rs2009 /msg chanserv flags #ubuntu-release16:20
pariders2009, hey, this channel doesn't appear to be registered16:23
paridesee: /msg chanserv info #ubuntu-unity16:23
rs2009paride: ah, didn't notice that16:24
parideyou may want to check https://libera.chat/chanreg/#registering-a-channel and the REGISTER ChanServ command16:26
parideI don't have any IRC super power :)16:27
Eickmeyerrs2009: Might be one of those things that goes through the IRCC.17:08
EickmeyerThough, it'd be a no-brainer.17:08
EickmeyerOnly because the IRCC owns the #ubuntu-* space.17:09

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