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popeyFWIW I have never witnessed a bridge between two chat protocols which wasn't actively harmful to one side of the chat. 09:18
popeyIn my experience it's Matrix which is the harmful actor in every single one of these situations.09:19
oerheksโ€œDad why is my sisters name rose?โ€  Because your mother loves roses  โ€œThanks Dadโ€   No problem Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS !!!09:36
lotuspsychjeis that a community riddle oerheks :p09:48
oerheksyes, dad09:49
FallenEickmeyer: did you learn anything new regarding the bridge? Should I reach out to someone at libera?14:20
EickmeyerIt should be operational now.14:20
EickmeyerLooks good14:21
Eickmeyer[m]All is well.14:21
FallenPerfect, thank you!14:21
Eickmeyer[m]The long and short of it is Libera outsourced the running of the bridge to Element Web Services (they no longer run the bridge themselves), and a scheduled restart happened during a netsplit, which caused havoc on the bridge.14:26
ograoutsourcing the maintenance of one of your core components is indeed a clever move ...14:32
ograjust wait til canonical outsources kernel maintenance to microsoft ๐Ÿ˜›14:33
Fallenmy old company used to have a laugh-cry emoji I'd like to use here :)14:47
ravageits like outsourcing your default browser to... oh wait :P14:55
ograwell, i wouldnt mind if we could outsource maintaining our kernel to linus like we did with the browser ๐Ÿ˜‰ 14:58
ravagehow is he doing with code of conduct latetly? could be a liability :D15:00
lotuspsychjesome cool walls amongst them15:01
ravagewould be awesome to have a winner that can be releases with all the available color sytles gnome offers now15:05
ravagei mean there are like 3 greens. so maybe one of them would be ok :)15:06
ravagebut blue, orange, green, red would be awesome15:07
arraybolt3Fallen: I've recently gotten caught up with a different project and haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to the documentation stuff. Is there anything in particular I should be doing for us to stay on schedule?15:16
Fallenarraybolt3: I'm a bit behind myself, had some other responsibilities to take care of last week. I think what I am missing mainly is the call to action, e.g. where do we point folks so they can get started. The simplest option would be (simplified) "go to #ubuntu-doc and tell us you are interested", but requires a bit more manual conversations. The more involved option would be "Here is a page about the effort, a tracker, and how to get15:23
Fallenstarted, and also hang out on IRC so we can chat with you", but that will take a bit longer to get out and might make it more difficult to align people.15:23
FallenHow do you think we should be starting the conversation with folks?15:24
arraybolt3While it will require more manual conversations if we go with "poke your head in #ubuntu-doc and ask", that's essentially what Lubuntu does (IIRC), and that's how I ended up onboarding with them.15:25
arraybolt3This was all of the info I had about contributing to Lubuntu when I first came in: https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/B/Contributing.html and https://lubuntu.me/links/15:26
arraybolt3Fallen: So since that seems to have worked well, that would be my first thought. Give a general idea of what to do, then come in and chat to get the details and become onboarded.15:26
arraybolt3(Become onboarded... /me wonders if that's actually a term)15:27
FallenI've used it for sure, maybe "get onboarded" :D I think that is reasonable. I've let the CC know, I think if we don't get an answer until Thursday we can proceed.21:34
arraybolt3Fallen: Nice! (Hey, if you sent any messages before this most recent one, I missed them - power company messing with stuff = power outage = IRC outage :( so if you sent anything I missed I'd appreciate it if you could re-send it.)21:39
FallenNothing inbetween :)21:39

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