acibameena: ntp, rsyslog and set_passwords (at least) have something to with distro.manage_service and are used in all distros09:12
meenaaciba: re set_passwords: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/198974311:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1989743 in cloud-init "cc_ssh: sshd is not enabled on *BSD" [Medium, Triaged]11:14
minimalmeena: isn't it the case that when someone is preparing a cloud-init enabled disk image they have various tasks to do (like enabling sshd) in addition to just installing the cloud-init package?11:17
meenaminimal: i reckon so… i'm just really annoyed that the official FreeBSD vm images don't do that.11:18
meenaminimal: they do it in the CI images11:18
minimalmeena: official FreeBSD VM images in general or official FreeBSD cloud-init images?11:20
meenaminimal: there's official FreeBSD cloud-init images?11:20
minimalmeena: I don't know, you tell me :-)11:20
meena(i meant the former: https://www.freebsd.org/where/ )11:21
minimalso then whomever creates a FreeBSD VM image with cloud-init should enable the ssh daemon as part of preparing such an image...11:21
meenathe BASIC-CI image, which only exists for amd64, has ssh enabled, none of the others do11:21
meenafuckin sendmail is enabled, but not sshd11:22
meena(the argument goes: sendmail is only an outgoing service, sshd is an incoming service, so it's a danger… blah blah blah)11:22
minimaldoesn't sound like a cloud-init though, sounds like a FreeBSD preparation issue11:24
meenaminimal: yeah, I'll try to fix some of it with documentation, for people who are moving into clouds not officially supported yet, but yeah, it's just very annoying11:25
minimalmeena: when I create cloud-init enabled images for Alpine there's a lot of stuff I need to do in OS config in addition to just installing the cloud-init package11:26
meenaminimal: aye11:33
anankeJust to double check, because I haven't found any relevant documentation: there is no module that can create symlinks? other than the runcmd/etc?12:15
meenaananke: doesn't look like https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/modules.html#write-files can12:16
meenaananke: there's also bootcmd ;)12:17
anankeyeah, I was first looking at write_files, hoping I was missing something12:17
meenai would still check the source in case there's a feature (exploit) hiding somewhere12:18
anankeI was just hoping to avoid having a separate write_files for what's essentially the same content (and space in user-data is limited)12:18
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meenait looks like the manage_service should go into distros/openbsd.py https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/1758 which then makes testing… hard…20:53
ubottuPull 1758 in canonical/cloud-init "Distro manage service: Add OpenBSD support" [Open]20:53
meenawe don't have any test_openbsd.py yet…20:53
MingheHello folks, My name is Minghe and from Microsoft. I am currently working Mariner OS (Microsoft internal Linux OS)22:07
MingheI am wondering there is an instruction how to make cloud-init to support a new distro upstream?22:08
minimalMinghe: I don't think there's any specific docs for adding a new distro. You'd like want to add a new mariner.py file in cloudinit/distros/ for distro-specific stuff and look at which of the c-i modules in cloudinit/modules/ could be easily (i.e. no/minimal changes) supported by Mariner23:41

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