oski146hello ubuntustudio 00:35
oski146i have question regarding the systemupdate when pc is booting up00:35
oski146offfline update00:36
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oski146hello guys i have a quesstion. can i install kubunturestricted extras on studio or its not good?09:20
oski146and  the install missing packages button by speech settings not functioning09:25
oski146hello i needadvice how to activate click by tap21:34
arraybolt3oski146: You mean with your touchpad?21:39
arraybolt3oski146: I'd just open System Settings, search for Touchpad, and then see if the option exists there.21:40
oski146i cant click the options21:47
oski146for click by tap21:47
oski146in kubuntu i can in studio not21:47
krytarikoski146: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=420762#c5 - is it akin to what Lonnie describes in comment 5 here?21:57
ubottuKDE bug 420762 in systemsettings "Tap-to-click is shown, but cannot be toggled" [Normal, Resolved: Worksforme]21:57
oski146ok it  worked magically without doing anything just updates made for system22:00
oski146so now i need to know how to check if the graphicsdrivers loaded right? it came an update for amdgpu i want to check now. and i hope the sounddevice is coming soon too22:01

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