cluelessperson_like, I don't want the star on the keyboard to map to favorites.... *ever*00:04
tomreynprobably something in the area of combining xev + xmodmap00:07
tomreyn...if you run X00:07
nualaThe star in the keyboard.... Like F8 or such? Is this a laptop? You have a 'Fn Key'? That should modify it. There could even be a 'bios' setting such that F8 would be F8 and 'Fn+F8' would be 'the star key'00:17
cluelessperson_nuala, laptop, yeah, and no, I said *specific* and *certain*, as in individually disable.   Fn key is a global function00:31
nualaOh sorry. I misunderstood then!00:34
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linsuxwhen i add a .snap package, how can i create shortcut in menu?01:56
linsuxi don't see it01:56
Intelois it normal to view other users' home dir files in ubuntu?02:06
Intelois it normal to be able to* view other users' home dir files in ubuntu?02:06
lotuspsychje!chmod | Intelo see also02:08
ubottuIntelo see also: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:08
toddclinsux: assuming standard default Gnome desktop click on show applications (bottom left 9 dots) find the program/snap right click add to favorites02:09
linsuxerror while loading shared libraries: libatk-1.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:12
linsuxin snap02:12
Intelolotuspsychje don't like default behaviour. less secure/private02:13
lotuspsychjeIntelo: file a wishlist bug, and maybe the devs might listen to your idea02:15
linsuxwhich snap package has libatk?02:15
Intelolotuspsychje thanks02:16
toddclinsux: many -- snap packages should have all needed libraries installed so it could be bad snap or host unable to share the librarie02:20
linsuxok i reinstalled and it works02:22
linsuxi remove and reinstalled02:22
toddcas long as it works02:22
linsuxif i add the .snap package, will it update it later?02:23
linsuxwhen there's new release02:23
imbezolIntelo: edit /etc/adduser.conf to set the permissions you want homedirs created with02:24
linsuxso .snap has the repository too02:25
linsuxi mean that .snap file02:25
toddcsort of yes02:25
Inteloimbezol thanks02:26
Inteloimbezol lotuspsychje it seems when  I press alt,ctrl, F1/2/3/4 , each user asks for wifi password or main sudo user password. the main user already connected interent. so is there a solution by which all get internet? (assuming that the first user who loggedin, already set the internet up). This is a desktop system02:27
imbezolgo into your network settings, find the interface, select connect automatically, and select all users may connect to this network02:28
arraybolt3_linsux: Note that there are ways of installing Snaps that makes them not update (I think it's --dangerous and --devmode that do this).02:28
arraybolt3_So if you used one of those options, be warned.02:29
Inteloimbezol connect auto was already there but still i get this first sudo user password prompt. Also there are no "to be allowed users" list https://imgur.com/UxsT1n3.png02:38
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HolarcticHi, Im trying to install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/2.36-0ubuntu204:04
Holarcticbut I have no idea how04:04
HolarcticIm using Ubuntu 22.0404:05
Holarcticcurrent version of glibc in ppa is 2.32, and I need at least 2.3504:06
Holarcticis there a ppa with more up to date version of it that I can use?04:06
arraybolt3Holarctic: Upgrading libc is, like, one of the ultimate "don't ever, ever, EVER do this" things in Ubuntu.04:51
tripp4hi'm having a problem installing the purple-facebook plugin for pidgin, libpurple0 isn't available and if i try to install the .deb package it says about dependencies.04:51
Holarcticarraybolt3 Im not going to do it04:51
HolarcticI was mistaken, thing that I need from it is coming in 2.3804:51
arraybolt3Holarctic: Sorry. What you might be able to do is run a rolling-release distro like Arch in a virtual machine and run the app you need in there.04:52
Holarcticand I dont imagine ubuntu is going to support it any time soon04:52
tripp4hused this page's instructions to install: https://jgeboski.github.io/#package-repositories04:53
arraybolt3Holarctic: Another possible solution would be to build libc from source and use it only for the one app that needs it, like described here: https://serverfault.com/questions/422396/what-can-go-wrong-with-a-glibc-upgrade04:54
arraybolt3I would guess you would use LD_LIBRARY_PATH to tell your app which libc to use.04:55
Holarctichmm its worth looking into04:56
Holarcticat least itll be another project to have my professor say, this is not what Im looking for04:58
cbreakHolarctic: quick solutions are to use LXC to create a container with that thing inside, or a docker container, or something similar.07:19
cbreakyou can get some bleeding edge rolling release distro for that. It'll probably break every few weeks, as they do, but it will have new things07:20
cbreakbut it seems 22.04 has glibc source 2.35, and 22.10 will have 2.36. Not sure how this connects to the actual glibc.07:22
cbreaklibc6/jammy-updates,now 2.35-0ubuntu3.1 amd64 [installed]07:23
cbreakseems it's the same07:23
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Holarcticcbreak thanks for the suggestion, Im gonna try a docker container. I should learn docker, and theres no day like today07:56
HolarcticAlso it would appear that I didnt upgrade my packages and I was running an old version07:57
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palmehi all Bus 001 Device 004: ID 2357:0108 TP-Link TL-WN822N Version 4 RTL8192EU08:30
palme on ubuntu 22.04 die verbindung wird unterbrochen08:30
oerhekspalme,  i see 2 github projects, https://github.com/clnhub/rtl8192eu-linux  and https://github.com/Mange/rtl8192eu-linux-driver,08:34
oerheks1st one should be supported up to the next kernel 6.008:34
palmeoerheky danke für schnelle antwort08:38
DocMorsthis maybe a silly question but how do you make an app run in a specific netns?08:39
Habbieip netns exec08:41
DocMorsHabbie, so that would mean 'ip netns exec firefox' for example?08:42
Habbieuh, plus the actual NETNS name08:43
DocMorsas simple as that, I thought that was only used to modify the namespace itself08:44
DocMorsthanks a mil08:44
ldericherhi, with the last few upgrades I had some packages "held back" so i had to `apt install` them manually, then `apt-mark` them as auto-installed. Even `apt dist-upgrade` didn't try to install them - what am I doing wrong?08:44
ravageldericher, use upgrade instead of install next time.08:50
ograwe should really have a factoid explaining phased updates ...08:51
InteloI removed /etc/postgresql and reinstalled it but now it doesn't goes up. How can i fix?08:51
ravageor apt could et least mention the reason why packages are held back08:52
ograthat too08:52
InteloActive: active (exited)08:53
ravageIntelo, check the log output for that service08:53
InteloSep 12 11:48:27 3400g systemd[1]: Starting PostgreSQL RDBMS...08:54
InteloSep 12 11:48:27 3400g systemd[1]: Finished PostgreSQL RDBMS.08:54
Intelook checking08:54
ravagealso a reinstall does not always work without a porper purge of all files08:55
Intelocould not bind IPv4 address "": Address already in use08:57
Intelo lock file "/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432.lock" alread08:57
Inteloravage any clues?08:58
ldericherravage, so the packages are "held back" as long as they're not stable enough?08:58
ravageldericher, yes08:59
ravageIntelo, did you try to reboot the server? looks like there is already a running instance of that database09:00
=== pascalm1 is now known as pascalm
ravageactive (exited) seems to be normal09:00
ravagei testes it on a fresh 22.04 container09:00
ravageok. waiting for him to come back :P09:01
ldericherravage, thanks :)09:02
InteloI removed and reinstalled postgresql. No I do not have a directory named /etc/postgresql/<number> . It was there before. Actually i deleted the 'postgresql' dir first but now after reinstall, its not being created and pg isn't runign09:11
ravageIntelo, what does "sudo systemctl status postgresql@13-main.service" output09:14
InteloI guess I should have 14. (also had 12 but not 13)09:15
ravagethen try 1409:15
Inteloravage funny https://pastebin.mozilla.org/1nhpPWuL09:19
ravageIntelo, do you need the database contents?09:19
ravageor do you have a backup?09:20
Intelodb is not an issue09:20
ravagethen remove all installed postgres packages with --purge09:20
Intelosudo apt purge postgresql-14 postgresql ?09:21
ravageone moment. i have to look up how you find old config files of removed packages09:21
ravagedo the autoremove first09:21
ravage'sudo apt autoremove'09:22
Intelonow which one I install? postgresql or postgresql14?09:22
ravagedoes "sudo dpkg -l | grep '^rc' | awk '{print $2}'" show any postgres stuff?09:23
ravagethen try "sudo apt install postgresql-14 postgresql-client-14 postgresql-client-common postgresql-common"09:24
Inteloall already installed09:24
Intelobut /etc/postgresql/<here> does not exists09:24
ravagetry it with --reinstall09:25
ravage"sudo apt purge postgresql-14 postgresql-client-14 postgresql-client-common postgresql-common"09:26
ravagethen install again09:26
Intelowhat next>>?09:27
Inteloit purged09:27
ravagedo the install command09:27
Inteloravage postgesql-common dir was created but other thigns same09:30
ravage"sudo mkdir /etc/postgresql/14; sudo pg_createcluster 14 main"09:31
Inteloisn't it Configuring already existing cluster (configuration: /etc/postgresql/14/main, data: /var/lib/postgresql/14/main, owner: 124:135)09:32
InteloError: move_conffile: required configuration file /var/lib/postgresql/14/main/postgresql.conf does not exist09:32
ravagetry option B here09:33
Inteloravage seems working. checking09:40
CmccrorieHey I need some help please, on Ubuntu 20.04 I was able to run: "/usr/bin/localectl set-keymap gb" to set the keyboard to UK layout. However, I am trying to set this now on Ubuntu 22.04 and when I run that I now get the error: "Failed to set keymap: Keymap gb is not installed.". Can anyone help? Am I missing a package that I need to install for the UK layout?09:41
cbreakCmccrorie: does dpkg-reconfigure locales help?09:45
Inteloravage thank you! now only left with https://pastebin.mozilla.org/26oxmZWV09:48
ravageIntelo, https://tecadmin.net/postgresql-allow-remote-connections/09:51
Cmccroriecbreak,unfortunately not. that would have been useful for set-locale and at the moment I have that working. It is the set-keymap that does not seem to be working now on Ubuntu 22.04.09:53
ravageCmccrorie, is this a desktop system?09:56
CmccrorieIt is running on a Ubuntu 22.04 VM image.09:57
Cmccrorieravege this one to be exact - http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/minimal/releases arch=amd64 release=jammy09:58
ravageso you do not have a GUI09:58
ravagedoes "loadkeys gb" work?09:59
ravagehttps://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/all/console-data/filelist console-data should include all keymaps10:02
ograshouldnt you just edit /etc/default/keyboard ?10:02
oerhekssudo localectl set-keymap gb10:03
ograor "dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" to get the interactive kbd configuration10:03
Cmccrorieravege,the loadkey command does not work. And I will take a look at etc/default/keyboard. However, I am trying to work this out as a command such as that worked with Ubuntu 20.04 so that I can then automate this process.10:04
sakhdhi guys. I have bluetooth headphones connected to my notebook with ubuntu. Is it possible to record every sound in one file? For example, I connect to some webinar and I want to record what I'm saying and what people saying10:09
ForzaHi. I have an odd issue. I am trying to run a shell script as a systemd service, but it is partly failing and I can't understand why. The shell script runs rsync --password-file=/opt/rsync/rsyncpw10:11
ravagesakhd, https://www.maketecheasier.com/record-system-sound-linux/10:12
ForzaWhen I run the shell script manually it works fine but when I run systemctl start myservice.service it runs the shell script, but rsync gives the warning "@ERROR: auth failed on module c-disk"10:12
ForzaAny idea?10:13
ravageForza, wrong permissions to the password file?10:13
Forzaravage: no. I checked this and it is 0600 on rsync user. If I change it to something else, rsync says it has wrong permissions10:14
sakhdravage, it record either from mic or from system :(10:14
ravagesakhd, you should be able to record a monitor source10:15
ForzaOh when I do sudo -u rsyncuser script.sh I get the same error10:15
ForzaMaybe some environment issue?10:15
dabbler_sakhd, you could merge two audio files into one using audacity10:15
sakhdyou mean i can record mic and system simultaneously?10:16
dabbler_Yeah, as a fallback to consider10:16
kkkssfIs there an official firefox deb package repository from mozilla for ubuntu 22.04?10:17
ravagesakhd, https://gist.github.com/varqox/c1a5d93d4d685ded539598676f550be8 for example10:17
ravagekkkssf, no10:17
ForzaHm so I do sudo -u rsyncuser bash, then run the script, I still get the same error. But why? Cat /opt/rsync/rsyncpw works, so it is readable as it should10:18
sakhdravage, thank you. is there a simpler solution? :)10:19
ForzaHm. Could it be that rsync server is checking the user who connects, and not just the password?10:21
ravagesakhd, it may be easier with Pipewire. it has some nice GUIs like https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pipewire/helvum but never tried it10:21
ravageForza, the password file usualls has the user: user:password10:22
oerhekskkkssf, https://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2022/04/install-firefox-deb-ubuntu-22-04/ gives a ppa, but is way behind. unless you use the ESR package10:23
ravageor you can connect with user@remotehost10:23
ograkkkssf, there is also no guarantee this PPA stays around (in which case it would just silently stop providing (security) updates) ...10:24
oerheksalso ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next is out of date10:25
ravageoerheks, the answer is still just no here really :)10:25
oerheksthere are many blogs that give these solutions, just saying they are EOL10:26
Forzaravage: didn't help.10:26
dabbler_I'm having a problem using grub-install, described here: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/31H36jWX. Help much appreciated!10:28
Forzaravage: https://dpaste.com/EZDQX94NE10:31
ForzaVery bizzare. I think then I need to make systemd to run the shell script as root user, but it doesn't help adding user=root in the. service file10:32
ForzaMaybe I should install cronie or something like that10:32
HabbieForza, can you pastebin 'namei -l /opt/maskindata/rsyncpw'10:35
ForzaHabbie: https://dpaste.com/68R6MYE4W10:43
ForzaI think it must be that the rsync server expects user "root"10:44
ForzaBut even when I run the service as root, it still doesn't work through systemd, only when running from the shell10:47
ravagethe user you run the command with does not matter at all10:48
ravageyou have to authenticate to the rsyncd with the right credentials10:48
ForzaI think I solved it10:48
ForzaI had to do #!/bin/bash -l10:49
ForzaIn the script.sh that systemd service calls10:49
ForzaSo a login shell. Maybe without rsync can't see what user it runs at? odd anyway10:49
ForzaStill only works as root and not user10:49
ForzaHello Guest349310:52
Guest3493whats is this chat about?10:53
ravage!chat | Guest349310:54
ubottuGuest3493: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:54
Forzaravage: seems on the rsync server the passwd file has root:password, but can I use the same even if the client is running as another user?10:54
ravageForza, yes10:54
Forzaravage: seems not. If I use root:password in the --password-file then it doesn't work, even as root. So maybe there is something else I am missing10:55
ravagedo you connect with root@remotehost ?10:56
shibahi there10:57
Forzaravage: no, just rsync://host/module/path10:57
dabbler_Anyone get a chance to read my problem description in that pastebin above?10:58
dabbler_shiba: hello10:58
Forzaravage: ahh. That was the issue. Rsync://root@remote/.,....11:00
Forzaravage: working now. Thank you!11:00
* ravage 40 minutes ago: "or you can connect with user@remotehost"11:01
ravagebut im glad you found out now11:02
Forzaravage: sorry, I missed that11:02
ForzaI am grateful for your help11:02
Payam__by some reason my ubuntu 20.04 randomly reboots itself.11:03
Payam__Not really know what the problem is.11:03
dabbler_Payam__: have you done a memtest?11:03
Payam__How do I do that?11:04
dabbler_I'd search "Ubuntu test ram" or similar11:04
dabbler_Could also happen if CPU overheats11:05
ravagePayam__, but https://www.memtest.org/download/v6.00b3/mt86plus_6.00b3_64.iso.zip on a USB drive and boot it11:05
dabbler_Though I think it usually stays off in that case11:05
ravagehttps://www.memtest.org/ see FAQ11:05
Payam__I don't see the grub whan the computer boots up11:06
Payam__it does right to log in page11:06
Payam__dabbler_, I have a conky on and temperature is fine.11:06
dabbler_Does it show GPU temp too?11:07
Payam__no but I can try to print that out too11:07
ravageyou can also check the systemlogs before the reboot11:08
ravagemaybe they show something11:08
ravage"journalctl -b1" should show the right boot11:09
ravagethat looks like your current boot11:10
ravagetry b2 maybe11:10
ravagejournalctl --list-boots11:11
ravageshows them all11:11
ravageso it was up for 4 days?11:12
Payam__could be11:12
sakhdravage, Kazam is the best solution. It can record both mic and system sound. But it will also record video. Anyway, it is the easiest way11:13
ravagesakhd, great :)11:13
ravagePayam__, i would do the memtest and see if that shows anything11:13
dabbler_ravage, would you mind taking a look at this? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/31H36jWX11:16
ravagedabbler_, i did. cant really help with that11:16
dabbler_Ah ok. Thanks11:16
dabbler_Hopefully someone gets back to me in #grub11:16
ravageyou could try "strace -e file grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot" for example11:17
ravageor just your grub-install command11:18
ravagemaybe the strace can give you mor information on which file does not exist11:18
ravageit will be a lot of information. so prepare for some deep look into that logfile11:19
dabbler_Oh yeah, that's what it's called. Vaguely remembered there was a way to see file access11:20
dabbler_I'll try that, but first… does it make sense to you that booting my system using manual grub commands and booting to installation "disc" then mounting my partitions should be equivalent as long as the target, boot-directory, and efi-directory arguments to grub-install get prepended appropriately?11:22
ravageif you can get the system to boot manually sure11:22
ravageyou may get better results11:23
dabbler_I tried that following the instructions in that AskUbuntu answer, but for some reason it acted like my boot partition didn't contain a grub directory, so I couldn't proceed that way. Mounted from USB installer the directory is right there, though11:24
dabbler_I'll try again before trying strace11:24
ravagei think if that happened to me i would just wipe the drive and install fresh11:25
ravagethen restore my backup :)11:25
dabbler_Well, this is my first installation of Linux on this MacBook, so I don't have any backup images of the boot and EFI partitions :(11:26
dabbler_I wish the installer had detected it was a Mac and warned me more work would be needed before it wiped out my macos installation11:27
dabbler_The installer won't result in a bootable machine out of the box11:28
ravagewell. blame apple for not providing information to the open source community11:28
ravagebut there are guides so install Ubuntu/Linux on apple hardware and specific models11:30
ravagei just never bothererd to look into it. never had such hardware ever11:30
dabbler_It's not really a lack of info. It's that Apple's unique EFI requires the ESP to use an HFS+ filesystem and be "blessed" (whitelisting using an apple tool) before it'll show up as an available boot device11:31
dabbler_The installer could use HFS+ for the ESP on macs but doesn't11:32
dabbler_And it seems there used to be someone's PPA that had a port of the bless tool, but it's 404 now11:33
ravageyou can create that partition during the installation process11:33
ravageyou just have to do the manual partition layout11:34
dabbler_It doesn't offer HFS+ as a filesystem option11:34
nikolamWhy sometimes I see network interface name changes.. ?? Like I have nice, fine, Netplan settings, with network metric for 2 wired LAN adapters, and suddenly one of them stopped working , because Linux started calling it another name..11:35
dabbler_I didn't try apt installing hfsprogs before getting to that stage of the installer but I kinda doubt it'd help11:35
=== solsTiCe0 is now known as solsTiCe
nikolamIt happened from time to time before and happened also today.. So I needed to change my settings in netplan to name network interface, that changed it's name like by itself..11:35
nikolamWhy network interface name even ghanges ?11:36
nikolamlike from  enp3s0 and  netplan-enp3s0 to enp4s011:37
ravagenikolam, there should be no changes on real hardware. it may happen on VMs after changes to the hardware configuration11:37
cbreaknikolam: changes in the pci addresses / drivers11:37
ravagedabbler_, https://randomtutor.blogspot.com/2013/02/installing-ubuntu-on-retina-macbook-pro.html did you check out Refind in general?11:41
ravageas i said i have no experience with Macs at all. but that seems to be the way to boot linux on those things11:41
ravagemaybe it got easier over the years. but xou would have to check for instructions on your specific model11:42
dabbler_ravage, yeah, grub claims there's not even a 'boot' directory in the boot partition, which is bs. When mounted using the installer ISO, the directory is right there. And it's definitely the same filesystem based on what grub's ls of it shows11:45
dabbler_It's not in lvm or encrypted or anything. Just a plain old ext411:45
dabbler_Using refind is an option but it's supposedly not necessary anymore. And at least one guide writer recommends sticking with Apple's EFI, which I'd rather do since I'm not sure I could easily restore it if I wanted to11:47
dabbler_There must be a tool to write to the firmware (since refind has to do that), but I don't know where I'd get a copy of the original EFI. Unless that same tool will back it up first. Hmm… I'll look into refind while I wait on #grub11:51
nikolamcbreak, ravage yes, real hardware HP 600 G1 i5 457011:57
dabbler_oxfuxxx: sup. Taking a break from the oxen? :P12:02
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nunyadouble clicking on a .sh file  or executable .txt to run as a program doesn't work in Ubuntu 22.04. How do I get that function back? I am able to right click and get a context menu option to run as program but not double click.12:23
thesyldatClient: HexChat 2.16.0 • OS: Ubuntu "jammy" 22.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (2,60GHz) • Memory: Physical: 7,5 Gio Total (5,3 Gio Free) Swap: 2,0 Gio Total (2,0 Gio Free) • Storage: 145,1 Go / 1,2 To (1,1 To Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation HD Graphics 530 @ Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor Host Bridg12:28
thesyldate/DRAM Registers • Uptime: 2h 38m 18s12:28
thesyldatHowdy everyone12:34
lotuspsychjewelcome thesyldat12:35
thesyldatI'm fiddlin' with Hexchat trying to setup my colours the right way12:36
lotuspsychje!discuss | thesyldat to chitchat12:37
ubottuthesyldat to chitchat: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!12:37
thesyldatoops sorry12:38
lotuspsychjenunya: maybe one of the nautilus addons from the repos12:43
nunyalotuspsychje:I use thunar. I don't like nautilus.12:46
lotuspsychjeare you using anither ubuntu flavour nunya ?12:47
nunyalotuspsychje:where would I get those addons any way?12:47
lotuspsychjenunya: apt-cache search nautilus12:47
nunyalotuspsychje:I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 I added thunar because I like it better12:47
lotuspsychjenunya: nautilus-admin for example might be your case12:48
LacrymologyHi. I've just rebooted after a dist upgrade, there seems to be some bios problem now, my laptop screen isn't recognized, I'm stuck at 640x480, and there's no WiFi13:05
LacrymologyI'm on the phone here and pretty desperate13:05
eliyahutbrcan someone help me sort what i'm sure is an easy upgrade issue13:06
eliyahutbri have one package that won't upgrade13:06
leftyfbLacrymology: try reverting to the previous kernel13:08
LacrymologyLeftyfb how tho13:09
oerhekshi eliyahutbr, i just found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1341276/no-dell-linux-assistant-program-upgrade  with a link to https://launchpad.net/~somerville-dla-team/+archive/ubuntu/ppa?field.series_filter=focal13:10
oerheksit seems obsolete?13:10
leftyfbLacrymology: https://www.howtogeek.com/740797/how-to-roll-back-the-kernel-in-linux/13:13
LacrymologyThis very much looks like Ubuntu tried to patch the firmware and failed13:14
leftyfbLacrymology: ubuntu does not try to "patch firmware" as part of dist-upgrade13:15
LacrymologyThen there's something wrong since before and I've never noticed. I'll show you in a minute13:16
LacrymologyI found that it'd left some old kernels around and was able to boot, thanks13:17
LacrymologyI just wasn't sure how do access the grub menu13:17
leftyfbLacrymology: the issue was more likely due to your latest kernel not pulling down the modules package13:17
lacrymologyokay, I'm in from the computer now, there's a lot of packages that need updating, so with any luck that'll.. help?13:19
leftyfblacrymology:  the issue was more likely due to your latest kernel not pulling down the modules package13:19
leftyfblacrymology: what release of ubuntu are you running?13:20
lacrymologyleftyfb: 22.04 after upgrade13:21
leftyfblacrymology: apt list --installed |grep ^linux | nc termbin.com 999913:22
lacrymologyleftyfb: I think no output13:23
lacrymologyI mean, there's.. a bunch of things, like it tried to walk through my home?13:23
leftyfblacrymology: it should have spit out a URL for uou13:23
eliyahutbrthanks @oerhek13:24
eliyahutbrthanks @oerheks13:24
leftyfblacrymology: you might not have typed it correctly13:24
lacrymologyleftyfb: the ^ did something in my shell, I quoted it13:24
leftyfblacrymology: the command I gave doesn't have quotes13:25
lacrymologyleftyfb: I had to quote the `^`13:25
leftyfblacrymology: cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 999913:27
Guest62Hi, I can't do a distupgrade to 22.04 LTS because my /boot is too small. My boot is 700MB and I only have a single kernel (also compressed) already. I don't see how I can reduce disk usage even more. Why does it need 580MB in /boot to do a distupgrade13:28
lacrymologyleftyfb: https://termbin.com/gr2x13:29
tomreynGuest62: because it needs to place at least one more kernel image there during the upgrade. but you can change the compression type, or include less modules, that can work around this issue.13:30
leftyfblacrymology: you should remove --purge linux-generic-hwe-20.0413:31
leftyfblacrymology: sudo apt remove --purge --autoremove linux-generic-hwe-20.0413:31
Guest62tomreyn: Including less modules requires me to build my own kernel, right?13:32
tomreynGuest62: echo 'COMPRESS=xz' | sudo tee -a /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/compress >/dev/null && sudo update-initramfs -ck all13:32
lacrymologyleftyfb: thanks. Why? Or rather why didn't it happen by itself? I mean, not important, just weird13:32
lacrymologyI'll do it after the system finishes updating packages13:33
leftyfblacrymology: why? because it's a package meant for 20.04. Why didn't it get removed as part of the upgrade? I don't know13:33
lacrymologyI think it might have been interrupted, or worked weirdly because I left it unattended and didn't realize it was asking for my input on a couple things13:34
lacrymologythanks for the tips13:34
Guest62tomreyn: That bought me 60MB, still not enough, I need 50MB more unfortunately13:35
tomreynGuest62: including less modules can be done with     echo 'MODULES=dep'  | sudo tee -a /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/compress >/dev/null && sudo update-initramfs -ck all13:36
tomreynGuest62: but this can result in building an initrd which you cannot boot from.13:36
Guest62tomreyn: Alright thank you, I'll have to read up to find out if I can do that safely then, thank you for the help!13:37
tomreynGuest62: do you actually need a separate /boot file system, though?13:40
Guest62tomreyn: I am not sure really. It appears that switching to "xz" was enough for the installer to go through. I don't quite get why but fingers crossed I can boot after hah13:41
ograbeause you also change the size requirement of the future kernel when switching compression to xz and the installer computes the new size of teh furture initrd too13:44
Guest62I assumed it was something like that, thanks for confirming. Glad the combination did the trick, didn't expect lz4/xz to have such drastic size differences13:45
ogralong term you should resize your partitoning though ... initrd's sadly tend to grow ... bigger firmware blobs, new/bigger modules etc13:46
tomreynor move /boot to your root file system - if that's possible.13:47
Guest62I'll look into it. I'm surprised a 700MB /boot is considered too small.13:47
ufukdebian ubuntu centos13:47
oerheksThis is why i like ubuntu, install in one partition standard13:48
ufukkali linux13:48
ufuki have13:48
tomreynufuk: please stop13:48
ufukyes yes13:48
oerheksufuk, hi, this is not the trivia channel13:48
tomreynufuk: this channel is for ubuntu support questions only.13:48
ufukIf it's not a triva channel, it's a sex channel, right?13:49
ufukI have a little question about ubuntu13:49
ravagedabbler_, whats the status? EriC^^ usually has some EFI knowledge. But i dont know how busy he is :)13:56
ravage(and how much that helps with strange apple hardware :()13:57
EriC^^what's up ravage dabbler_ ?13:58
ravagegrub on a mac. basic install does not boot. from a live USB he gets this: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/31H36jWX13:59
ravagebut maybe wait if he is still around :)14:00
EriC^^first off i think he should chroot, seems he's doing stuff from outside (/media/root/blabla)14:01
EriC^^alright :)14:01
EriC^^reading the guide currently14:02
dabbler_EriC^^: hi!14:24
dabbler_I think there's at least one omission in the instructions in that AskUbuntu answer: after creating the HFS+ filesystem, they don't mount it before trying to put things in it14:25
dabbler_(I did)14:26
dabbler_I tried chrooting, but I've never done it before so didn't have much success. I didn't get very far14:26
dabbler_I thought it might not be necessary given given those arguments to grub-install14:27
EriC^^dabbler_: it seems in the guide they used the live usb to boot the actual install from grub14:28
EriC^^try restarting, press "c" in grub to get a grub> shell and follow the instructions to boot the install14:28
dabbler_Yeah, I tried following that initially, but grub ls acts like my /boot partition doesn't contain a dir called boot, even though it's there when mounted14:30
dabbler_And i definitely have the right partition14:30
EriC^^dabbler_: can you be there and here at the same time?14:30
EriC^^grub shell and irc14:30
dabbler_Based on its unique size and creation timestamp14:30
dabbler_Yeah, I'm IRCing from my phone14:30
EriC^^ok, boot into the grub shell, let me know when you're there14:32
dabbler_I'm there14:32
dabbler_My boot partition is (hd2,gpt2)14:33
EriC^^dabbler_: what does "ls (hd2,gpt2)" give?14:33
EriC^^sorry "ls (hd2,gpt2)/"14:33
EriC^^i just want to know if that's the root fs or a literal /boot partition14:34
EriC^^also does it contain a "grub" dir?14:34
dabbler_Shit, why didn't I try that lol14:34
dabbler_It contains kernels, efi/, and grub/14:35
dabbler_Plus ramdisk stuff14:35
EriC^^ok, type "cat (hd2,gpt2)/boot/grub/grub.cfg"14:35
EriC^^does that file exist?14:35
dabbler_There's no boot/14:36
EriC^^my bad, (hd2,gpt2)/grub/grub.cfg14:36
dabbler_Yep, it's there14:37
EriC^^ok, type "configfile (hd2,gpt2)/grub/grub.cfg"14:37
dabbler_Sweet, lots of action. Asking me to decrypt my LVM now14:38
dabbler_Cool, proceeding14:38
EriC^^ok, that should give you the install's grub, choosing ubuntu there should boot it up and then we continue14:38
dabbler_Nice. I'm at the login prompt. It's just standard Ubuntu server at this point, btw. No desktop env yet14:39
Windyam i correct in my understanding that ufw is off by default in desktop 22.04?  seems like a strnage decision14:40
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, you ran sudo apt-get install mactel-boot hfsprogs gdisk grub-efi-amd64 correct?14:40
dabbler_Yes, but mactel-boot gives 40414:40
ravageWindy, there is no firewall enabled because default installation does not expose anything really14:40
Windyravage: i see. seems like it wouldn't be an issue for it to be enabled by default then either14:41
EriC^^dabbler_: hmm that's an issue14:41
EriC^^dabbler_: what does 'which hfs-bless' give?14:41
dabbler_No output. Just newline14:42
Windybeen a while since i've installed ubuntu with a gui.  is xfce still a good choice for a lightweight wm?14:42
ravageWindy, yes14:43
dabbler_EriC^^: no suggested packages if I try to invoke such a binary either14:44
EriC^^dabbler_: try giving it another go, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:detly/mactel-utils14:44
Windynice.  just got this xps 13 9350.  it's a few years old, but all hardware appears to be 100% out of the box, so that's cool14:44
EriC^^which ubuntu version is this btw?14:44
EriC^^dabbler_: ^14:44
ravageEriC^^, i see no jammy builds there14:45
EriC^^yeah so old14:45
EriC^^i wonder if it matters though, all it does is some magic to the efi file to 'bless it'14:45
EriC^^or maybe booting an old xenial live usb an doing it from there?14:46
lotuspsychjedabbler_: wich mac is this?14:46
ravagedoes it have a lot of dependencies?14:47
dabbler_How many versions back is the most recent?14:47
dabbler_lotuspsychje: mid-2012 pro14:47
lotuspsychjedabbler_: i installed a lot of 18.04 & 20.04 on macs working like a charm14:47
EriC^^seems the files are here, ravage latest is zesty14:47
dabbler_ lotuspsychje  So time for a second life :)14:48
EriC^^hmm xenial it seems14:48
ravagelatest mactel-boot is for xenial14:48
dabbler_Can that be temporarily force installed without causing all kinds of hell for the rest of the system?14:48
tomreyngrub-common: /usr/sbin/grub-macbless      https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man8/grub-macbless.8.html14:49
ravageoh that looks nice tomreyn :D14:49
tomreyni'm not sure it's the right tool. but it sounds like it could be14:50
EriC^^nice one tomreyn!14:50
dabbler_Sure does. And it's installed14:50
dabbler_"mac-style bless on HFS or HFS+"14:51
EriC^^dabbler_: type 'sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda | nc termbin.com 9999'  or sdb if that's the disks anem14:51
EriC^^it should give a link to the paste, share it here please14:51
ravagei love "A true mystery!" there :D14:53
dabbler_Haha 😁14:53
dabbler_I'm so glad someone besides myself will ever get to see ut14:53
EriC^^dabbler_: type 'sudo blkid /dev/sda1'14:54
EriC^^does it saw vfat or hfs ?14:54
dabbler_The latter. I got that far14:54
dabbler_Just no farther haha14:55
EriC^^ok so you formatted14:55
dabbler_After that grub-install gave me that error14:55
EriC^^did you add it to etc/fstab ?14:55
dabbler_I think so. Lemme check14:55
EriC^^see if the uuid's match and in fstab you should use /boot/efi auto14:56
dabbler_Yes. The UUID matches14:56
dabbler_and it uses 'auto' as type14:56
EriC^^ok sounds good14:56
EriC^^just as a sanity check, try 'df -h /boot/efi' it mentions /boot/efi as a mountpoint right?14:56
EriC^^(not "/")14:57
EriC^^or something14:57
dabbler_Interesting. Only one fs listed: /boot14:58
EriC^^hmm, try 'sudo mount /boot/efi'14:58
dabbler_Ah. The problem is the fstab line isn't formatted right. Another flaw in that guide14:59
dabbler_DEVNAME=/dev/sda1 UUID=…14:59
dabbler_Make it /dev/disk/by-uuid/… ?15:00
dabbler_Mounted and appears in df -h now15:02
EriC^^sorry back15:02
EriC^^can you share 'cat /etc/fstab | nc termbin.com 9999' ?15:02
EriC^^ok looks good15:04
EriC^^hmm try 'ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 9999'15:04
EriC^^dabbler_: type "sudo cp /boot/efi/{mach_kernel,ubuntu}"15:07
EriC^^dabbler_: type "sudo cp /boot/efi/mach_kernel /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu"15:08
EriC^^you might need to do /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu15:08
dabbler_Should there be a trailing slash on ubuntu? Or you want it to be a file named that?15:11
dabbler_There's already an ubuntu dir there15:11
EriC^^no it should end up copying the file ubuntu/mach_kernel15:11
dabbler_Look right? http://termbin.com/06dv15:12
EriC^^yup, great15:13
=== Scotty_Trees2 is now known as Scotty_Trees
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, give "sudo grub-install" a go15:13
dabbler_Yay! Installed with no errors15:14
dabbler_Time to bless?15:14
EriC^^yes sir15:14
dabbler_Which file gets it, again?15:15
dabbler_Try restarting holding opt?15:17
EriC^^yeah sounds good give it a go15:19
EriC^^not sure what you mean about holding opt though15:19
ravagei think its the boot key on a mac15:20
=== jjjavah0lic is now known as jjavaholic
EriC^^aha, i think it should work without that15:20
dabbler_Damn. It's only showing me internet recovery15:21
EriC^^dabbler_: it might have a slight delay to boot, few secs you can get rid of it once it boots though15:21
EriC^^try to access the boot menu and see if ubuntu si there15:21
dabbler_The boot menu?15:22
EriC^^i think you hold down the option key while turning it on?15:23
ravagei think that is what he just did? :)15:23
dabbler_Yeah, I did that. It's not showing any partitions. Just the USB if I have it in, and then after a delay, internet recovery15:24
EriC^^haha yeah, i just noticed xD15:24
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, use the live usb again to get grub>, then "configfile (hd2,gpt2)/grub/grub.cfg"15:24
dabbler_I think the guide had something about creating a plist file within that system/CoreServices dungeon15:24
dabbler_Ok, booted to USB. Boot from next volume doesn't work. Should it?15:25
EriC^^i dont think so, maybe cause of the encryption15:26
dabbler_On my first attempt it gave me an error about not finding a /boot, but this time I'm stuck on a black screen with just an underscore cursor in the upper left15:30
dabbler_The kernel is outside the encryption, though. Is that not enough to boot to it?15:30
EriC^^dabbler_: no idea15:30
EriC^^i'd just press 'c' get grub, type 'configfile (hd2,gpt2)/grub/grub.cfg'15:31
dabbler_Ok. Oh, right. I'm going to grub15:31
EriC^^easy enough gets the job done15:31
dabbler_Ok, I'm logged in15:33
EriC^^dabbler_: type 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999'15:34
dabbler_Should /System/… go in the root of the /boot/efi fs?15:37
EriC^^dabbler_: hmm, what does 'sudo blkid /dev/sda1' give for the PARTUUID ?15:37
EriC^^is it 322c90d1-8ff1-4285-9d55-62f914e9cd6c ?15:37
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, let's do 2 stuff, we'll try to bless it using the blesser, and try to make out own entry15:39
dabbler_Oh, I did label the HFS+ fs "ESP" instead of the "ubuntu" it said in the instructions. Does that matter?15:39
EriC^^dabbler_: type 'wget -O /tmp/bless.deb https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/detly/mactel-utils/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mactel-boot/mactel-boot_0.9-1~xenial_amd64.deb"15:39
cbreakdabbler_: usually, efi partitions are FAT32 or similar15:40
ravagenot on a mac :)15:41
EriC^^dabbler_: no it doesnt matter15:41
cbreak... on any uefi compliant system...15:41
dabbler_cbreak: Apple's EFI is "special"15:41
cbreakI think it's also fat32 on my macs, but they're also special15:41
KrakenHunterWillis the dpkg database a database of installed applications? from deb files and apt-get?15:42
dabbler_You might be using refind or another modded efi15:42
cbreakopencore works well15:42
cbreakrefind works with real macs too, although I've only helped someone else use that once and didn't use it myself15:42
dabbler_EriC^^: Is there any handy way to take text from the web into my terminal? A sort of reverse the reverse of nc termbin.com?15:42
dabbler_If not, I'll manage15:43
ograwget piped to html2text15:43
cbreakI wonder why ubuntu still sticks with grub15:43
ograwget -O- -q https://www.ubuntu.com | html2text15:43
ogralike that15:43
EriC^^dabbler_: are you trying to take the link i sent you?15:44
ogracbreak, it supports more hardware15:44
ogra(along with more amd64 including a lot of arm64 too)15:44
cbreakYeah, I guess uefi is more an intel architecture thing15:45
EriC^^dabbler_: you can use $(wget -qO- https://termbin.com/ivft) instead15:45
EriC^^i pasted the link using termbin15:46
EriC^^wget -O /tmp/bless.dpkg $(wget -qO- https://termbin.com/ivft)15:46
lotuspsychjewanna join #ubuntu-discuss cbreak ?15:47
cbreakI keep leaving because nothing's going on there... then something starts going on...15:47
dabbler_EriC^^: oh good. Thanks. I used pastebin but it's html and my grep is too rusty15:49
dabbler_Sweet. Got it DLed15:50
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, type "mkdir /tmp/bless"15:51
EriC^^then "dpkg -x /tmp/bless.deb /tmp/bless"15:52
ravage(dpkg -i works btw without dependencie issues)15:53
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, seems to have a 'share' .plist thing so let's just copy it to where it thinks it should be15:53
EriC^^aha thanks rava15:53
EriC^^dabbler_: run 'sudo dpkg -i /tmp/bless.deb'15:53
EriC^^dabbler_: try sudo hfs-bless /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi15:55
tomreynKrakenHunterWill: apt-get uses dpkg internally, you could call it a wrapper around dpkg. i think the 'dpkg database' really just consists of files /var/lib/dpkg/status and /var/lib/dpkg/available15:56
dabbler_EriC^^: done15:56
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, you're sure btw you formatted as hfs plus and not hfs right? in case that matters15:57
cbreakI don't think old HFS still exists anywhere15:57
cbreakif I remember correctly, HFS+ came out with MacOS 8 or 915:57
dabbler_Pretty sure, unless I slipped up15:57
EriC^^yeah but ubuntu package might have it15:57
EriC^^dabbler_: let's try to add our own entry, just in case15:58
tomreynKrakenHunterWill: see the "FILES" section in https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man1/dpkg.1.html15:58
KrakenHunterWilltomreyn thanks a lot!!!!!!15:58
tomreynyou're welcome15:58
dabbler_EriC^^: ok. Should we confirm it's HFS+ with hfsprogs somehow?15:59
ravage"mount" should show the filesystem on /boot15:59
dabbler_Ok. Verified with fsck.hfs15:59
dabbler_Non-journaled, but says plus16:00
EriC^^dabbler_: sudo efibootmgr -c -w -l \\EFI\\ubuntu\\System\\Library\\CoreServices\\boot.efi -L "ubuntu2204" -p 1 -d /dev/sda16:00
dabbler_EriC^^: ok. It appears at the bottom of the output16:01
EriC^^dabbler_: ok, how's "sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999' looking now?16:02
dabbler_I'll have to remember that termbin usage. That's great16:03
EriC^^ok it looks good, first in boot order16:03
EriC^^dabbler_: try restarting16:03
dabbler_ EriC^^ Success!16:04
EriC^^dabbler_: great!16:04
EriC^^any boot delay?16:05
ravagedo you see both ubuntu's on the menu or only the 2204?16:05
lotuspsychje!cookie | EriC^^16:05
ubottuEriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!16:05
dabbler_EriC^^: no delay at all16:06
dabbler_ravage: I don't get a menu16:06
ravageeven better :)16:06
lotuspsychjedabbler_: if you encounter bugs on it, please file them, thats gonna be super useful for the community16:06
ravagegetting that to work on the default installer will require a lot of work an detection of hardware i think16:07
EriC^^dabbler_: if you want run 'sudo efibootmgr -B -b 0000' to remove the other entry16:08
dabbler_Somewhere in one of the guides I read it mentioned that mac EFI can be detected fairly easily, IIRC. That's probably a pretty good way to do it16:08
ograravage, well, since we are about to get a brandnew installer it might surely make sense to hav that stuff in the new one 😉16:09
ravageogra, isnt the server installer of 22.04 already the "new one" `16:09
cbreakubuntu's creating a new installer? I hope it offers proper ZFS16:09
cbreakand not the weird zsys layout it does now16:09
lotuspsychjethere's a test snap on the new installer now right ogra ?16:10
dabbler_EriC^^: good idea. Thx16:10
ogralotuspsychje, there are even isos (since a year or so)16:10
dabbler_I guess ideally the installer would check whether it's a Mac. If it is, check whether the EFI is the stock Apple one. If so, use HFS+ instead of vfat for /boot/efi, then bless that file after grub-install.16:12
dabbler_Checking the EFI because many users may have already put another EFI on16:12
dabbler_And if they have one that supports the fat32 standard, might as well use it16:13
cbreakdabbler_: if there's already an efi partition, why bother changing the filesystem on it?16:13
EriC^^it seems grub-install was bit buggy, it really botched the uefi entry, fwiw16:13
ravagetesting https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-canary/20220912/kinetic-desktop-canary-amd64.iso now :)16:14
dabbler_cbreak: Oh, true. I'm assuming it's starting from a blank partition table16:14
dabbler_It's not Mac specific, but another thing I did wrong at first that the installer didn't say anything about was I was putting /boot within LVM. A warning that the system won't boot like that without additional work would be nice16:16
cbreakit's probably slightly off topic here, but I put / and /boot onto the same filesystem16:17
cbreakhaving it separate is annoying. (and has other problems too)16:17
ravagewith grub you need the kernel unencrypted16:17
ravageso thats not an option then16:17
cbreakhmm..., grub, right16:18
dabbler_Your nemesis16:18
cbreak(I use zbm...)16:18
cbreakI think it's possible to put the kernels onto the efi partition, but that's probably annoying to set up.16:18
dabbler_EriC^^: interesting. I left a message in #grub earlier asking for help. Should I follow up on it letting them know that was the conclusion?16:19
EriC^^dabbler_: as you wish, i doubt that it'll enter some bug report though16:20
EriC^^worth sharing nevertheless i guess16:21
dabbler_Yeah, I guess without steps to reproduce they won't bother. But if they want to ask for more info I'll tell them what little I know16:21
EriC^^sounds good16:21
dabbler_Do we know whether it was the manual grub entry or the older bless that made it work?16:22
EriC^^we can't tell for sure, if you haven't deleted the old entry though you could try booting it from the boot menu if you're curious16:23
cbreakefibootmgr should be able to tell you which entry was used for booting16:23
dabbler_I'll try it. So when I hold option, it should offer an entry that takes me to a grub menu?16:23
cbreakit should show something like BootCurrent: 000216:23
EriC^^i think it was the entry though, the path to file looked so off \System\Library\CoreServices16:24
EriC^^dabbler_: it's 99% the entry, it didnt even have \efi\ubuntu\ before that path16:24
dabbler_I noticed that. Wasn't sure whether the dir was just in the wrong place, though16:25
dabbler_Anyway, apple EFI shows me one item "ubuntu [grub's version string]"16:26
dabbler_Choosing it doesn't give me a grub menu though. It just goes right to scrolling wall of text16:27
cbreakmaybe your grub is not configured to wait16:28
cbreakcheck out the contents of /etc/default/grub16:28
=== joe is now known as Guest9438
cbreakyou can adjust GRUB_TIMEOUT=2 and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu, among other things16:28
dabbler_Is there an option for a splash screen of Tux eating an apple? :P16:30
cbreakI think I saw a way to do that, but it requires recompiling the kernel16:31
cbreakthere are probably ways that don't though16:31
dabbler_I'll have to research it later16:34
ravagedabbler_, ubuntu uses plymouth for the splash screen. https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/customize-boot-splash-screen-logo-linux/16:36
dabbler_ravage: thanks! I'll check it out16:36
ravagemaybe there are better guides. in general you can create your own image or use one of the themes provided16:36
dabbler_EriC^^: so is that boot.efi that we blessed really specific to this Ubuntu installation or is it actually for GRUB (and whatever is accessible through it)?16:36
EriC^^dabbler_: i think it's just for grub, so the mac boots it16:37
EriC^^then it takes over and does the rest specific to the install (uses efi/ubuntu/grub.cfg to set stuff up)16:38
dabbler_EriC^^: ok. I think I'll name it Grub then (using the commands you gave me earlier)16:38
dabbler_Thank you so much for your help16:38
EriC^^no problem16:39
dabbler_ravage: thanks for the referral!16:39
jhutchinsIs there video of the booster post-anamoly?16:39
jhutchinsWHoops, not #space.16:39
ravagedabbler_, :) come back when you have your desktop setup done with hexchat or any other IRC client :)16:40
nualaI'd like to `update/repair-grub`. From live usb: The mounted system partition has a non-empty dev directory. When I `mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev` I got no error but `chroot; update-grub` says "grub-probe error: cannot find a device for /".16:46
dabbler_ravage: will do. Is that a client you'd recommend?16:46
nualaCan I just 'stash it away' `mv dev dev-old` before binding /dev, updating grub, leave chroot, `mv dev-old dev` or would that be a terrible idea?16:47
ravageit is the only one i ever used really. it is a good one :)16:47
ravageif you want a text only client irssi is fine yes16:49
jhutchinsravage: IRC is text only to begin with.16:53
nuala(( weechat seems to offer an integrated buffer and has a sweet fdroid app to. [livesaver when nothing boots anymore :>] ))16:53
ravagethat statement is correct16:53
ravageso it html16:54
jhutchinsInline graphics were added to HTML very early (for in-line math expressions).16:54
jhutchinsravage: Do people really do HTML over irc?16:55
ravagethe code is still html. you just use a client to render it in a nice way16:55
ravageso does my hexchat16:55
=== LabMonkey is now known as Mechanismus
webchat14I have installed 22.04 over 20.04, as an upgrade, as offered.  My problem is that I have an old desktop, probably dating for 12.04 days or certainly 14.04 days.  It seems to me that 22.04 would work best with the Gnome desktop.  When I start up 22.04 I seem to always get a message that it has experienced an internal error, currently the case.17:33
webchat14Can I change my desktop to Gnome, it didn't do that automatically as i thought it might. Richard17:33
lotuspsychjewebchat14: the error window, you can unfold details, can you share whats it about?17:34
kostkon_webchat14, also you could share the output of: echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP17:35
webchat14echo output = Unity: Unity7:Ubuntu17:39
webchat14lotuspsychye: I didn't quite understand your question17:41
lotuspsychjewebchat14: when you get that internal error window, you should be able to view details of that error17:42
webchat14lotuspsychje: Yes, I didn't do that this time around and can't remember previous details.  I did report about three of these instances17:43
lotuspsychjewebchat14: when you reboot, you can reproduce the error probably? then click 'show details'17:44
webchat14lotuspsychje: I can try that but then I'll lose this chat line but I've saved the link so should be able to get back - will that work?  Do you want me to do this now?17:46
ioriawebchat14, cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager17:47
webchat14ioria: I put that into the terminal - no such file ...17:50
ioriawebchat14, ls -al /var/crash/ | nc termbin.com 9999       you'll get an url , paste it here17:51
ograwebchat14, just click the little gear on the login screen and select the ubuntu default session to get gnome ...17:54
webchat14ogra: no option called ubuntu default session, nearest is 'About this computer' from which I can find default applications but I don't think this is what you had in mind. Desktop options was not among the apps18:01
ograwebchat14, huh ? i mean the gear next to your name after you clicked on the name18:01
ograthere should be "Ubuntu", "Ubuntu on Xorg" and whatever older sessions you still have arour ("Unity" most likely)18:02
oerheksogra, unless he is using nvidia drivers?18:03
nuala(answering my earlier question "moving a prepoulated /dev away, mount --bind the live usb /dev, do the update-grub-dance and put everything back where it came from seemed to work!)18:04
ograoerheks, ??18:05
ograwhy would the menu change with nvidia drivers ?18:05
oerhekswith nvidia, one does not get wayland session18:06
ogra(you get a different default at login, but the menu still offers all choices)18:06
ograyou clearly do ... it is just not picked by default if you do not select anything18:06
nuala(and maybe to close this, tomreyn: thanks for the help yesterday. in fact update-grub found both installations and it works without a custom menuentry :) )18:06
webchat14ogra: see above.  Somehow became disconnected and had to reconnect18:10
ogra<ogra> webchat14, huh ? i mean the gear next to your name after you clicked on the name18:11
ogra<ogra> there should be "Ubuntu", "Ubuntu on Xorg" and whatever older sessions you still have around ("Unity" most likely)18:11
ograthat was all i said above ...18:11
webchat14ogra: to which I replied:  When I click on my name, it takes me to a new screen that is asking for my password. I enter that and it brings me right back here!  Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  I click first on the gear at very top right of my screen, then click on my name.18:13
ograwebchat14, at the login window after you freshly booted or logged out of your desktop ?18:13
ograthere is a big centered input field that only has your name and a "password" input field ... next to the name there is a gear18:14
ravage(maybe it is not gdm?)18:14
nuala 18:15
nualawebchat14: is there a gear at the bottom! right? just before you enter your password. does that have a menu as mentioned?18:16
oerheksone see the menu, only after selecting an user name?18:17
ograyuo need to click on the name (the big one in the center of the screen) once18:18
ograi do *not* mean your name in the top right of your unity desktop *after* you already have logged in18:18
webchat14OK, well I'll have to log of and restart and click on the name that comes up and see what happens - and then try to get back here18:20
ravagewebchat14, https://p.haxxors.com/9nv23bkd.webm18:20
ograravage to the rescue18:21
ogra!cookie | ravage18:21
ubotturavage: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!18:21
Windyany idea how to set the lightdm login screen background?  i keep reading that it's set in varous files in /etc/lightdm/ but that doesn't seem to be the case on my system18:21
ograwell, lightdm did not change in nearly a decade so the location should still be correct ...18:22
ograare you actually running a flavour that still uses lightdm ?18:23
oerheksone needs to edit css for lightdm to change things?18:23
ogra(not sure which ones still do though ... i think lubuntu)18:23
Windyhmm, i thought so... was a default ubuntu desktop install, theni installed xfce18:23
ograthe default install uses gdm18:23
ograif you just installed xfce and not xubuntu-desktop you still have gdm i think18:24
Windyhuh.  not sure where i got this idea that i was using lightdm18:24
ograwell, ubuntu used lightdm for a long time (in the LTSes until 201😎18:24
ravageWindy, what you see on the video above it GDM.18:24
Windyoh, during the xfce install it prompts you to switch to lightdm18:24
ograand you said yes ?18:24
Windyi did, but it doesn't actually look any different, still have the jellyfish login screen, so not sure now18:25
Windyok, switched it back to gdm3 with 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm' and it does actually look different now.  so i think i was really using lightdm18:26
somecooldoodwhere can I get the package xdg-desktop-portal v1.14.4-1ubuntu2~22.04.118:28
ograjust by installing it from the archive on your ubuntu 22.04 system18:29
oerhekssomecooldood, just update? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdg-desktop-portal18:30
oerheksIf you did not have that package already, run proper updates; sudo apt dist-upgrade18:31
somecooldoodogra, oerheks package search on https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xdg-desktop-portal&searchon=names&suite=jammy&section=all doesn't return results for ubuntu updates, that the issue18:33
somecooldoodoerheks, I am on kde-neon distro, its 20.04 :)18:33
ograpackages.ubuntu.com is a community page ... launchpad is the actual package source18:33
webchat14I see the link ravage sent but I don't think I get the same login screen. The name Ubuntu comes up and it goes straight to my desktop screen.  I don't have to enter a password when i start Ubuntu.  I can try restarting and see where that leads, and then try to get back.18:34
somecooldoodogra, ya18:34
oerhekssomecooldood, so why asking for a package that might break your system??18:34
nualawebchat14: i think it could be sufficient if you choose 'log out' instead 'power off/restart'18:34
ograoerheks, why would it break their system ?18:34
oerheksi would not dare to mix ..18:35
somecooldoodoerheks, I know, I know, just curiosity, will not install it18:35
webchat14OK, I'll try that nuala18:35
ravagemy guess it that you have auto login enabled18:36
ravageSo logout is worth a try18:36
somecooldoodoerheks, will the updated version be backported to 20.04?18:36
ograoerheks, mix what exactly ?18:36
somecooldoodI know kde is moving to 22.0418:36
ograxdg-desktop-portal is completely not related to any specific desktop18:37
ravageIn any case I don't think kde neon is supported in any way here18:37
ograand you should definitely instal it if you ever want to use snaps or flatpak on the system18:37
thankshey. I upgraded to ubuntu 22 LTS and when trying to run firefox, signal, telegram - get "/user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-2.scope is not a snap cgroup" error. Can anyone help me to solve it please18:38
somecooldoodogra, yet thats the use case for me18:38
somecooldoodogra, https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/07/ubuntu-devs-fix-another-frustrating-firefox-snap-flaw18:38
ograsomecooldood, yeah, you will need it18:38
somecooldoodI have been going after that issue for a long time18:38
ogra... and it will not do any harm to your install ...18:39
oerheksfor download18:39
ogralike installing gimp does not break a kde desktop 🙂18:39
ograit is just a package18:39
oerheksogra, i was not sure about that18:39
ograit will surely pull in gtk and such as dependencies though ... so you'll have some extra libs installed you normally do not use18:40
arraybolt3thanks: Sounds like you're running an old kernel. Can you show the output of "uname -r"?18:40
ograbut even that wont do any harm18:40
ravageThanks: sudo apt-get install dbus-user-session && systemctl --user start dbus.service18:41
nualabut would you not intoduce a new package source (launchpad.ubuntu or such)? and could that lead to a more specific distro package being picked by the wrong source?18:41
ravageTry that18:41
arraybolt3thanks: Your kernel looks right, so do what ravage suggested.18:41
nualas/by/from the wrong source18:42
thanks0 updated, 0 upgraded, I did it earlier today :(  seems not the issue18:42
eliyahutbrhey guys18:43
eliyahutbrmy lts update got interrupted18:43
Windyok, turns out that installing the package 'lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings' created a config file at /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf where i could change the background.  not sure why that file isn't there by default18:43
somecooldoodoerheks, ogra, tried installing the deb package, not able to satisfy dependency18:43
somecooldoodso I guess I need to wait till the kde neon moves to 22.0418:44
eliyahutbrE: Failed to fetch http://mirror.il-ta.kamatera.com/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xdg-dbus-proxy/xdg-dbus-proxy_0.1.3-1_amd64.deb  File has unexpected size (501 != 24732). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 80] seems to be the theme of the error18:44
ravagethanks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/1951491 does this look like your bug?18:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1951491 in x2goserver (Ubuntu) "Can't run snaps: .slice/session-1.scope is not a snap cgroup" [Undecided, Confirmed]18:44
somecooldoodoerheks, ogra, thanks for the support!18:45
tomreyneliyahutbr: hi. do you have a http mirror configured?18:45
thanksi did the purge firefox as well, did not help18:46
tomreyneliyahutbr: i mean: do you have a proxy server configured18:46
arraybolt3thanks: Did you back up any important data out of firefox first?18:46
arraybolt3(Probably "sudo apt purge firefox" will do nothing since Firefox is now installed as a snap - if you've backed up your data, we can try to reinstall the Snap Firefox, but otherwise, back up Firefox's data first.)18:46
eliyahutbri got nothing configured18:47
thanksi backed up my .mozilla/firefox dir18:47
eliyahutbri took a dell out of the box and am trying to get to current LTD18:47
ravagethanks, does "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="unix:path=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus" firefox" fix anything?18:47
eliyahutbrbut its been a while since I played with ubuntu18:47
thanksalso before runned sudo snap remove --purge firfox and same with apt and then installd through apt18:47
thanksravage: will check18:47
webchat14Thanks all, ogra, nuala, et al, for your help. I did the logout and finally found what you were on about. "Unity" was my default desktop and I changed it to Ubuntu at the top of the list.  Now I have the Gnome desktop and continue my learning curve.18:49
ravagewebchat14, great :)18:50
tomreyneliyahutbr: what does this report?   curl -sI --resolve mirror.il-ta.kamatera.co:80: http://mirror.il-ta.kamatera.com/ubuntu/pool/main/i/iio-sensor-proxy/iio-sensor-proxy_3.3-0ubuntu6_amd64.deb | grep ^Content-Length18:50
eliyahutbrhttps://pastebin.com/hqMzE97u tomreyn18:51
thanksravage: amg, it did give me the profile menu18:51
thanksand ran18:52
tomreyneliyahutbr: sorry, i had a typo, can you try this:   curl -sI --resolve mirror.il-ta.kamatera.com:80: http://mirror.il-ta.kamatera.com/ubuntu/pool/main/i/iio-sensor-proxy/iio-sensor-proxy_3.3-0ubuntu6_amd64.deb | grep ^Content-Length18:52
ravagethanks, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/1951491/comments/4418:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1951491 in x2goserver (Ubuntu) "Can't run snaps: .slice/session-1.scope is not a snap cgroup" [Undecided, Confirmed]18:52
ravagethanks, maybe try to add it to those files too. it seems to be a workaround18:52
ograravage, well, that variable is always set in all ubuntu desktops when they are working properly18:52
tomreyneliyahutbr: oh i should have seen your output first, i guess we need to try and fix your system first of all18:52
ravageogra, if you have a better fix im listening :)18:53
=== eth0p1461751 is now known as eth0p1
ograravage, fix the reason why it is not set ... this is a systemic problem18:53
ravagesorry. im unable to18:53
freeworldHello world18:54
ograravage, something is wrong with that desktop install18:54
tomreyneliyahutbr: can you try using a different mirror server? is israel actually close to you?18:54
ograravage, the bug above is simply caused by using x2go with no proper session18:54
ravageogra, that may all be right. i still cant offer a better way to get his snaps start. if you can please do18:55
ograi.e. it would happen if you plainly just run openbox ... without any session setup18:55
ograor use some start script instead of systemd --user18:55
tomreyneliyahutbr: oh yes, i guess it is, cool. still, maybe try a different mirror from the list: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors18:55
tomreyneliyahutbr: ideally one which supports https18:55
ograravage, i need to go ... what i'm saying is that someone should find out why thanks has a broken desktop install ... this looks like some serious upgrade failure or misconfiguration of a desktop setup18:56
ograsnaps are just a fllout18:56
ravageyes is does not look like a bug with your preciuos snaps. you may leave :)18:57
thanksravage: did according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/1951491/comments/44 and it does not change anything19:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1951491 in x2goserver (Ubuntu) "Can't run snaps: .slice/session-1.scope is not a snap cgroup" [Undecided, Confirmed]19:00
ravagethanks, strange. but it worked with the manual command?19:01
thanks$ firefox and $ firefox -p still gives the same error19:01
ravageit must be a problem with dbus somehow19:01
ravagebut i never saw that problem before19:02
ravage"systemctl status --user dbus" looks ok? as in active (running) ?19:02
sarnoldclarkk, arraybolt3, btw the free livepatch tiers *do* allow for commercial use; the full set of terms are on https://ubuntu.com/legal/livepatch-terms-of-service  , which I encourage you to read, but it's along the lines of no more than three machines, you can't break the law, and you're not in an embargoed country19:03
arraybolt3sarnold: Oh neat! I didn't know that, I saw non-commercial use and said "Nope, I'll pay if I need it". Thanks, that's really handy to know!19:03
eliyahutbrthanks tomreyn!19:03
ravage"You must be at least 13 years old to use the Service" i like that one :D19:04
thanksravage: yes except last line dbus deamon[29178] session uid=1000, failed to activate service org.freedesktop.secrets: timed out19:05
arraybolt3ravage: LOL19:06
tomreyneliyahutbr: did it help, though?19:06
MilenchoJeremy31, Hey man, if u remember from yesterday or the day before yesterday  you were helping me ragarding ax210 intel pci express issue19:07
Milenchoso i've updated the driver to 71 - with updating ubuntu to 22.10 and kernel 5.1919:07
Milenchobut still same - tomorrow i will try with windows19:07
eliyahutbrthat sorted it19:08
eliyahutbr*appears to have sorted it19:08
tomreyneliyahutbr: good. i would    sudo apt update && sudo apt -f install && sudo apt upgrade    next19:09
ravagethanks, are you on Xorg or Wayland?19:09
eliyahutbrin the midst19:09
tomreyneliyahutbr: and then, once this worked out,    sudo apt full-upgrade19:10
thanksXorg or Wayland ? never heard, moment will read abt it19:10
eliyahutbrthe throughput download rate from the main server is slower than molasses from Israel19:10
ravagethanks, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE19:10
eliyahutbrto israel i guess is more correct19:10
thanksthx, wayland19:11
tomreyneliyahutbr: yes, this can be a matter of where you're downloading from. by "main server", are you referring to archive.ubuntu.com ?19:11
thanksi will recheck19:11
ravagethanks, ok just to check if that may be the problem can you try https://p.haxxors.com/gzn6cmm9.webm19:12
thanksyes, its main server19:13
ravagethanks, i think this was meant for eliyahutbr :)19:13
thanksalso here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/1951491/comments/44  I added it to the very end not in the if statement19:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1951491 in x2goserver (Ubuntu) "Can't run snaps: .slice/session-1.scope is not a snap cgroup" [Undecided, Confirmed]19:13
eliyahutbrwhatever the gui sets when i click main server19:13
thanksof thse files19:14
ravagethanks, then try it to add the right way. if it still does not work try an Xorg session instead of wayland19:15
thanksby right way you mean I include it to the if statements?19:15
tomreyneliyahutbr: oh, i wasn't aware it has that option19:15
ravagethanks, the comment says at the end too. lets just check if xorg fixes anything19:16
thankshow do I get to xorg19:17
thanksok, kept it in the end19:17
ravagethanks, https://p.haxxors.com/gzn6cmm9.webm19:17
tomreyneliyahutbr: there are several mirrors in turkey, which might be faster for you.19:18
tripp4hi'm having a problem installing the purple-facebook plugin for pidgin, libpurple0 isn't available and if i try to install the .deb package it says about dependencies.19:18
dabbler_I'm deliberating whether to stick with ext4+LVM (for snapshots) or switch to btrfs. I've read quite a bit about the considerations already, but I was hoping to get clarification of a couple things. (Sorry if people hate this topic because it comes up so much and what's best really depends.)19:19
tomreyntripp4h: you should not just download and install .deb packages you 'found somewhere'. they can run with root and do anything to your system19:20
ravagedabbler_, if you want to do snapshots i think the Ubuntu way is ZFS. in general you can use btrfs of course. it it supported by the kernel19:20
tomreyntripp4h: which ubuntu version are you running?19:20
Daino21Hi i have a problema with Ubuntu, black screen.19:21
Daino21Can anyone help me please?19:21
eliyahutbrhttps://www.dell.com/community/Linux-Developer-Systems/Upgrade-Dell-XPS-9315-to-Ubuntu-22-04-apt-repositories/m-p/8264078/highlight/true#M9590 so frustrating19:22
tomreynDaino21: hi there. do you have some more information?19:22
dabbler_ravage: given that the installer doesn't give the option of zfs, I'd think it would be a pain to set up.19:22
tomreyn!details | Daino2119:22
ubottuDaino21: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.19:22
ravagedabbler_, not really. the ubuntu kernel comes with ZFS support. also the jammy desktop installer offers ZFS. just not the server i think19:22
rastawhy is systemd-resolved enabled by default? what is supposed to accomplish?19:23
ravage(i hope that will come soon)19:23
ravagerasta, resolve hostnames19:23
rastawell this is pretty much the DNS server job19:23
ravageit still is19:23
rastais resolved there just to keep a proxy enabled by default?19:24
ravageyes. for multiple connections like VPNs for example19:24
dabbler_ravage: ahhh. hmm. Is zfs generally considered more stable?19:24
Daino21Ubuntu 20 does not start, black screen. I can enter in grub and choose recovery mode,but i can't do nothing19:24
dabbler_I know btrfs is said to be pretty stable at this point19:25
ravagedabbler_, i cant say much about btrfs. i use it on one storage server and it work. i also use ZFS on a lot of systems and it works too :)19:25
rastai end up always disabling it, lots of times it sets a config that breaks local domain search19:25
tomreynDaino21: that's better, thanks. by "Ubuntu 20", do you mean 20.04 LTS?19:25
dabbler_Does zfs allow disabling COW on individual files too?19:25
ravageDaino21, is this a fresh installation? if yes why did you not use 22.04?19:25
tomreynDaino21: i assume it worked fine before, but when you last booted it this occurred? how long have you been running 20.04 LTS?19:26
Daino21On grub i can go go advanced, and i can choose:19:26
ravagedabbler_, the essence of ZFS is COW. so i would not disable it at all19:26
thanksravage: Do I have to restart to have the little button for the choice? leaving the session is not enough?19:27
ravagethanks, logout should be enough19:27
ravageDaino21, if you need that use btrfs19:27
ravageog sorry19:27
Daino21Ubuntu with Linux 5.15.0_46 normal or recovery and Ubuntu on Linux 5.15.0_43 normal or recovery19:27
ravagei mean dabbler_19:27
tomreynDaino21: ok, so you can see output at the grub menu, that's good to know. can you answer ravage's and my questions?19:28
thanksravage: logged in on xorg and when I click the firefox icon, it works, when I do firefox -p command same error19:30
Daino21It worked until i tried to update Ubuntu and delete trash files at the same time. It crashed19:31
thanksmy vpn doesnt work for some reason on that19:31
Daino21I thank i have trash folder full19:31
tripp4htomreyn: i found the .deb packet from a reliable site, github or so. running ubuntu
tomreynDaino21: do you know which graphics card is installed?19:32
tripp4htomreyn: here: https://packages.debian.org/sid/libpurple019:32
tomreyntripp4h: i would not consider github to be a generally reliable / trustable source. there are viruses and malware hosted there.19:33
ravagethanks, do your other snaps work? what do you need firefox -p for?19:33
thanksrun a profile menu and then daemon19:33
Daino21No it's a portable Acer Aspire i think with an Intel graphic card. Before now Ubuntu worked for years19:34
thanksseems they do work yes19:34
ravagethanks, i really have no idea why it would not work with "-p"19:34
tomreyntripp4h: this is the debian package repository. packages there will probably not be compatible to your ubuntu release. you should really only use packages made for your ubuntu release. also, libpurple0 *is* available for most ubuntu releases, from the universe repository. which ubuntu release are you running?19:34
=== jocepos is now known as zerogame
thankseverything works but my protonvpn19:34
thanksbut strange it works only on clicks, no commands19:34
thanksI am back on ubuntu normal and it works too19:35
ravagethanks, is this a normal 22.04 install or an upgrade? would it be possible to try a fresh installation?19:35
tripp4htomreyn: i'm running ubuntu 22.04.1 like i said.19:35
dabbler_ravage: I know COW is the primary data integrity mechanism. I wouldn't want to disable it altogether, just on certain files that are frequently modified and completely expendable, like web caches19:35
Daino21Acer Aspire 3 A315-31-C82519:35
tomreynDaino21: when you say you can "choose recovery mode but not do anything", what happens exactly, why can you not do anything, does it not load a text mode mneu in the end?19:35
ravagedabbler_, btrfs is you filesystem then :)19:35
tomreyntripp4h: whoops, right, you said so. so how about you enable 'universe' and install libpurple0 from there? https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/libpurple019:36
tomreyn!universe | tripp4h19:37
ubottutripp4h: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.19:37
Daino21It i choose Ubuntu on Linux 5.15.0-46 , the First voice of the successive menù (After resume) Is clean19:37
Daino21The clean voice works but doesnt solve the problem19:38
tripp4htomreyn: ah, it's available from there, sorry about this stupid question. i just recently updated to 22.04.1 and forgot that i don't have the repositories in sources.list (after updating).19:40
EriC^^Daino21: sounds like a graphics driver issue19:40
Daino21The dpkg command doesnt work, message Is not.enough space available19:40
EriC^^Daino21: aha, try 'sudo apt-get clean'19:40
EriC^^Daino21: try to continue deleting the trash you were deleting19:41
tomreyntripp4h: you can re-enable them easiyl from software-properties-gtk19:41
Daino21I tried. I. Choose root voice and then sudo apt-get clean. No errore but nothing happen19:41
EriC^^Daino21: that means it worked, it removed all .deb archives19:42
thanksravage: upgrade from 2019:42
thanksyou mean to back up all the data and format disk and start again?19:42
EriC^^Daino21: what does 'df -h /' give for free space?19:42
Daino21But If i try clean i receive the same message19:42
ravagethanks, yes. i know its probaly the hammer method here. you can also just test it from the live usb maybe19:43
tomreynDaino21: which message do you receive?19:43
lagunai tried to update with apt and it says 30 files are upgradeable but sudo apt upgrade says the 30 files are being held back19:43
thanksproblem is that it worked till the changes in the files, it must be something simple, trying to look out19:43
Daino21Sorry If i try dpkg i receive not enough space19:43
EriC^^Daino21: try to remove the files in the trash if you dont want them19:43
lagunaa lot of qt files and some gnome files are being held back for some reason19:44
tomreynlaguna: run    apt policy <package>    against one of those packages19:44
lagunatom ok tom19:45
EriC^^Daino21: what's the output of 'du -sh ~/.local/share/Trash' ?19:45
Daino21I'm trying but It seems that sudo apt-get clean does nothing19:45
tomreynlaguna: if it returns a percentage value and "phased" then that's fine19:45
lagunatom one of them libqt5a returns phased (10%)19:46
tomreynlaguna: did you only try this one, or did you try multiple? and if you tried multiple, were there ones which did not return "phased (xx%)"?19:47
lagunatom i only tried one19:47
Daino21I think i am writing in a wrong way the 'du' command19:47
lagunatom also gnome-control-center says phased (10%)19:48
Daino21'du -shc 176M19:48
tomreynlaguna: "phased updates" are a mechanism which makes some updates available to some users first, then others a little later, then yet others a little later etc. https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/phased-updates-in-apt-in-21-04/2034519:49
lagunatom are they going to be upgradable at a later date19:49
lagunatom ok19:49
tomreynthe phased ones are19:49
Daino21I font find locali share trash19:50
EriC^^Daino21: use the file explorer to empty trash?19:51
Daino21I can't turn on the PC. Ubuntu doesnt work. How to do that?19:52
tomreynEriC^^: daino was talking about having a black screen initially, i assume the graphical desktop is not working19:52
EriC^^Daino21: aha you have ubuntu console (shell) right now?19:52
EriC^^user@home:$~ ?19:53
tomreyni assume Daino can get to the root shell in recovery only19:53
Daino21Yes i am in root in the recovery menu19:54
EriC^^he said after it said resume and clean it booted, kind of confusing19:54
EriC^^Daino21: you've pressed "drop to root shell" and now have a root shell # ?19:54
EriC^^Daino21: ok, type "mount -o remount,rw /"19:55
Daino21'du -sh' 176M19:55
tripp4htomreyn: i did the install like it said on purple-facebook plugin's page but pidgin doesn't find the facebook plugin. hmm... wonder what i'm doing wrong now.19:55
Daino21All that in One?19:55
EriC^^Daino21: yes one command19:55
tripp4htomreyn: got it to work now!19:55
tomreyntripp4h: i do not know what guide you are following. using urls is a way to share the location of online guides19:56
Daino21mount: bad usage19:56
tomreyntripp4h: glad you worked it out.19:56
tripp4htomreyn: i didn't notice i had pidgin already running and of course it couldn't find the plugin because of that. didn't notice the pidgin icon there on the panel.19:56
tomreynDaniel: you must have (accidentially) mistyped what EriC wrote. try again.19:57
EriC^^Daino21: there must be some typo, there's no space between remount,rw19:57
tomreyntripp4h: ah, good catch.19:58
Daino21And After rw there Is a /19:58
EriC^^yes, rw /  and space between them19:59
Daino21"mount -o remount,rw/"19:59
EriC^^Daino21: mount -o remount,rw /20:00
EriC^^space between rw and /20:00
Daino21No error20:01
EriC^^Daino21: ok, what's your username usually?20:01
Daino21...not Shure...20:02
EriC^^Daino21: no worries, type "ls /home" what do you see there?20:02
EriC^^Daino21: ok, do you want to delete the trash contents?20:03
Daino21Yes lets do it20:04
Daino21Sudo apt-get clean ?20:04
EriC^^Daino21: ok, type "cd /home/adriana/.local/share/Trash"20:04
EriC^^note that trash is capital T and before local there's a "."20:05
EriC^^Daino21: ok, type "rm -r files"20:05
Daino21Now i try to go go the grub menù?20:06
EriC^^Daino21: what does "df -h /" show?20:07
EriC^^under use% ?20:08
ravageunder Avail20:08
Daino21Size 104G used 100G available zero20:09
Daino21Used 100%20:09
Daino21Need more space...20:10
tomreynDaino21: thanks about what you may have recently downloaded that was large20:10
tomreyn*think about20:10
tomreynyou can     cd /home/adriana/Downloads20:11
tomreynand look whats there20:11
tomreynwith    ls -lh20:11
Daino21A lot photo because my external HD crashed. Let me go in other folders and try to do more space20:11
tomreyndon't delete your precious photos though, that'd be sad.20:12
ravageif you have some usb drive we could move some of there there20:13
tomreynbetter something that you can download again later20:13
Daino21How to have a list of files in a directory?20:13
tomreynls -lh nameofdirectory20:13
nuala[maybe `d u -hs * | sort -h` as well?]20:13
Daino21In the current directory?20:14
tomreynDaino21: you can spell out the full path to this directory, if you like. /home/adriana/ is your personal directory and /home/adriana/Downloads is where your downloads are20:15
ravageDaino21, i know it is a little hard to type but this will show you the biggest files:20:16
ravagesudo find /home -type f -exec du -h '{}' + | sort -hr | head20:16
Daino21I try20:17
Daino21Del for delete?20:19
tomreyn...which stands for "remove"20:21
Daino21Do you know the biggest file?20:21
tomreynwe have knowledge of what is in your home directory.20:21
Daino21Is a testdisk.log that i was trying to do ti recover photo on my external 1Tb HD that Is damaged20:22
Daino21Maybe i delete It and try to work on ext HD recovery in an other Moment?20:22
tomreynif you want to keep it you can compress it by running    gz testdisk.log20:23
Daino21It wasnt finished. I delete It?20:23
tomreynit's your computer, you decide20:24
Daino21Ok i have space20:25
Daino21Now i try a dpkg?20:25
tomreynwhat is "a dpkg"?20:25
Daino21Or Simply a reboot?20:25
tomreyndon't reboot yet20:26
Daino21Is a voice of grub menù to repair.20:26
InteloHi, I am facing a consistent problem that if solved can relieve me a lot. When I press alt,ctrl,f1/12 , login to a tty, startx, from second user, the first user and all other tty users' desktop is not reachable via applications like x2go, anydesk etc. Its a black screen. How can I login GUI users and let them work simultaneously and also20:26
Inteloscreenshare/access their account and they can share each others desktop?20:26
tomreynDaino21: "voice" is what someone uses to speak and make sounds from their head. i think you mean something else.20:27
Daino21Resume clean dpkg fsck grub network root systemsummary are the voices20:27
tomreynmaybe you mean "options"20:27
tomreynDaino21: so you're back to the recovery menu, i see20:28
Daino21Voices are possibile choose onthe grub menu20:28
Daino21Yes option20:28
tomreynDaino21: maybe you mean "choices" :)20:28
Daino21In italiano are menù voices20:28
tomreynDaino21: if you can enter the root prompt again, that would be good20:29
Daino21Prompt Is reboot?20:29
tomreyni suggest you run this:   sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt -f install && sudo apt update && sudo apt install20:31
Daino21Too late. I rebooted and It works.20:31
tomreynyou can still do so now20:31
ravageyou should still use the command20:31
Daino21Maybe Is Better of i do.something more?20:32
Daino21I receive tal errors.while rebooting20:33
tomreynif all of this works without warnings or errors, you can also    sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt full-upgrade20:33
tomreyn"tal errors"?20:33
Daino21Two errors20:34
Daino21What to.do before?20:34
tomreynwhat do do before what?20:34
ravageDaino21, run "sudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt -f install && sudo apt update && sudo apt install"20:34
tomreynwhat to do before what?20:34
ravagesee if that works20:34
Daino21What Is Better i do First?20:34
Daino21Before after20:35
tomreynwhat ravage said20:35
Daino21Is "&&" parte of the command?20:36
tomreynthese are really multiple commands. the "&&" makes it break if any of these commands runs into an error. it will not continue with the other commands then.20:36
tomreynyes, you should use it as it is20:36
tomreynif there is an error, let's look into it20:37
Daino21A lot of "ignored" and a.lot of errors20:39
tomreynif you just run    sudo dpkg --configure -a     is there any error, yet?20:39
Daino21No errore for this.last command20:40
tomreynif you run     sudo apt -f install    is there any error, yet?20:40
Daino21No errore but zero upd zero installed zero to delete and 8 not updated20:41
tomreynif you run this, does it print a http address?    sudo apt-get update -y &>/tmp/apt; cat /tmp/apt | nc termbin.com 999920:42
tomreynit can take a minute or three20:43
Daino21Three minutes Just to write It :)20:43
tomreynyou can copy and paste, right?20:44
tomreynno need to type everything20:44
tomreynyou can connect here from the computer you are repairing20:44
tomreynso you have some apt repositories configured which do not work for ubuntu 20.04 LTS ("focal")20:46
tomreynyou can use software-properties-gtk to disable these20:46
Daino21I dont know why but this chat doesnt work on my ubuntu20:46
Daino21Sorry i dont understand20:47
tomreynrun the graphical "software & updates" application20:47
tomreynclikc on the "other software" tab20:48
Daino21Ubuntu software?20:48
tomreynhmm, maybe it's called differently on 20.04, let me check20:48
tomreynor just run this from the terminal window: software-properties-gtk20:49
Daino21Explore installed updates?20:49
DainoSorry i lost something?20:50
tomreynjust run this from the terminal window: software-properties-gtk20:50
DainoOk im in software and updates20:51
tomreynthen click on the second tab, "other software"20:51
DainoYou are Angels!20:51
tomreynand untick the sources which gave errors ("E:") on https://termbin.com/ca6v20:52
DainoLong list, some Is checked some not20:52
tomreynyou just need to untick 420:52
DainoYou can sede.my 4 e???20:53
DainoYou can see my tour E20:53
DainoYou can see my E?20:54
tomreynyou had these 4 errors earlier: https://termbin.com/ca6v20:54
tomreynwe can see those because i had you post the output of the "apt update" command to this website20:54
tomreynso that we could see these errors20:55
tomreynwe cannot see anything else of what youare doing or see on your screen20:55
tomreynjust this little bit you shared with us20:55
DainoOk maybe i have unchecked20:55
tomreynclick on "close"20:55
tomreynif it asks you something, say no20:56
DainoOk he Is doing an update.of cache20:56
tomreynonce that's done, close all the windows other than the chat and terminal20:57
DainoBy the way E are unchecked20:57
Intelotomreyn after how much time I can repaste question if I do not get a reply from anyone in any channel?20:57
tomreynIntelo: now is fine.20:57
InteloI am facing a consistent problem that if solved can relieve me a lot. The only solution I see is to have many many vbox guests for each user. (not optimal). When I press alt,ctrl,f1/12 , login to a tty, startx, from second user, the first user and all other tty users' desktop is not reachable via applications like x2go, anydesk etc. Its a black20:58
Inteloscreen. How can I login GUI users and let them work simultaneously and also screenshare/access their account and they can share each others desktop?20:58
DainoThis chat Is not.on Ubuntu i dont know why doesntwork20:58
DainoAll Is closed20:58
tomreynDaino: is there an error message when you try to access https://web.libera.chat  in your web browser?20:58
tomreynhi Daino4021:00
Daino40ok i am in chat from ubuntu :)21:00
tomreyni guess it works ;)21:00
Daino40all is closed21:00
tomreynso in the terminal, run this: sudo apt update21:00
tomreynare there still error messages ("E: ...") in the end?21:00
Daino40no error but21:01
tomreyn!paste | Daino4021:01
ubottuDaino40: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:01
Daino4012 packs updateable21:02
Daino40are you asking me a screenshot?21:02
tomreynno, if there are no "E:" and no "W:" lines then we don't need more details21:03
Daino40no E and no W21:03
tomreynnow: sudo apt-get upgrade21:03
tomreyndoes it want to install a lot?21:03
Daino40Not a lot21:03
tomreynso do it21:04
tomreynthen:  sudo apt full-upgrade21:04
Intelotomreyn which channel is the best to ask this quesiton?21:04
tomreynDaino40: and, in the end:    apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 9999      # you would be sharing some output with us again there21:05
Daino40more time then i tought before21:06
tomreynIntelo: you want multiple users on a single computer to login as their own user graphically, and work side by side?21:07
Intelotomreyn yes on same user via remote software like x2go or etc21:07
Inteloand I also see their screen21:08
Daino40i think i have done all21:08
Inteloand they share theirs with each other21:08
tomreynIntelo: you would need a graphical login manager which can be accessed remotely, such as XVnc. maybe x2go also provides something like this.21:09
Intelotomreyn e.g I use tty1, then switch to tty2, now person connecting to tty1 remotely will get a black screen. <= whats the solution?21:09
Intelotomreyn i have used x2go and vnc alrady21:09
tomreynIntelo: to share their screens with others, they would need to use screen sharing software like you would when sharing their screen remotely over internet21:09
tomreynDaino40: what's the url printed by the last one?21:10
InteloI have used most like anydesk, teamviewer.21:10
Intelomy question is a bit different tomreyn21:10
Intelotomreyn e.g I use tty1, then switch to tty2, now person connecting to tty1 remotely will get a black screen. <= whats the solution?21:10
Daino40no url printed. am i wrong?21:10
tomreyn<tomreyn> Daino40: and, in the end:    apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 9999      # you would be sharing some output with us again there21:10
tomreynDaino40: this should have printed a url21:10
tomreynIntelo: what you switch to on this computer doesn't change what others see or connect to. if you want to expost multiple ttys to them over network, then you'll need to configure this21:11
Intelotomreyn ok how to configure that?21:12
Intelotomreyn because "they" (remote connecting users via x2go, anydesk etc ) see a black screen if "I" am not on that tty21:12
tomreynIntelo: i understand the problem, i do not know the solution OTOH21:13
Daino40maybe i am wrong with space. he tells warning no stable CLI interface use caution but no url21:13
Intelotomreyn I have a solution: cross post. Should i?21:14
tomreynDaino40: this warning is expected. maybe it just took too long to run, then no url would be printed. let's try something else...21:14
Daino40adriana@PC-Adriana:~$ apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999921:15
Daino40WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.21:15
tomreynDaino40: apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' >/tmp/apt2; cat /tmp/apt2 | nc termbin.com 999921:15
Daino40same warning no url21:16
tomreynIntelo: please don't cross post the same question to multiple channels *at the same time*. later is fine.21:17
tomreynDaino40: so there's just no output, fine. i think you're good then21:17
Daino40ok i make a reboot21:17
Dainook i'm back ubuntu is working21:23
Dainothere are two errors while booting. but not from this evening, they are from one month ago21:24
ravageYou can tell us the errors. And we can tell you if they have to fixed21:24
Dainocan i post a file?21:25
ravageWhat kind of file?21:25
ravageFor text use dpaste.com and for images imgur.com21:26
phyphorI haven't got much experience trying to build a later version of a package than is available in the distro repo - can anyone confirm what would happen if I did this and then the repo got the ame or later version?21:26
phyphor(in this particular instance it's squid on Ubuntu 22.04, squid 5.2 has a known memory leak and it's recommended to go to 5.6 - I've rasied a launchpad bug)21:27
phyphor(also, apologies for my woeful spelling this evening)21:27
tomreynDaino: jpg is an image format. you can post it to https://imgur.com/upload and share the url here21:27
Dainois correct?21:29
tomreynphyphor: if the ubuntu releases' repository would provide a package in a version number that is considered to be higher then this would replace the installed package of the same name21:29
tomreynDaino: right!21:29
ravageI dont know exactly what causes those errors but I don't think you have to worry about them if everything is working correctly21:31
tomreynDaino: i would assume you can probably just ignore these two messages21:32
phyphorthanks tomreyn21:32
ravageMake sure you keep some free space and enjoy your Ubuntu Daino :)21:33
tomreynDaino: EDAC is memory error detection, an advanced hardware feature you usually only have in server hardware and some workstations.21:33
Dainolisten. I'm sure that i will never find someone like tomreyn and ravage. So please tell me something else. What do you i think i can try to do with this 1TB ext hd with thousands and thousands of photo that i cant open21:33
tomreynDaino: so your computer probably does not have it anyways, and the error messages are benign. and i second ravage - don't let your disk run full.21:33
Dainois there a way not to see those errors?21:34
ravageI don't think so. Close your eyes on boot 😉21:36
tomreynDaino: to the first question: data recovery is difficult and a matter of luck, you seem to have already tried to use estdisk / photorec, which is a really good tool for this purpose. if you can't succeed with it then there's just the option of passing the disk to a professional recovery service, which can be very costly, and there are many who are just ripping others off.21:36
tomreynDaino: you could blacklist the edac module, but i don't think it's worth the effort.21:37
Dainoi didnt finish yet. So the best software for you is testdisk?21:38
tomreynfor data recovery, especially image recovery, testdisk + photorec are a great pair. there are other softwares but they are much harder to use and not better, just (sometimes) using different strategies for finding / recovering data.21:39
arraybolt3Daino: Before messing with the disk containing the photos, I'd highly recommend getting a second, larger disk, and creating a full disk image of the first one.21:41
tomreynthe most important thing to know about data recovery with a pyhsically (partially) broken disk is that you should never work on the broken disk any more than strictly needed. so the first step must be to copy it, entirely, or all the recoverable data, to an image file on a larger disk. and then make a copy of that and work on that second copy only.21:41
arraybolt3ddrescue would probably be a good tool for making the disk image.21:42
* tomreyn agrees21:42
Dainook thank you. i'm not shure is damaged. i know only that i cant enter in it neither from pc ubuntu, from pc windows, from router and from nvidia21:42
arraybolt3Daino: It's ext4 formatted?21:43
Dainofrom ubuntu for example it never worked, even when it worked from nvidia shield21:43
arraybolt3Daino: Did you happen to do anything weird to the permissions of the disk?21:43
arraybolt3Tweaking the permissions in just the wrong way can make data appear to be inaccessible in some instances.21:44
Dainoi dont know. i would like to enter from ubuntu but i dont know how21:44
arraybolt3I'd still back up the whole entire disk before doing anything to it (sudo apt install gddrescue and then use ddrescue), but once the backup is made, maybe some permission changes will "unlock" it.21:44
Dainoi am not shure is damaged21:44
esvDaino: can you run: lsblk -f on the system while the disk is attached? (please use paste.ubuntu.com if you want to share the output21:44
esvDaino, make the copy either way.21:45
esvalso, what kind of system was it attached to?21:47
arraybolt3The machine was not Java compatible ROFL21:47
arraybolt3Oy, sorry, wrong channel :facepalm:21:47
Dainoi used paste.ubuntu21:55
esvhave a link?21:56
Dainobut now i have two command: copy to clipboard and view raw21:56
Dainoi cant found link21:56
Dainois this?21:57
Dainothere is not 1tb toshiba hd. like is not connected21:58
esvand your disk is the 250-ish GB?21:58
Dainono 1TB21:58
Dainowhen i connect the ext hdd via usb, the pc make a sound, but nothing happen21:59
ravageis it connected right now?21:59
tomreyninternally or via usb?22:00
esvmight need additional power22:00
Dainothe hdd light is on22:00
tomreynDaino: how did you use testdisk on it then?22:01
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Dainoi didnt use to the end, ubuntu crashes before the end, because the log file empty the pc22:02
Dainoand i  was not shure that i was using testdisk in the correct way22:03
ravagedoes your computer have multiple USB ports? did you try them all?22:03
ravagesometimes only a few provide enough power22:03
tomreyndoes the    lsusb    command say something about it?22:03
Dainoi have three usb port22:03
ravageDaino, reconnect the drive and give the URL of "lsusb | nc termbin.com 9999"22:04
ravageok never mind22:04
Dainohere there is22:04
ravageDaino, unplug the drive. then run "sudo journalctl -f". plug the drive in and paste us any lines that show up22:05
ravage(after you plugged in the drive)22:06
arraybolt3Daino: The disk appears to be recognized.22:09
ravageDaino, "sudo gdisk -l /dev/sdb | nc termbin.com 9999"22:09
ravageok. so you formatted that on your nvidia shield?22:11
Dainois possible22:11
Dainomaybe is more than possible22:11
ravagetry "sudo apt-get -y install exfat-fuse"22:11
ravagedoes that install something?22:12
Dainoso the only way is try to access via nvidia shield?22:14
ravagei think it depends how you formatted that hdd22:14
ravagebut your nvidia shield should be able to ready it maybe22:15
Dainonvidia shield made a lot of updates in this last year. Some updates made the hdd works, some not22:16
Dainoso why i would like to recover photos and use other solutions to share that photos with other devices22:17
ravageif you formatted the HDD as internal storage on the shield it is probably encrypted22:18
ravageand only your shield knows the key22:18
Dainook i will try to reconnect hdd to nvidia, and i will try to read hdd from nvidia22:19
Dainoi was jus finishing to put all the photo of my life in that hdd :(22:19
arraybolt3Daino: Whatever you do, do NOT reformat it or do anything to it in an attempt to "unlock" it if it doesn't just work!22:21
arraybolt3(I've heard of people doing similar things and it ends badly.)22:21
Dainook thank you to all, but i am pretty sure that nvidia now is not able to read the hdd22:22
user9dI want my money back.22:39
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