ceich62I am using netplan to configure a private Wi-Fi AP (NetworkManager backend) but I want only DHCP, not DNS or IP forwarding.15:23
ceich62I'm struggling to find the right passthrough-fu to make this happen. I am pretty sure I don't want `method=shared`15:24
schopinceich62: you'll need to check the NM documentation. By definition we don't know what to put in the passthrough-fu (otherwise we wouldn't need it to be passthrough ;-) )15:28
ceich62Thanks, I've checked the docs. They are minimal. I'm also asking in #nm, but I thought someone here might have done this before.15:30
ian35I'm using netplan with the networkd renderer, and I have multiple netplan yaml files in /etc/netplan. Netplan is outputting multiple networkd configs as expected, but all of them are prefixed with `10-...` instead of 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.19:51
ian35I have five files that all start with 10-19:51

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