stevenmeslerm, don't suppose you know who maintains the ubuntu grub packages now - that I might tempt them with the idea of including that patch (either in the next ubuntu12 for ubuntu 22.04 officially - or as a ppa?)05:39
stevenmyou mentioned a Chris ?05:39
stevenmif ubuntu 22.04 gets 5 years - wouldn't it be nicer to have 5 years of completely encrypted data - rather than have a weak point throughout05:40
sarnoldit's probably worth a launchpad bug, yeah05:41
sarnoldI think foundations team put in a ton of work once upon a time to try to make it easier to bring back newer grubs to older distros as bugs get fixed05:42
sarnoldnormally updating old releases to new versions is a non-starter, but I think grub's secureboot shenanigans require(d? s?) that05:43
sarnoldsince kinetic release is pretty close I can't imagine this would get traction for the next month, but it couldn't hurt to have it mentioned *before* the prague meetup05:44
sarnoldI'm off, have fun stevenm05:44
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