daftykinsman, the London queue to see the Queen lying in state is going to dwarf Apple product launches from back in the day :P20:28
zxmpi_wait in style and comfort :-P :-P https://twitter.com/ardavey/status/156909502584522342420:41
daftykinsi like that pretty much every livestream at the weekend, people ask Dave Jones of EEVBlog fame how he's getting on with the restoration of his - and he deflatedly replies that he's done nothing since20:42
zxmpi_i wonder what a c5 upgraded with modern motors and li-ion batteries would be like20:43
daftykinshrmm, i forget how much work the guy he did videos with about them did on his pair20:44
daftykinscome for the coffee related story, stay for the puns in the comments: https://www.theregister.com/2022/09/12/who_me/21:39

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