RikMillsmmikowski: kio-admin is in the debian NEW queue: https://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html04:22
RikMillsawaiting approval or rejection by the debian gods04:22
IrcsomeBot<myfenris> 😂 (re @IrcsomeBot: <RikMills> awaiting approval or rejection by the debian gods)04:53
BluesKajHi all13:16
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mmikowskithanks RikMills! cc Eickmeyer19:22
mparilloI just installed LL on a MacBook Pro. I know, not the normal use case, but it worked. Broadcom WiFi seems to be a challenge after a two minute Google, as is the fake escape key. I might have to stick with nano.20:22
arraybolt3mparillo: xmodmap?20:23
* arraybolt3 also just jumped to LL :) Liking it so far, Lubuntu flavor.20:23
mparilloThank you. Google results look promising for xmodmap20:35
mmikowskimparillo: Yeah, that fake esc key is infuriating!20:52
mmikowskivim users unite!20:52
mparilloWhen I get back to the office next Tuesday, I want to play around a bit more with LL on the MacBook Pro with no escape key. I see https://vim.fandom.com/wiki/Avoid_the_escape_key#Avoiding_the_Esc_key where ctrl ] or even ctrl c may work. It would be funny if I am the subject of "how do I exit vim" memes. But BIG SHOUT OUT to Kubuntu LL for even installing on a MacBook Pro.  I had assumed it would be difficult. Once I googled how to select my thumb 22:43
mparillodrive on cold boot, it was absolutely normal (full disk install, LVM full disk encryption option). Three cheers to the Kubuntu developers!22:43
mparilloBig shout out is American English for well-deserved recognition of efforts.22:44
mparilloAlso, it looks as if in System Settings > Keyboard > Advanced > Caps Lock behavior > Make Caps Lock an additional Esc.22:53

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