grimpojust booted into a fresh install of 22.04 and neither firefox nor chromium (both allegedly already installed) will launch. the errors appear to be snap related.01:32
grimpoi think cannonical may have finally jumped the shark. i'll boot back into 18.04 (where I still have access to a graphical web browser) and investigate the current state of mint / debian / etc.01:37
xu-irc18wi need help13:49
xu-irc18wwith xubuntu13:50
arraybolt3xu-irc18w: How can we help?13:55
xu-irc18wi want to install it alongside windows 10, it says it found it but i cant pick the option to install it alongside windows14:01
arraybolt3xu-irc18w: Can you show a screenshot of the part where it won't let you install alongside? You can upload the screenshot to Imgur and then send the link here.14:07
xu-irc18wyeah just let me restart14:08
xu-irc18wthe problem from before solved but now i cant select my instalation path14:51
arraybolt3xu-irc18w: Installation path? Not sure what that means, do you have multiple drives in the computer and are unable to select which drive to install to?14:53
arraybolt3Ah. OK, can I see a screenshot of the issue?14:53
xu-irc18wthere is only one out of three14:53
xu-irc18woh sorry i just saw its german14:55
arraybolt3xu-irc18w: OK, I see the problem, I think. No other drives appear when clicking the drop-down right?14:55
arraybolt3(I don't mind foreign languages. I've used the Ubuntu installers many times and know what I'm looking at even when it's in other languages.)14:55
arraybolt3OK, so, are you trying to install Xubuntu entirely to one drive? Is it intended to take over the entire drive that you install it onto?14:56
arraybolt3Or do you need it to take part of the space of the other drive?14:56
xu-irc18wyes the entire drive14:57
arraybolt3xu-irc18w: OK. Click the button to go back, then select "Something Else" (the option at the bottom of the list). Manual partitioning will be the easiest and safest way to do this.14:58
arraybolt3(Also, just as a side note, it's probably a good idea to have backups of your important data before installing a second OS like thiss)14:59
xu-irc18wok i will make some back ups now14:59
xu-irc18wok im finished with the back ups15:14
xu-irc18wcan you tell me how this  Manual partitioning works15:17
arraybolt3xu-irc18w: Easy. So are you add the manual partitioning screen?15:19
xu-irc18wwait a sec15:20
xu-irc18wim just switched to my phone15:22
xu-irc18w78It loads long15:23
=== xu-irc18w78 is now known as Xu-irc18w
Xu-irc18wOh my two systems just met I think15:29
Xu-irc18wOk I'm in15:36
bobcan somoene help me with the instalation of xubuntu15:58
arraybolt3bob: Sorry to be gone so long, had other things take my attention.16:09
arraybolt3bob: (You are the same user as Xu-irc18w, right?)16:09
arraybolt3bob: OK, and you're at the manual partitioning screen?16:14
arraybolt3OK, so, can you send a screenshot again so I can see what drives are on the display and make sure that everything's working as expected?16:15
bob1. https://imgur.com/SeAkluj.png16:16
bob2. https://imgur.com/G5mu3SS.png16:16
bob3. https://imgur.com/v1I5HHC.png16:17
bob4. https://imgur.com/i1vhY1R.png16:18
arraybolt3Crikey, ok, hold on, this is a bit more complicated than I thought it was going to be. Let me make sure I give you good instructions before telling you what to click.16:18
bob5. https://imgur.com/E3RSKUc.png16:18
arraybolt3Which drive do you want to install to? The 1 TB one with the ext4 filesystem on it?16:19
bobyes i clicked the ext4 accendantly16:19
arraybolt3OK, this may take a bit since I'm going to try to create a similar setup so that the instructions I give are accurate.16:20
arraybolt3bob: Alright, I'm looking at the manual partitioning screen also.16:33
arraybolt3You're fine with losing everything on that 1 TB drive with the ext4 partition, right?16:33
arraybolt3And that's the intended location for Xubuntu to be installed at?16:33
bobyes i put what was on there on my 16 tb drive16:33
arraybolt3Alright. Click on /dev/sdb (the 1 TB drive), and then click "New Partition Table" (looks like Neue Partitionstabelle on your screen).16:34
arraybolt3Then confirm that you want to make the partition table.16:34
bobthere stands sdb1 or shoud i take sdb16:35
arraybolt3bob: Click the /dev/sdb device (not the /dev/sdb1 partition).16:35
bobok done16:36
arraybolt3OK, click the free space under /dev/sdb, then click the + button just under the lower-left corner of the drive list.16:36
arraybolt3This will pop up a "Create partition" window, set the size to 300 MB, partition type as "Primary", location as "Beginning of this space", use as "EFI System Partition". Then click OK.16:37
arraybolt3This should end up with a 1 MB free space at the beginning of the drive, then the EFI partition, then the rest of the drive's free space, all under the /dev/sdb entry/16:37
bobok wait i need to put that in a translator16:38
bobok done16:39
arraybolt3Wait hold on, let me just put my installer in German.16:39
arraybolt3(Everything you did was right, I'm just going to make it easier for the rest of the steps.)16:40
arraybolt3Alright, click the free space at the end of the drive (just after the EFI partition), then click the + button again.16:41
arraybolt3This time leave "GroBe" where it is (sorry, don't have the key for the etzet character on my keyboard), then make sure "Benutzen als" is set to "Ext4-Journaling-Dateisystem", and set "Einbindungspunkt" to "/". Then press "OK".16:42
arraybolt3Alright, set "Gerat fur die Bootloader-Installation" to /dev/sdb, and finally click "Jetzt installieren". Then make sure that everything is correct (a screen will pop up to confirm), then click "Weiter".16:44
arraybolt3After that, everything should be pretty much straightforward.16:44
arraybolt3(Apologies for missing all of the accent marks and whatnot, I didn't miss them, just, en-US keyboards + de language = stuff is missing sometimes)16:45
bobok is that right16:45
bobIf you continue, all changes listed below will be written to the hard disk(s). Otherwise, you can make further changes manually.16:46
bobWARNING: This will destroy all data on partitions that you have removed and partitions that are about to be formatted.16:46
bobThe partition tables of the following devices have been changed:16:46
bob SCSI2 (0,0,0) (sdb)16:46
bobThe following partitions will be formatted:16:46
bob Partition 1 on SCSI2 (0,0,0) (sdb) as ESP16:46
arraybolt3bob: What I'm seeing looks right, but pasting stuff right into IRC has caused a bot to mute you before I could see everything. Try putting it in a pastebin site like bpa.st. (Mute lasts for 60 seconds, sorry for the inconvenience.)16:47
bobif everthings alright then thank you very much!16:49
arraybolt3bob: Looks perfect!16:49

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