clivejodoes anyone have issues with klocker breaking under Wayland?10:51
RikMillsclivejo: klocker?????11:19
clivejomy name for kscreenlocker :P11:19
clivejosound more KDE'y11:19
RikMillsit being dodgy on wayland rings a bell11:20
* RikMills doesn't use wayland yet11:20
clivejonot even on the Focus?11:21
RikMillsit has nvidia11:21
RikMills3060 RTX is by no means yuck11:23
ubottuHelp is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping RikMills, soee, BluesKaj, mamarley, mparillo, wxl, DarinMiller, tsimonq2, crydotsnake-M for more information.11:23
clivejoNVidia is yuck11:23
RikMillsbeta ISOs to test11:23
RikMillsknown issues LP: #199101111:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1991011 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "snaps not preseeded on Kinetic images" [Critical, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/199101111:24
RikMillsLP: #198324511:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1983245 in plasma-workspace (Ubuntu Kinetic) "Can't change user password on a 'System Settings' (polkit dialog doesn't appear)" [High, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/198324511:25
BluesKajHi all12:45
clivejohi BluesKaj12:54
BluesKajhi clivejo12:54
clivejoI think you missed Rik's call to test the beta ISOs 12:56
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> hey clivejo :)13:08
clivejohi Simon13:08
clivejois the Lubuntu CI down as well?13:10
RikMillsis is a dead parrot13:28
clivejopoor parrot13:34
sgmoore[m]blinken, bomber, bovo, kgeography, kfourinline, kbounce20:19
sgmoore[m]lokalize, kbreakout, ktouch, klickety, kjumpingcube,20:19
sgmoore[m]klettres, kmag, kmines, klines, kruler, kreversi, kollision20:19
sgmoore[m]kstars ksquares kspaceduel snaps released. More coming soon!20:19
clivejoSaskDutch Kid cutting corn sillage21:16
clivejoin awe21:16
clivejooups, flicked channels on me, sorry21:16
mparillo22.10 Beta ISOs? When I zsynced yesterday it seemed as if I had no updates for a week?21:47
mparilloBut today, I am only 80% on my zsync.21:56

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