lotuspsychjegood morning02:03
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lotuspsychjei got green on black on hexchat thesyldat 12:42
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lotuspsychjewich mac models do you run ubuntu on cbreak 15:47
cbreakcurrently none15:49
lotuspsychjei had some good experiences wich bionic & focal on several models15:49
cbreakWhat I did do is build a hackintosh, which is a non-mac running macos. It has a fat32 EFI15:49
lotuspsychjejust not too old ones or newer models and m115:49
cbreakyeah, the arm macs are tricky. I read it took the devs months to get anything working even at a barebones level15:50
ograbut luckil someone has done it now ... so you wont anymore 15:50
lotuspsychjeasahi linux is a cool project15:50
cbreakogra: I wouldn't be surprised if it takes months or years for all hardware to work properly, unless apple is a lot more open with their specs / api / hardware interfaces than I'd expect from them.15:52
ogracbreak, well, i think most of the M1 stuff works in asahi ... but i wouldnt invest money into HW until there is a working GPU driver 16:05
cbreakI'm eyeing the framework laptops16:08
ograwell, if i stay with intel i'm old fashioned and just get a new XPS13 ... but once i can actually run ubuntu natively i'll surely move into apples ARMs 🙂16:10
cbreakI use AMD on my new machines. Works ok.16:12
cbreakand even works with ECC memory, unlike most of the intel stuff :)16:12
ograi used to use AMD exclusively for ages ... but eventually switched back to intel (dont even know why, it just happened) ... i *do* prefer arm64 but still have not found an ARM laptop that i'd use as daily driver yet16:14
ograARM is the future (and i'm preaching that since a decade being laughed at 🙂 )16:15
tomreynno, no, RISC-V is the future16:15
lotuspsychjeogra: this was the article ive seen recently; https://www.linuxhintbd.xyz/2022/09/how-to-try-ubuntu-new-installer-on-your-current-install.html16:20
ogratomreyn, RISC-V is the far future ... 🙂 16:20
tomreynthe far future is the PQC, the personal quantum computer ;)16:23
arraybolt3What would you even use that for?16:25
arraybolt3I mean, the way QCs work is weird...16:25
ograoh ! 16:34
ograomgubuntu has a new css16:34
ogra(but still no mention of the new unity flavour or of the ubuntu summit ... looks like joey recently just talks about themes and new flatpak'd software)16:35
leftyfbthere's a new unity flavor?16:39
leftyfbI don't see it mentioned here: https://ubuntu.com/desktop/flavours16:40
hggdhleftyfb: just been approved, docs are running behind16:41
cbreakubuntu for phones? ubuntu for IOT? :)16:41
leftyfbI didn't think that community was all that big/active 16:41
cbreakor ubuntu blockchain NFT scamedition?16:42
lotuspsychjethere are still users on unity16:42
lotuspsychjehad a customer of mine last still running xenial16:43
enigma9o7[m]if xenial/unity users upgraded to bionic, did they keep unity?16:44
lotuspsychjei think yes16:46
lotuspsychjedont think i did that lts upgrade16:46
ubottuUbuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) is the 28th release of Ubuntu and an !LTS release. Download at https://releases.ubuntu.com/bionic/ - Release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes16:46
ravageno ZFS on the kinetic canary ISO. should i be worried? i like my ZFS :)16:50
ravage(no ZFS install option)16:50
lotuspsychjeenigma9o7[m]: i only find The Ubuntu Desktop now uses GNOME instead of Unity. on the releasenotes16:51
lotuspsychjemaybe Maik or rs2009 will remember?16:52
enigma9o7[m]ah ok that makes sense, it uses the `ubuntu-desktop` pacakge so they could chang eit on people.  if you want to use unity you need `ubuntu-unity-desktop`16:52
lotuspsychjeyeah that i tested a lot unity-desktop on ubuntu-desktop with gnome16:54
rs2009upgrading from xenial to bionic would install GNOME, but also keep Unity7 iirc (since ubuntu-desktop added GNOME to its dependencies)16:54
lotuspsychjethat makes sense rs2009 tnx16:55
lotuspsychjeso users could make their own transition back then16:56
leftyfbravage: you want to ask that in #ubuntu-next16:59
ravagei can get the canary build of jammy and ask here16:59
ravagedont think that makes a difference16:59
ravageit is a question about the new installer17:00
ograravage, ask in the discours thread ... the backend is subiquity (the server installer) i'd assume it can do zfs and just doesnt expose that in the UI yet17:01
ravageogra, ok. thanks :)17:01
ogralotuspsychje, you mean you didnt notice that everything you want to do all of a sudden requires ten more clicks than in unity ? 17:03
lotuspsychjeogra: i mostly clean installed most lts releases17:03
lotuspsychjeand yeah transition to gnome/activities worked on my nerves :p17:04
ograsure ... but the gnome desktop really adds a lot longer ways to reach what you need17:04
lotuspsychjebut now on jammy, lucky i got all my workspaces back17:04
ograi use workspace-matrix ...17:04
ograthat gives me the good old rows/clums setup i need on my laptop 17:05
lotuspsychjethe workspaces indicator from gnome extensions here17:05
lotuspsychjelooks cool ogra 17:06
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell-extensions17:07
ubottugnome-shell-extensions (42.1-0ubuntu1, jammy): Extensions to extend functionality of GNOME Shell. In component universe, is optional. Built by gnome-shell-extensions. Size 167 kB / 1,138 kB17:07
lotuspsychjethat indicator sits inside this17:07
lotuspsychjefor those who want17:07
ograi think most of them have been dropped from that package though ... to push people to wards using the normal extension system instead of debs17:07
lotuspsychjespeaking of17:27
pizzathats hot17:48
Bashing-omUWN: Issue752 now available: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue752 :D 20:46
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