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nibbon_I'm having some issue in installing static routes along with dhcp11:43
nibbon_I'm using this config: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/33d846b3/11:47
nibbon_but apparently doesn't work :/11:47
nibbon_netplan version 0.99-0ubuntu3~18.04.511:48
slyonnibbon_: possibly the DHCP client is overriding your static route? Try using "dhcp4-overrides.use-routes: false" (https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/latest/netplan-yaml.html#dhcp-overrides) but beware that you won't get any routes from DHCP this way (e.g. not default gateway), so you need to define all the routes you need yourself11:51
nibbon_slyon: I tried that but doesn't work; as expected it didn't take the default :/12:52
nibbon_what I don't get is why netplan doesn't install the static route(s) soon after the ones installed by the dhcp12:53
slyonnibbon_: would you mind sharing your "ip route" output (after running "netplan apply")?13:00
slyonalso, would you mind enabling debug logging in systemd-networkd (see accepted answer here: https://superuser.com/questions/1187633/how-to-debug-systemd-networkd), and check "journalctl -u systemd-networkd" afterwards, to see what it is doing there?13:02
nibbon_ip route doesn't return anything after I ran "netplan apply"13:09
slyoninteresting... does it show any error instead? what's the return code? I guess it should at least show your default gateway, shouldn't it? Maybe there's an issue somewhere deeper in your (netlink) stack?13:11
nibbon_slyon: well, it seems I made a typo in the routes stanza13:18
nibbon_in the config I had x.x.x.x/24 instead of /3213:18
nibbon_dunno why, but netplan --debug apply didn't show any error13:19
nibbon_slyon: thanks for the pointers, next time I'll enable the debug logging in systemd-networkd; probably that would have led faster to a resolution13:44
nibbon_either way, thanks for your assistance13:44
slyonyou're welcome!13:44
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