:53
tomreyn(and before you reproduce it there, ensure it is fully updated)22:54
rbasakphyphor: it would also be helpful if you could provide steps to reproduce the problem specifically on 22.04 please22:59
rbasakphyphor: looks like there's nearly enough there for my team to be able to get a fix landed fairly promptly for you. Just need steps to reproduce please, and we will need help with validating the final fix when that's ready.23:21
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