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MantisekI get this error after installing a fresh install of kali, or pop_os! or ubuntu.  Nothing seems to change it.05:46
Mantisek"Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed"05:46
Mantisekoddly enough 'archlinux' is one of the bootable options, even though I havent' used arch on this computer for over a year.05:46
MantisekI've tried using boot-repair but didn't have any luck05:46
Mantisekhere is my bootinfo just in case that helps https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NCMx2SPXts/05:47
Mantisekecho echo echo05:59
ppwI can't read that06:00
MantisekCan't read what06:01
ppwyour paste06:01
MantisekIt is probably irrelevant. I'm out of my depth on how MBR works, and I think that's the issue06:01
Mantisekbecause 'archlinux' keeps appearing as a boot option despite not using it for over a year06:02
MantisekI probably did something in the custom install that did something that persists between complete formats of the hard drive06:02
ppwhow did you install GRUB?06:02
Mantisekwith arch? Don't remember, it was over a year ago06:02
ppwno, with these other installers.06:02
Mantisekafter arch i was using pop_OS!06:02
MantisekOh, I used the auto installation process using default options, grub never came up on either06:03
MantisekI've been poking around with grub-install but it can't find the efi directory, and I'm not sure what I'm doing06:03
ppwdid you choose to "nuke" the existing install with the installer's options?06:03
ppwdon't confuse EFI and MBR.06:04
MantisekFTR, i have UEFI with secure boot disabled06:04
ppwthat changes things.06:04
MantisekI never really understood UEFI06:05
MantisekI'm on an ubuntu live OS, is there any info you might find helpful?06:06
ppwI would follow the guide here https://askubuntu.com/questions/831216/how-can-i-reinstall-grub-to-the-efi-partition06:08
Mantisekha was literally on that page06:09
ppwit's weird that arch is still on there.06:13
ppwthe only way I can conceive of that happening is if you chose to install side-by-side06:13
Mantisekyeah i saw kali as one of the boot options too06:14
Mantisekyeah that didn't do anything06:14
Mantisekarchlinux still there06:14
Mantisekyeah normally i can solve most linux problems myself but this one is completely confusing06:15
Mantisekhow can all this persist between full installs?06:15
ppwdo you care about your current install?06:17
MantisekNo not at all06:17
ppwyou could nuke the GPT, but that's what the installer was supposed to do.06:17
Mantiseki know right06:17
Mantisekcan we do this manually in a terminal?06:18
ppwwell, you could also use fdisk.06:18
Mantisekgod i wish these live OS didn't take a million years to boot06:18
ppwyou probably have some experience with manual partitioning with arch.06:19
Mantiseki dont remember shit, but i'll wing it06:21
ppwthat's the last thing you want.06:21
ppwhere's a short guide for fdisk. https://linuxize.com/post/fdisk-command-in-linux/06:22
ppwwhat you want is to create a new GPT table, assuming you still want UEFI.06:23
Mantiseki dont give a shit about UEFI06:23
ppwyou can then immediately save, exit, and start the installer for your preferred OS.06:23
MantisekWhat would stop me from just slapping it into legacy mode and skipping the headache06:23
ppwabsolutely nothing.06:24
MantisekI just formatted the ONLY hard drive with gparted06:24
Mantiseknow I'm restarting to see if it still shows archlinux06:24
ppwformatting a hard drive doesn't mean you've cleared the GPT.06:25
MantisekYes. It's still there. HOW?06:25
ppwdon't "wing this shit".06:25
ppwpardon the language06:26
MantisekI will forgive you in time.06:26
Mantisekgonna go have a smoke while this live disk boots06:26
Mantisekim wondering if debian live disk would be a lot faster06:27
ppwfind a USB3 port somewhere06:27
Mantisekold laptop, doesnt have one06:27
ppwthen keep a spare USB with just GParted on it06:27
Mantisekdon't you need the linux kernel in order to run it?06:27
ppwGParted keeps a LiveUSB.06:28
Mantisekeh, same amount of time06:28
Mantisekto flash that onto a usb06:28
Mantisekthan to just wait for the live disk to boot06:29
Mantisekare we still calling them live *disks* btw06:29
Mantisekcorrect me06:29
Mantisekfine, they are called insta-linux (just add usb)06:30
ppwhow does an old laptop with no USB3 ports support UEFI?06:31
Mantisekit was an odd era of laptops06:36
Mantiseklaptop is about 6 years old06:36
ppw2016 and no usb3 ports? you're kidding me.06:36
Mantisekwell they're blue ports im assuming that's USB206:37
ppwno, that's usb306:37
Mantisekah well, there you go, still slow06:37
Mantisekit was the only laptop i could find at the time that had an ethernet port06:37
ppwthat doesn't make any sense. should take no more than 20 secs.06:37
ppwis the usb key old?06:37
Mantisekno not really, i bought them in bulk on amazon06:37
ppwfor cheap?06:38
Mantisekhave one for kali, pop_os, tails, and just general storage06:38
Mantisekim a cheap bastard so likely06:38
Mantisekcame in a pack, color coded06:38
ppwoh, then you _really_ shouldn't be surprised at the slowness.06:38
ppwwait what?06:38
ppw256 gb per stick?06:38
irc_standardnickThat's a LOT06:39
Mantisekno wait that's not right06:39
Mantiseki'll know in a second06:39
Mantisekdont know why i thought otherwise06:40
Mantiseki blame the wild turkey06:40
ppwthat's still a lot. but if they were cheap, there's your slowness.06:40
ppwanyway, where are we?06:40
irc_standardnickMy USB's are slow too :sigh06:41
Mantiseksudo fdisk -l06:41
ppwdid you get it up and running?06:41
Mantisekshows a /dev/sda06:41
ppwgreat, do "fdisk /dev/sda"06:41
Mantisekokay, in the prompt06:41
ppwok, now tell me, are you in UEFI?06:41
ppwUEFI mode, that is06:42
Mantisekcurrently yes06:42
Mantisekwith safe mode disabled06:42
ppwyou mean "secure boot"06:42
Mantisekright yeah06:42
ppwyou should be at the Command (m for help) prompt, right?06:42
ppwok, press 'g', then Enter06:42
Mantisek"Created a ne wGPT disklabel (GUID: etc etc)"06:43
ppwyou want swap?06:43
MantisekI don't know, do I? I've always had swap but i dont know enough about it to have an opinion06:44
Mantisekmost of my work is further up the OSI model, so this stuff i usually bumble through06:44
Mantisekwe got 238gb to work with06:45
ppwok, press 'n', then enter06:45
ppw'1', then enter06:45
ppw+256M, then enter06:46
MantisekDo you want to remove the signature?06:46
MantisekThe signature will be removed by a write command.06:46
ppwnow press 'n', then enter06:47
ppw2, then enter06:47
ppw+4G, then enter06:47
MantisekI presume that first partition will be our EFI?06:47
Mantisekkk done06:48
ppwnow press 't', then enter06:48
Mantisekpresume 2?06:48
MantisekType or alias?06:48
ppwtype: 19, then hit enter.06:48
MantisekAh that's swap06:48
Mantisekn again?06:48
Mantisek3, default06:49
Mantisekthen default?06:49
Mantisekcause its 'the rest'?06:49
ppwyep, hit enter twice.06:49
ppwfinally, press 'w', then enter.06:49
Mantisekfdisk finished06:49
ppwgreat. now go install your os.06:50
ppwlet's format the partitions, first.06:50
ppwyou should be in a bash prompt as root.06:50
Mantisekoh okay, hold one06:51
ppwmkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sda106:51
ppwwait, maybe I should prepend these commands with something, this is dangerous.06:51
Mantisekwell that one is done anyways06:52
ppw# mkswap /dev/sda206:52
MantisekI presume without the #06:52
ppw# swapon /dev/sda206:52
ppwand finally, # mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3 .06:53
ppwwithout the period at the end06:53
ppwthis is a Ubuntu LiveOS, right?06:54
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Mantisek22.04.2 LTS06:54
ppwtry running the installer.06:54
Mantiseker, .106:54
MantisekErase disk and install Ubuntu OR Something Else06:55
MantisekSomething Else ( You can create or resize partitions yourself, or choose mulitple partitions for Ubuntu )06:55
ppwI'd keep the partition layout. all that hard work.06:55
MantisekSo, something else?06:56
Mantisekasks 'DEvice for boot loader installation:'06:56
MantisekI'm assuming SDA106:56
Mantisekjust SDA?06:57
Mantisek'Install now' grayed out06:57
Mantisekoh there it goes06:58
ppwyou did map the mount points correctly, right?06:58
Mantisek'No root file system is defined. please correct this from the partitioning menu'06:58
ppwI guess not06:58
Mantisekjust following along with what you said06:59
Mantisekwish i could share my screen for you06:59
ppwwait, I'll load a vm, one sec.07:00
Mantiseki changed sda1 to 'EFI system partition', sda2 to 'swap area' and sda3 to 'ext4, mount point /'07:02
MantisekI think you have to set the mount points this way07:03
Mantisekpart of the same prompt07:03
Mantisekpresumably, if i wanted to create more partititions for other top level directories, like /home, i could make a partition for that07:03
MantisekI will wait for you to catch up, without a green light07:04
ppwthat's exactly what I wanted07:05
Mantisekkk, proceeding07:05
Mantisekcreated sudo user, etc07:06
Mantisekwatch it still have the same problem07:07
Mantiseki kinda feel like i did all this already through the automated process anyways07:07
Mantiseknot discounting your ideas, it's important to go through the motions07:07
MantisekDefault Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed.07:14
Mantisekarchlinux still shown as an option07:14
ppwthis isn't making any sense07:14
Mantisekmaybe i can reset UEFI to factory default07:15
ppwdo that07:15
ppwthis is a lenovo thing07:16
pickanickHello, I have 25G of ~/.xsession-errors.  In particular, 156 million lines of the form07:17
pickanickqt.core.qabstractitemmodel.checkindex: Index QModelIndex(...)) is not valid (expected valid)07:17
pickanickWhat can I do about this error?07:18
Mantisekin the UEFI settings 'EFI File Boot 0: archlinux' is still there07:18
ppwyeah, this is definitely a bios issue07:19
ppwsee if you can remove or reset those entries07:20
Mantisekis there a term for them?07:20
Mantisekwill make googling easier07:20
ppwwell, you could google the error07:20
MantisekI did that first07:20
Mantisekbefore i came here07:20
Mantiseki've been at this for 7 hours07:23
ppware there any other entries beside the archlinux one07:25
Mantiseknah, waiting for the insta-linux to rehydrate hold on07:25
Mantisekthere was some utility iw as using to look at those07:25
Mantisekwas like Boot0001 -archlinux as a result or something07:25
Mantisekefibootmanager or something?07:25
Mantisekmore like efitbuttmanager07:26
ppwnoticed something?07:29
Mantisekyes, ofc07:29
ppwyou know what to do, right?07:30
Mantisekwatch this video?07:30
ppwI mean, beside that ... what to do with your entries07:30
Mantisekshoot head?07:30
ppwwell, that's a bit harsh07:30
ppwnotice the BootOrder and how ubuntu is nowhere to be found07:30
Mantisekyeah it is07:31
Mantisekthe boot order07:31
Mantisekyeah what's up with that07:31
ppwI think it answers the question why you can't boot Ubuntu07:31
ppwthere's also some cool examples here https://www.linuxbabe.com/command-line/how-to-use-linux-efibootmgr-examples07:33
jeronimohmmz my bluetooth stopped working07:35
Mantisekdelete the nonsense entries and explicitly set the boot order to include ubuntu07:35
Mantisekleft the 'unknown device' alone07:35
ppwyour call. but I'd make sure BootCurrent is set to 0000.07:35
Mantisekthat worked!07:36
Mantisekweird. guess uefi has its own miniscule storage space07:36
ppwgreat. I'm happy it did.07:36
MantisekYeah thanks for your help and most importantly your patience07:36
Mantiseknow what are insta-linux booty disk boys called07:37
ppw"live images" will do just fine07:37
Mantiseki knew that07:37
Mantisekbut second guessed myself07:38
Mantiseki do that a lot, almost always during interviews07:38
ppwbut, see, now you can say you're an fdisk wizard07:38
Mantisekinterviewer: Describe kerberos     me, who has gotten DA during pentests loads of times and done plenty of kerberoasting:  What the hell is that07:38
MantisekYes I am a linux expert not07:39
Mantisekgreat typo.07:39
Mantisekim kinda kicking myself because i was super close to the solution about 3 hours ago07:41
ppwI had no idea this was even a thing07:42
MantisekWe both learned something today07:42
MantisekI learn the most about python by tutoring07:42
Mantiseknow im wondering if you can store whatever you want in the UEFI07:43
ppwah, I can already see the thumbs twiddling07:43
Mantisekeven better if i can execute code from there07:44
Mantisekalthough this would require access to a machine that is already going to enable 10,000 easier ways to do this07:44
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TomyWorkI'm on 18.04, but I have debhelper-12.1.1ubuntu1~ubuntu18.04.1 from bionic-backports. now there's a 13.6ubuntu1~bpo18.04.1 available there, but it's missing a dependency. tbh I don't even remember why I installed it from backports back then, so my question is, can I safely downgrade it or is there some kind of database behind it that'll be incompatible with the older stock version?09:19
jeronimodoes anyone know a workaround for the recent bluetooth faillure? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/185959209:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1859592 in linux (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth unavailable after updates - Reading Intel version information failed (-110)" [Undecided, Confirmed]09:28
jeronimoah wait it's working again, weird09:29
jeronimomagic :-)09:30
podeniHi everyone, I'm curious, what's the gold standard in Ubuntu when it comes to file encryption? Looking this up on the web I keep encountering GPG, is this it?10:08
TomyWorkpodeni, what are you trying to do? encrypt your backups? encrypt your mails? encrypt your hard drive?10:11
SteelRoseHello all! I have a very stupid problem ... I need to login as a user using its private ssh-key, so to avoid typing "ssh -i ~/.ssh/foobar user@remote-host" I created a function "ssu" with goal of just typing "ssu remote-host"... Aliases don't accept arguments, as far as I know, hence a function...10:32
SteelRoseI saved it to my ~/.profile, sourced it etc... please, see the issue: https://pastebin.com/hYcmC2u010:32
SteelRoseI'm sure I'm overlooking the obvious... ideas? Thanks!10:32
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podeniTomyWork encrypting individual files that I'll then back-up on AWS Glacier or a similar service.10:57
esvSteelRose, try this in your ~/.ssh/config file: https://pastebin.com/FKkaPU1j11:05
SteelRoseesv: that's too generalistic... not all remote hosts are to be accessed using the ubuntu@ user...11:06
SteelRoseI solved it: https://pastebin.com/d6Su9qft11:06
esvjust change the IndentifyFile path to meet your requirements, I also use it for throw away host, so the host key checking is also too relaxed.11:07
esvyou can tailor the argument to "Host" to match your requirements.11:08
esvnothing wrong with a setup that works for your environment.11:08
clarkkI installed pgadmin4 by following these instructions. https://www.pgadmin.org/download/pgadmin-4-apt/#:~:text=To%20use%20this%20repository%2C%20run%20the%20following%20commands%3A11:40
clarkkI installed all 4 packages, using `sudo apt install pgadmin4`, but then realised I only wanted the desktop package, so tried to uninstall them all, but now get `E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.. E: Unable to lock the download directory`11:42
clarkkHow can I resolve this?11:42
clarkkit's only a guess, but during the installation I saw apache mentioned somewhere in the output. I can't be sure.11:42
EriC^^clarkk: ps aux | grep apt11:43
EriC^^kill <pid> or kill -9 <pid> if it's stubborn11:43
EriC^^then sudo apt-get -f install11:43
clarkkit's not running, EriC^^11:44
EriC^^no output from ps aux | grep apt?11:44
EriC^^try ps aux | grep dpkg11:45
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clarkkEriC^^, apt-get -f install returns the following:   0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 1 not to upgrade.11:46
EriC^^seems apt is stable clarkk11:46
EriC^^try to remove the packages you wanted to remove11:47
EriC^^wow one-way flights from russia to dubai $500011:49
EriC^^oops wrong window11:49
clarkkI hate it when that happens11:49
clarkkI do have one package on hold - unison. I hope that's not causing a problem. However, I can't do without it, as it has to be compatible with a remote system that I have access to. These are unison's dependencies  https://postimg.cc/3dqDcYNx11:52
EriC^^try 'apt-cache policy unison'11:53
EriC^^if it says phasing it'll work itself out eventually11:56
clarkkEriC^^, ok, will do. Note that apt show -a shows the following:   https://paste.debian.net/hidden/e5dc379d/11:56
clarkkEriC^^, apt-cache policy unison returned this   https://paste.debian.net/plainh/4951453211:58
clarkkoh, wrong package. One mo11:58
clarkkEriC^^, https://paste.debian.net/plainh/c67bb61c11:59
clarkkwhen I was installing pgadmin and saw that it was downloading from microsoft servers, I KNEW there would be problems!!! :/12:00
EriC^^which ubuntu version is this?12:00
EriC^^!info libpango-1.0-0 focal12:00
ubottulibpango-1.0-0 (1.44.7-2ubuntu4, focal): Layout and rendering of internationalized text. In component main, is optional. Built by pango1.0. Size 159 kB / 418 kB12:01
EriC^^!info libc612:01
ubottulibc6 (2.35-0ubuntu3.1, jammy): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Built by glibc. Size 3,160 kB / 13,592 kB12:01
EriC^^hmm i wonder why it's not updating, seems the dependencies are all good12:01
EriC^^what happens if you do 'sudo apt install unison-gtk' ?12:02
clarkkmaybe mentioning unison-gtk is a red hearing. It's pgadmin4 that's the main issue. I just thought that unison maybe was the root cause because I put it on hold12:02
clarkkunison's working fine12:02
EriC^^oh ok12:02
clarkkBut I cannot remove pgadmin412:02
EriC^^i see, gotcha12:03
clarkkone moment. Maybe getting somewhere12:03
clarkkEriC^^, ok, must apologise for wasting your time. I generally use synaptic for managing packages, because I just feel more comfortable in it, as I always forget the apt / dpkg / apt-cache commands. So it was synaptic that was showing the errors. I really should have mentioned this at the start. I just tried apt, and it removed the packages without a problem. And, actually, I found the process pretty easy to do, so maybe12:07
clarkkI'll use apt in future12:07
clarkkEriC^^, thanks a lot for your guidance. Much appreciated12:08
EriC^^clarkk: great, glad you solved it! no problem12:12
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JoeBkdoes anyone have expreience running ubuntu on gateway laptop?12:43
BluesKajHi all12:45
lotuspsychjeJoeBk: ask your specific question to the channel so volunteers can brainstorm along with you12:46
JoeBkI'm wondering if gateway would be brand of compter to consider if I was going to run ubuntu.12:51
lotuspsychjeJoeBk: ubuntu installs on a lot of brands, but we cant generalize statements on the different hardware inside the machines13:00
lotuspsychje!hardware | JoeBk13:00
ubottuJoeBk: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:00
lotuspsychjeJoeBk: i would advice before buying a brand, to go check the specific specs of that machine and see wich chipsets are inside13:01
vistahey folks, I'm wondering about something -- the HWE kernel for 22.04 seems to be the same version as the kernel shipped by the OS itself?13:12
lotuspsychjevista: think HWE for jammy will release in february, kernel 5.1913:13
vistaI noticed that there's a 5.19 kernel shipped with the kinetic version of the package, but the kernel version 5.15.0 is shipped for jammy and jammy-updates13:13
vistalotuspsychje: ach13:13
vistadon't suppose there's a backport of it already? :)13:14
lotuspsychjevista: https://9to5linux.com/looks-like-ubuntu-22-10-kinetic-kudu-will-be-powered-by-linux-kernel-5-1913:14
vistayeah... but 22.10 isn't LTS :P13:15
lotuspsychjeread the bottom vista13:15
vistalotuspsychje: thanks for pointing that bit out13:18
wezhi misu!13:35
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xqHello. I have booted into Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ISO https://releases.ubuntu.com/22.04.1/ubuntu-22.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso in livecd ("Try Ubuntu") mode. I want to use the apt-file utility to find out which package provides a specific file on Ubuntu. However the command is not found. The apt-file package has no installation candidate.13:52
xqHow do I install and use apt-file on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS ?13:52
rbasakxq: did you run "apt update" first?13:53
rbasakThe apt-file package is available from universe on 22.04. I'm not sure why you're not seeing that. Maybe you need to enable universe?13:54
rbasakI'm not familiar with the default apt configuration on the live installer, sorry.13:54
rbasakAnother route is to search on packages.ubuntu.com which searches the same lists.13:54
xqthanks, enabling 'universe' solves the issue13:56
misuwhat is this hexcat?14:09
oerhekshi  misu see topic14:09
arraybolt3misu: Hexchat is a chat program for Ubuntu, that allows you to connect to IRC chat servers. It's what I'm using now.14:10
arraybolt3misu: You are currently in a chatroom for live Ubuntu tech support.14:10
arraybolt3There are various other chatrooms for other topics if this isn't what you're looking for, click "Server", then "Channel List" to browse through the channels.14:10
arraybolt3(You'll need to click the "Download List" button after opening the Channel List window to see the list of channels.)14:11
_apex2_whenever I use the GUI it crashes with a pixelated screen... 20% of the time it will recover itself, but normally it locks and I am only able to recover by issuing sudo killall -3 gnome-shell. Updates over the past 6 mos have not helped.   My question is: what logs can I review to try and determine root cause?14:48
wez_apex2_: Thankfully terminal window will never let you down.14:50
_apex2_correct!, I spend 90% of my time in the terminal.  But would prefer my build to function as intended.14:52
wezNah, that's crazy talk. Embrace the terminal.14:53
_apex2_my intention was to ditch othr OS's and use the GUI for video and photo editng as well.  But sadly I have not been able to do that.14:55
arraybolt3_apex2_: What graphics drivers are you using?14:57
arraybolt3_apex2_: Well, hmm. The main log I'd look at would be /var/log/syslog, that one usually has a wealth of info about nearly everything in the system.15:11
jhutchinssyslog/dmesg will probably only have info on kernel video modules (nvidia's nv), GUI info is buried in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for xorg.15:14
jhutchinsNo idea where wayland puts it.15:15
lotuspsychjewelcome Martinlopez8515:29
Martinlopez85Seeking friends15:30
lotuspsychje!chat | Martinlopez8515:30
ubottuMartinlopez85: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
lotuspsychjeMartinlopez85: see also !alis to find channels of your interest(s)15:30
Martinlopez85what is ubuntu can you explain me?15:30
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»15:31
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | Martinlopez8515:31
ubottuMartinlopez85: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com15:31
Martinlopez85thanks then it is an open source linux program15:31
ogranot really15:32
Martinlopez85time to hack it15:32
Martinlopez85ogra gayç15:32
ograit is an operating system ... like MacOS or Windows ... not just a "program"15:33
Martinlopez85you are stupid15:33
Martinlopez85very stupid15:33
A_DragonMartinlopez85: could you not go from channel to channel trolling, please?15:33
Martinlopez85A_Dragon are a fat man without a job who is dedicated to sending messages on irc because he has no social life and he is more interested in the social life of another than his own15:34
Martinlopez85to your house15:34
leftyfbogra: ?15:35
ograon it ... (i dod this rarely, need to look up the runes 😛 )15:35
Martinlopez85ogra you are a fat man gay without a job who is dedicated to sending messages on irc because he has no social life and he is more interested in the social life of another than his own15:36
lotuspsychjeMartinlopez85: this channel is for ubuntu support only, please stop random chitchat15:36
Martinlopez85lotuspsychje ok15:36
A_Dragonlotuspsychje: dont worry, I got it.15:37
ograA_Dragon, thanks ... our wikipages are completely outdated (i am OP but the commands in all our docs do not work !)15:39
A_Dragonoh, which did you try?15:40
ogra /msg ChanServ op #ubuntu ogra15:40
A_Dragonthat should work15:40
ogra(and without capitals)15:40
A_Dragontry without your nick at the end?15:40
ogra /msg ChanServ op #ubuntu15:40
A_Dragonyeah like that, but without the space :P15:40
ogradoesnt work either15:40
A_Dragondo you get a response from chanserv?15:41
A_Dragonah you're not logged into your account15:41
ograyes, "not authorized" (which isnt true ... )15:41
A_Dragonits true, think similar to anon access vs logged in access15:41
ograhow can that be ... it should change my nick to some Guest thingie then15:41
A_Dragonyou're currently on anon15:41
A_Dragondid you configure enforcement?15:42
ograi didnt ... but i'd expect libera to do that15:42
A_Dragonif yes, its likely you're on whats called an access list for your account, which allows you to remain on the nick indefinitely, and we do not by default enforce nicknames15:42
ogra(freenode used to ... and i kind of rely on seeing my nich change to see i'm not authed)15:42
A_Dragonto do so, once you're logged in, /msg NickServ set ENFORCE ON15:42
A_Dragonand /msg NickServ SET ENFORCETIME 115:42
A_Dragonyou should also configure sasl in your client15:42
ograi guess we should take it elsewhere though 🙂15:42
ograOski146, sorry15:43
Oski146i only saw the a dragon name thought we get flooeded15:43
A_Dragonoh I can flood you if you'd like :P15:44
ograOski146, well, but you are correct, we are usually very strict about non support chatter in here ...15:44
ograanyway, enforce time set and enforcement enabled ... now i should see when not logged in ...15:45
ografor next time 🙂15:45
raverHey, anyone knows of there's a channel for Ubuntu touch (Smartphone version)? Or can I ask here if there's support for the OPPO find X2 neo device🙂16:00
ogra!alis | raver16:03
ubotturaver: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»16:03
ograi think there is an ubports channel (though i think they perfer telegarm)16:04
ogra(ubuntu touc -> ubports nowadays)16:04
raverogra: thx16:05
eelstreborthis is weird, i can't update packages on one of my pc's even though the /etc/apt  is the same on all pc's - tracepath shows a path to the repository and it's not a gpg key problem. this all began after upgrading from ubuntu 20.04 to 22.0416:27
leftyfbeelstrebor: please pastebin the errors you are running into16:28
arraybolt3eelstrebor: Packages being held back?16:29
ograarraybolt3, any chance w could get "https://askubuntu.com/questions/1431940/what-are-phased-updates-and-why-does-ubuntu-use-them" into a factoid btw ?16:30
eelstreborarraybolt3, it's not a held back package issue16:31
ogranope, thats clearly some netwrk thing16:31
arraybolt3ogra: No clue how to make factoids. :)16:31
arraybolt3(Also, I still need to update the Wiki...)16:31
ograarraybolt3, hah, me neither ... but someone who drives ubottu will know16:31
leftyfbeelstrebor: can you:   ping security.ubuntu.com16:31
eelstreborleftyfb, yes16:32
leftyfbeelstrebor: you have another pc on the same network running ubuntu 22.04 that doesn't have the same issue?16:33
leftyfbeelstrebor: check your time/date/timezone of said machine16:33
eelstreboryes. all other pc's running 22.04 are working16:33
eelstreborWed Sep 28 10:33:39 AM MDT 2022 is correct16:33
leftyfbeelstrebor: is this machine on ipv6?16:34
leftyfbeelstrebor: just to eliminate possibilities, lets go ahead and disable ipv6 and reboot and try again anyway https://bobcares.com/blog/apt-get-connect-101-network-is-unreachable/16:35
leftyfbotherwise, I've got nothing else at the moment. You're either missing or purposely leaving out some critical difference between this machine and others16:36
eelstreborleftyfb, didn't fix the problem16:42
eelstrebori did a do-release-upgrade on all the pc's but one isn't updating packages16:44
ograeelstrebor, do-release-upgrade ? are yu attempting to go to 22.10-beta ?16:48
ograthen better do not run that 🙂16:50
eelstreborwhen i was running 20.04 i did the do-release-upgrade to get to 22.0416:50
ograso you only ran it once ? (that wasnt actually clear above with your alst line)16:51
ogra*last line16:51
ograand there were no errors on that PC with do-release-upgrade when you ran it16:52
eelstrebori found this error in syslog though https://pastebin.com/V4zE4k5V16:52
lotuspsychjeeelstrebor: how about you share your whole dmesg too please16:53
ograyeah, single lines often enough lack context16:53
eelstreborwhois is not installed16:54
eelstreboroops, you said whole dmesg16:54
eelstrebordmesg has a lot of output16:55
ograjust pipe it to termbin16:55
ogralike: sudo dmesg  | nc termbin.com 999916:56
nteodosioogra: Wow that's neat16:57
* eelstrebor wishes he knew every linux command16:59
ograhmm. looks all pretty normal17:01
lotuspsychjeyeah a few acpi's and nvidia acting up a bit17:03
lotuspsychjebut i dont see network related neither17:03
lotuspsychjeeelstrebor: can you paste; sudo lshw -C network too please17:05
ograwell, the issue is likely not HW related ... my guess would go towards something like the obsolete resolvconf being installed, old cruft in /etc/network/interfaces that didnt get carried over properly to the new setup or some forgot proxy setting somewhere that is not used system wide17:08
lotuspsychjesomething like that would sound logic indeed ogra17:08
ogra(but i'm wildly guessing 🙂 )17:09
bblinkyHey, do you have any idea how to set up ufw to allow DHT from rtorrent? Would like to be able to seed the OS isos I dl :)17:09
lotuspsychjeeelstrebor: do you still have older kernels in your list you could test (to rule out its realtek/kernel related)17:11
imihi, can I somehow do a headless x86 install? does the installer have an open ssh port? can I install over ssh?17:12
elwispbblinky: ufw allow 12345  to allow port 1234517:12
eelstreborlotuspsychje, yes17:15
bblinkyelwisp: I did ufw allow 12345/udp .. Will try to open tcp too17:15
elwispbblinky: the dht port is probably a different one however17:15
elwispthat was just an example17:15
lotuspsychjeeelstrebor: could you try booting an older one, see if you can reproduce?17:15
bblinkyelwisp: :)17:16
elwispbblinky: check your rtorrent config. It should be in there https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/RTorrent#Configuration17:18
elwispsection 2.417:18
eelstreborlotuspsychje, same problem with older kernel (5.14)17:19
bblinkyelwisp: do you know if ubuntu hosts their torrents as tracker based or DHT?17:20
lotuspsychjeok tnx for testing, then maybe its gonna be something like ogra stated, getting messed during upgrade eelstrebor17:20
lotuspsychjeeelstrebor: another idea could be testing from a new user, or see if you can force updates in a recoverymode17:21
bblinkyelwisp: hey, thanks for the answer... Turns out that it's probably just the torrent that's dead17:31
bblinkyRip arch torrenting...17:31
voldialI'm on 22.04LTS and I want to use the most common USB GPIB dongle, model GPIB-USB-HS. Unfortunatly NI drivers only support upto 20.04 (see https://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/ni-linux-device-drivers-2022-q3.html). Am I correct that the linux-gpib package is the best shot at getting this dongle working? I dont see a deb or even comments online about using https://linux-gpib.sourceforge.io/ on 22.04LTS so17:32
voldialI feel like I am missing something obvious... any help would be greatly appreciated, I spent last night on this and am still stuck.17:32
lotuspsychjevoldial: if a device doesnt work by default on ubuntu, i would advice to file a bug so the developers know about it17:33
voldiallotuspsychje: I'll go search the bugtracker, but this device has been around for decades, and it's very common, used in labs everywhere, so I suspect (again) I'm just missing the obvious:)17:34
lotuspsychjevoldial: would be handy to pastebin a journalctl -f and plug in your dongle and share it here with the volunteers, to see whats going on17:35
voldiallotuspsychje: sure one sec, basically USB enumerates, but no driver is attempted to be loaded.17:35
lotuspsychjevoldial: was it a clean install or an upgrade to 22.04?17:37
voldiallotuspsychje: https://bpa.st/T4CA17:37
voldiallotuspsychje: clean install17:37
lotuspsychjevoldial: did you try other usb ports too?17:38
voldialnote, I am not suprised it's not working, as I dont have a driver installed for it... I'm just confused on why there isnt a https://linux-gpib.sourceforge.io/ package in apt17:39
voldiallotuspsychje: yea, it's not a USB hardware error, and the device works fine if I plug it into a non-ubuntu system that has linux-gpib installed17:39
lotuspsychjevoldial: pastebin; sudo lshw -C network too please (with dongle plugged)17:39
voldiallotuspsychje: https://bpa.st/Y2WA (noting interesting, just the virtio network driver there)17:41
voldiallotuspsychje: https://bpa.st/PBIA (lsusb shows the device)17:43
lotuspsychjehmm weird17:44
lotuspsychjevoldial: seems like module gets loaded, but your journal gives bus: 1, device: 5 was not an MTP device17:45
lotuspsychjevoldial: thats what we usualy see when usb sticks are borked, or not a right usb port17:46
voldiallotuspsychje: I dont see where a kernel module gets loaded... hand on I'll get a dmesg trace froma  system with the right driver for comparison17:46
voldiallotuspsychje: this is def a working device, I can control instruments with it on the exact same setup (except not ubuntu)17:46
lotuspsychjeif you tested this on 20.04 working and 22.04 not, i would file a bug voldial17:47
lotuspsychjethat url you linked, mentions 18.04 and 20.04 kernels indeed17:48
arraybolt3Yeah, that would be a kernel regression, and likely a critical bug.17:49
voldiallotuspsychje: https://bpa.st/RY4Q17:49
lotuspsychjeyeah /var/tmp/portage/sci-libs/linux-gpib-modules-4.3.4-r1/work/linux-gpib-kernel-4.3.4/drivers/gpib/ni_usb/ni_usb_gpib.c: ni_usb_hs_wait_for_ready: unexpected data: buffer[7]=0x4, expected 0x3 or 0x5 or 0x6 doesnt sound too good17:50
voldialwhat I dont yet understand is why there isnt a dev for linux-gpib, that bpaste shows the driver I am using in that other system, and it's from https://linux-gpib.sourceforge.io/17:51
voldiallotuspsychje: no that is normal, ignore, https://bpa.st/RY4Q is from the working system, the linux-gpib drivers have thrown that message for many years, it's just because I dont have any GPIB devices plugged into the dongle. totally normal.17:52
lotuspsychjevoldial: ubuntu-bug linux (from your terminal) to start your bug, add a title + description/story17:52
voldiallotuspsychje: well, I will, but I want to search the existing bugs first, looking for where I can do that...?17:53
lotuspsychjevoldial: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux17:53
voldialI have the .tar file, and I can compile the modules myself, I'm just scratching my head on why such a common driver package (linux-gpib) isnt in apt(?)17:54
voldiallotuspsychje: thanks, reading17:54
lotuspsychjevoldial: apt-cache search gpib gives a few hits too17:55
lotuspsychjebut not sure thats what you gonna need here17:55
voldialhttps://bpa.st/72SA is what I have on ubuntu 22.04LTS with the NI source enabled (and I dont see anyting from https://linux-gpib.sourceforge.io/)17:57
lotuspsychjevoldial: ill be afk for a while, if you dont find your exotic device on launchpad bugs, file one yourself ok18:04
voldiallotuspsychje: 10-4 much appreciated, I'll paste the bug when I get enough info to file it18:06
eN_JoyI now have time to work on a question that I raised a few days ago, but had no time to fix. Here's my system: https://termbin.com/daqj Yes Ubuntu 22.04 on WSL! I recently upgraded my python 3.10 install, and I no long could install python3.10-venv, I get `E: Package 'python3.10-venv' has no installation candidate`18:18
eN_Joyanyone else experiences the issue?18:18
leftyfbeN_Joy: cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999918:22
eN_Joyleftyfb: Was trying to recall your nick;-) here it is: https://termbin.com/hqfg618:30
eelstrebori just did a fresh install on the problem pc and apt still doesn't work18:32
leftyfbeN_Joy: you're missing some entries18:33
leftyfbeN_Joy: replace your /etc/apt/sources.list with this https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/5FfBXpNt5p/18:34
OralPunhi folks, I'm having issues with some kernel module... i think it's impossible to activate macsec without recompiling the kernel...18:34
leftyfbOralPun: install the linux-modules-extra package for your kernel18:35
eN_Joyleftyfb: Thanks a *bunch*!18:36
eN_Joythat did the trick and I am studying the difference in the two versions now18:37
OralPunleftyfb, which one? generic?18:38
leftyfbOralPun: if that is the kernel you have installed, yed18:38
OralPunleftyfb, that seems to have worked... you saved me hours xD18:40
leftyfbeN_Joy: for some reason you had all of universe removed18:41
eN_Joyouch! can't recall...lol18:42
voldialwhere is vmlinux.xz on 22.04LTS? it's not under "ls /usr/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/vmlinux.xz"18:43
voldialoh, looks like I need the ddebs repo...18:44
leftyfbvoldial: are you referring to the kernel which is in /boot/vmlinuz ?18:46
voldialleftyfb: no, it's something that can be extracted from that though: https://superuser.com/questions/62575/where-is-vmlinux-on-my-ubuntu-installation18:46
leftyfbvoldial: that post is from 12 years ago18:47
leftyfbvoldial: there is no vmlinux.xz in ubuntu18:47
voldialleftyfb: I know, creating it...18:47
voldialI think it's the linux-image-*dbg packages18:48
leftyfbit's not18:48
leftyfbvoldial: there is no vmlinux.xz in ubuntu18:48
voldialleftyfb: ok, I want to compile a set of kernel modules (linux-gpib), and I'm getting the message "Skipping BTF generation for /home/user/linux-gpib-code/linux-gpib-kernel/drivers/gpib/gpio/gpib_bitbang.ko due to unavailability of vmlinux" diring `make` for each module, they seem to compile fine, so it may be a non issue... still working on it18:50
voldialfrom https://linux-gpib.sourceforge.io/18:51
imiin case of an ubuntu server am I able to unlock luks FDE remotely?18:52
leftyfbimi: yep, you could enable initramfs dropbear ssh, add your key and ssh in to unlock it18:53
leftyfbyou would then need to manually boot your machine though18:54
leftyfbimi: https://www.cyberciti.biz/security/how-to-unlock-luks-using-dropbear-ssh-keys-remotely-in-linux/18:54
imican I see a howto? what does manually booting mean?18:54
leftyfbimi: I could be wrong, maybe unlocking luks in the ssh session will just let the main boot process continue. Never done it myself18:56
imihow do I install server headlessly?18:57
leftyfbimi: that would be a loaded question for #ubuntu-server18:58
xamindaralright silly question, which package will restore /etc/profile and /etc/bashrc?19:18
xamindar"dpkg -S /etc/bashrc" returns nothing so that can't be correct19:18
xamindarlooking online i find packages for "sysprofile" and "rear" but they both list the file somewhere under /usr/share19:19
xamindarsomething has got to have them. otherwise how else do they get installed?19:20
oerheksi think adduser or useradd?19:22
Guest9Hello, I just had an issue with my work laptop I attempted to fix myself. My .profile had a bad line in it, and on rebooting the shell would exit immediately every time I tried to login. I grabbed an Ubuntu USB, mounted my encrypted zfs volumes, fixed the error in the file, saved it, unmounted, and rebooted. After doing this, I get an error "failed19:22
Guest9to open key material file: no such file or directory" at boot, and I end up in initramfs19:22
geirhaxamindar: the base-files package, I think19:23
Macwinner"deb [ arch=amd64,arm64 ] https://repo.mongodb.org/apt/ubuntu19:24
Macwinnerbionic/mongodb-org/4.2 multiverse"19:24
MacwinnerHi, i'm new to Ubuntu.. switching from Centos.. I was looking at some steps to install MongoDB 4.2 on focal.. But I see the steps point to a bionic repo.. is this completely wrong to do?19:25
xamindar@geirha thanks but looks like not: https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/amd64/base-files/filelist19:25
geirhaxamindar: yeah, just grabbed the sources (apt source bash-files) and there's a postinst script that copies profile to /etc/profile if it doesn't already exist19:25
xamindarthe equivelant package on rhel based seems to be "setup:19:25
xamindar@geirha dang ok, I need it to replace what's already there19:26
geirhait copies the ones from /usr/share/base-files/19:26
xamindarknow if there is a way to force it to overwrite the file that is already there? I'm trying to force people to make files under /etc/profile.d/ etc19:27
geirhaxamindar: *shrug*  cp /usr/share/base-files/profile /etc/profile   every night?19:29
xamindarlol i guess19:30
xamindaractually, yeah good point. the file is already there ill just copy it19:30
geirhacouple it with a checksum check first, then tell cp to add backup-suffix (like .~1~), and you can somewhat easily spot when it has happened19:32
scribe__Hey guys.  Is there a recommended way to install a package to a private location and not interfere with the default install of that package on a box.  Specifically, this is for haproxy, which may or may not be running on a box.  We'd like to install "our" copy to root folder /opt/ourapp/ and not break any default haproxy install.  I've come across dpkg --instdir and dpkg-deb -x haproxy*.deb /opt/ourapp19:52
sarnoldscribe__: those options are basically entirely untested and unlikely to work19:54
sarnoldscribe__: I'd suggest either (a) looking for a snap for it or (b) consider building it from source yourself or (c) using dpkg-deb -x to unpack the binaries into a specific place and reading the maintainer scripts to figure out what additional steps make sense in the new location19:56
oerheksi just read the whole same issue in #debian19:56
ioriasnap haproxy-lool19:56
geirha(d) docker19:56
matsamanscribe__: or jails, or lxc20:01
sarnoldhah, I like those ideas more than dpkg-deb -x  :)20:02
geirhayou should add some more options in-between there so you can land those on (j) and (l)20:02
arraybolt3Guest9: Knowing more info about what exactly you removed from that file may be helpful.20:02
arraybolt3Oh wait they're gone. :(20:03
Some_PersonHow do I get ubuntu to stop automatically adding printers? It is using a less than ideal PPD for my printer by default, and keeps reverting on its own when I try to change it. I can add it correctly if I set it up as a second printer, but that's stupid.20:12
Some_PersonA lot of things online say to stop cups-browsed, but that does not work. The printer still gets re-added automatically if I remove it even with that service disabled20:14
Some_Person(and stopped, of course)20:14
xamindarwhat is the deal here? I deleted /etc/bash.bashrc as a test then ran "apt install --reinstall bash" which does NOT put the file back20:28
xamindaraccording to here, it has the file: https://packages.ubuntu.com/jammy/amd64/bash/filelist20:29
sarnoldxamindar: dpkg thinks you want that config file gone, so it stays gone; you can ask for it back, https://askubuntu.com/a/67028/3381220:31
sarnoldsudo apt install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confask,confnew,confmiss"  ...20:31
xamindarwhy/how does it think i want it gone? As far as it knows, the file is simply missing so i don't get how it would know that. There are no remnants of the file there to say it was deleted.....20:32
xamindarsarnold: thanks ill give that a read snd try20:33
sarnoldxamindar: the fact that it's missing is how it knows :)20:34
xamindari couldn't get it to replace a modified one so i tried deleting it. that didn't work either20:36
xamindari would assume "reinstall" means to put it back as it was originally.....but meh20:37
scribe_@sarnold, @matsaman, Thank you for the idea.  dpk-gen -x has worked for me, but I fear it may not work on all boxes because of deb dependencies.  only unzipping the package will skip any dependency installations.20:59
sarnoldscribe_: and now you're onthe hook for installing any updates on your own21:00
sarnoldscribe_: lxd kind of helps with that, dunno about the other choices21:01
ManouchehriHow do I install this proposed package?22:27
oerheksjust one package from proposed?22:29
oerheksi hope that could work, i think you need to enable proposed entirely22:29
Manouchehriso my `/etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-jammy-proposed.list` contains:22:30
Manouchehrideb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ jammy-proposed restricted main multiverse universe22:30
Manouchehriahhh i needed to do `sudo apt-get install libtss2-rc0`22:34
jhutchinsDo you need a -t proposed ?23:01
MantisekAnyone good with UEFI and efi boot entries?23:29
EriC^^Mantisek: what's up?23:29
MantisekI keep trying to fix my boot entries but they keep coming back after a restart23:29
Mantisek'archlinux' persists even after I nuke and pave23:29
Mantisekand I get the dreaded "default boot device missing or boot failed" screen23:30
EriC^^what are you trying to do ultimately23:30
Mantisekhave been using an ubuntu live image to edit the entries, but after a restart they return23:30
MantisekBoot into my linux OS. There are no other operating systems on this machine, I'm not trying to dual boot23:30
EriC^^maybe somehow the uefi is set to read-only?23:31
MantisekI had installed arch ages ago and did *something* to the UEFI and now im trying to unbreak it23:31
MantisekThat sounds right, how can I fix that?23:31
EriC^^Mantisek: an idea would be to use the entry to boot your current linux23:31
MantisekThat's what im trying to do23:31
Mantisekit doesn't show up as an option23:32
EriC^^i mean copy the .efi file of your actual linux you want to boot to arch's path in the uefi entry23:32
EriC^^(along with everything in the ubuntu dir including grub.cfg)23:33
EriC^^while keeping efi/ubuntu/* cause it might be needed23:34
MantisekFTR it's kali, but kali people dont know what they're doing23:34
Mantisekfor the record23:34
EriC^^for the record23:34
EriC^^no worries23:35
Mantisekand arch community would give me some overcomplicated solution or try to convince me to reinstall arch again23:35
Mantisekokay interestingly23:36
Mantisekwhen i do efibootmgr -v23:36
arraybolt3Mantisek: You may need to fiddle in your BIOS settings, perhaps the problem you're encountering isn't Arch's fault, but maybe something you changed in the UEFI BIOS itself. (A Customized Boot option perhaps?)23:36
Mantisekit shows archlinux in 'pciroot'23:36
MantisekNo it's not arch's fault23:36
arraybolt3I mean, maybe what you did to break it wasn't from within Arch Linux itself.23:36
Mantisekyes that's what im trying to figure out but im hitting knowledge gaps23:36
EriC^^did you change anything in the bios at any point in time?23:37
Mantiseki think the 'pciroot' is important here23:37
EriC^^or perhaps update it23:37
Mantisekbecause that's not a hard drive23:37
Mantisekand that entry persists23:37
Mantisekbut other entries i delete wont23:37
Mantisekand it's the entry that's causing problems23:37
Mantisekso what is pciroot23:37
EriC^^Mantisek: type 'sudo efibootmgr -b | nc termbin.com 9999' and paste the link here23:37
EriC^^also mount your efi partition and run "ls -lR /path/to/mountpoint | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste here23:37
Mantisekwow that's a nice trick23:38
EriC^^along with "sudo blkid /dev/sdxY" replacing sdxY with your efi partition23:38
Mantisekhold on need to connect to network23:38
EriC^^i just need the PARTUUID from blkid's output23:38
Mantisekugh i had the wifi password written down but ofcourse windows stealth updated last night and restarted23:38
=== Ricardus is now known as Ricardus_Apt
MantisekI think you meant -v not -b23:40
Mantisek-b selects a boot entry by hex23:40
EriC^^yes sorry23:40
EriC^^yup typo'd23:40
Mantiseki dont mount often, what should i type'23:41
EriC^^Mantisek: type 'sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999' paste the link here23:42
Mantisekit's a standard install, sda1 is efi sda2 is linux filesystem and sda3 is swap23:42
EriC^^do you have only one hdd?23:43
Mantisekthere's sdb but that's the usb ofcourse23:43
EriC^^ok, type 'sudo blkid /dev/sda1' what's the partuuid?23:43
EriC^^PARTUUID not uuid23:44
EriC^^(partition uuid as opposed to fs uuid)23:45
EriC^^Mantisek: ok, type 'sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt'23:45
EriC^^then 'ls -lR /mnt | nc termbin.com 9999'23:45
EriC^^Mantisek: ok, so here's the deal, we have to change the partuuid of sda1 so it matches the old partuuid arch had if you're going to use that entry to get it booting23:51
MantisekThat seems like a bandaid, shouldn't we try to get a UEFI shell and fix this entry?23:51
MantisekEspecially considering it overwrites on reboot23:52
Mantisekbut just that entry specifically23:52
EriC^^actually it doesnt look like it is overwriting23:52
Mantiseki can delete it23:52
Mantisekand it returns23:52
EriC^^did you add the latest kali entry after booting or it was there?23:52
EriC^^Mantisek: the problem is that the bootorder isnt right23:53
Mantisekthe kali entry was not added after booting, it was installed like 6 reboot ago23:53
MantisekI know about that23:53
MantisekI have changed the bootorder many times23:53
MantisekIt returns to its incorrect state every time23:53
EriC^^Mantisek: i think you should be able to change it in the bios somewhere23:53
EriC^^which laptop/pc is it?23:54
MantisekAspire E5-575G23:54
Mantisekmotherboard is Acer23:54
EriC^^ok, acer usually give you more boot options once you set the admin password in the bios23:55
EriC^^so try setting that, and see if you can find something related to the entries and changing their priority23:55
Mantiseki had to turn on secure boot23:57
Mantisekthen get into secure boot settings and add kali as a trusted EFI entry23:57
Mantisekthat actually fixed it I think23:58
Mantiseklet me restart again to see if this isn't temporary23:58
Mantisekyeah that worked23:58
Mantisekthat archlinux entry is still there23:59
Mantisekalso i have two kali entries now23:59
Mantiseki really want to fix this as it's going to come up again23:59
EriC^^it should keep booting23:59
EriC^^not sure what you mean23:59

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