daftykinsheh i had to buy a CompactFlash card today for the dentists, as their new steriliser machine dumps logs to the things09:50
daftykinsjust paid £35 for a 32GB in a local shop09:50
zxmpiouch, saw a cp/m group advertising a new mini sd card add on for cpm machines to replace cf card adapter as cf fades away and is harder to find09:56
daftykinsmmm i was amazed i found one, should have gotten another really as i have a PATA adapter i could have used in the Pentium III i have here09:57
daftykinsthe one i refurb'd whilst life was a bit quieter :D09:57
daftykinsthis full format is taking forever09:59
daftykinsi was a bit thrown when the nurse walked up to me at first, as she said it needed a SIM card10:00
daftykinsjust who does it want to phone!?10:00
* zxmpi wonders where i left the spare 1mb ssd card for my psion :-)10:16
daftykinsnice it failed after 100%10:17
zxmpiformatting the cf card?10:18
zxmpii wonder if it's too big for the device it's in10:20
zxmpior try formatting it in an old camera maybe10:21
daftykinswell i'm doing it from my desktop and have tried multiple partition sizes already10:21
daftykinsyeah i don't own one10:21
daftykinsat least not anymore10:21
zxmpimight be the stereliser has a format option10:24
daftykinsfailed, which is why i came home10:24
zxmpiwhich now makes me think it's the card10:24
daftykinsreseat wins the day! it's a pretty ancient reader10:27
zxmpithat helps too \o/10:27
daftykinsbuilt into my 14 year old monitors10:27
zxmpipffffft, my monitor has a scart connector :-P10:28
daftykinssounds like a TV in disguise10:28
zxmpiit is10:28
zxmpialso from a dentists office. it started life as part of a mouth examining camera system10:29
daftykinscoincidence :D10:30
daftykinsok i halved the partition to 16GB as i don't like my chances, let's see if it works10:30
daftykinsonce again - love having a client 100m away, convenience++10:30
zxmpicome the day you can send a drone to have a look at the customers problem :-)10:31
daftykinsjust got chatting to the owner of the opticians one street away who are ordering my new lenses too, now he wants my card :o13:12
zxmpihow many different business cards do you have? :-P13:13
daftykinsgot to at least colour them differently ;)13:13
zxmpitech support/attitude adjuster/body removal... :-P13:13
daftykinsooh yes many a rolled up rug needs moving of late here on the island13:14
daftykinsand i know just the guy!13:14
zxmpibonus points when you do it on your bike as you worry about your carbon footprint :-D13:14
daftykinsi need a trailer after all, then the cat is on duty to look cute and distract people13:15
zxmpineed a nice dutch cargo bike for the big jobs13:16
daftykinsi think i've seen one or two, take up the full width of the cycle lanes 13:16
zxmpiloads of them around here. all types, leccy and manual13:17
zxmpiseems that a common one is to ditch the second car for an electric cargo bike for shopping/daily runner leaving the car for long jaunts and multiple passengers13:18
daftykinssounds like a good combo13:19
zxmpigives you both options for when price of petrol is now dropping while leccy is climbing13:19
davefI'm stealing that21:17
daftykinsplease do22:21

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