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arraybolt3rs2009: Just finished testing the Ubuntu Unity daily again - the live session user is still booting into a generic GNOME shell. However, I was able to add a second user, log out, and then log into the Unity desktop as this new user.03:20
arraybolt3Also, the Files app (I believe Nautilus?) didn't seem to want to show folder contents when logged into Unity, and it was missing the close/minimize/maximize buttons. Not sure if that's expected behavior or not (maybe the app I was launching was the wrong one).03:21
arraybolt3(And you probably already knew this, but I didn't notice any installer included on the ISO, either.)03:23
rs2009arraybolt3: yep, I'm aware of these issues07:30
rs2009will be working on them today07:30
arraybolt3rs2009: Nice, if there's anything in particular I can help with, let me know!12:03

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