youngbin_Just closed CFP for UbuCon Asia 2022! https://2022.ubucon.asia/news/2022-09-29-cfp-closed/15:59
yellowstoneHi, I got an email about account verification?16:56
yellowstoneMentioned this channel in that message.16:57
arraybolt3What were you trying to sign up for? Ubuntu One?16:58
* arraybolt3 doesn't remember seeing this channel listed in an Ubuntu One account verification email16:58
yellowstoneI was trying to join the "Ubuntu Wiki Editors" team on Launchpad.16:58
arraybolt3Ah. OK, then this is probably the right spot. I was given Wiki Editor permissions when I became an Ubuntu Member, so I don't know much about this sort of thing, so I'll let someone who knows more answer.16:59
Fallenyellowstone: That was me, thanks for joining! I'm out for dinner but will get back soon. Would be interested to hear what you were looking to edit that got you to ask for permissions.16:59
yellowstoneThis is a good example17:02
yellowstoneThere's a ton of outdated information17:02
yellowstoneI'd like to update at least some of it17:03
arraybolt3[m]Fallen, ravage: Could you guys re-invite me to the Ubuntu and Ubuntu Workshop spaces? I left them trying to wrestle with a Matrix problem (back when the IRC-to-Matrix bridge fell over), and now can't re-join them again.23:25
arraybolt3[m](Actually I got back into the main Ubuntu space, still working on Ubuntu Workshop.)23:29
arraybolt3Fallen: Thanks!23:30
arraybolt3(Rebooting Element, thus why I'm now on IRC.)23:31
arraybolt3[m]Hmm, it just keeps saying "There was an error joining."23:31
ravageit says you are already in23:40
ravageremoved and re-invited you23:42
arraybolt3[m]ravage: No the Ubuntu space works, but Ubuntu Workshop doesn't.23:43
ravagei dont think im in there :D23:45
arraybolt3[m]Maybe a logout/login will fix it.23:47

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