leftyfbI just don't understand people who run things like mergerfs with samba yet don't know how to look at logs when things don't go right02:03
leftyfbelsewhere someone was having issues opening "xterm" in kali linux02:03
leftyfbwalk before you run02:03
sarnoldspending years with slackware first was a great way to get the hang of debugging problems02:04
leftyfbA started with slackware but at a time where I was just interested in "Free games" :)02:05
sarnoldrobots! wumpus!02:05
leftyfbactually, it was doom and quake but I didn't realize at the time I still needed the wad files so I gave up02:06
leftyfbeventually started playing with Redhat 502:07
leftyfbgot a desktop going there but then started setting up web and DNS servers02:07
leftyfbthen I got to about RH7 and did some dumb rpm things and all I can remember is I saw libc errors. Wiped it all and went with fedora02:08
leftyfbsomewhere in there also messed around with Mandrake02:08
leftyfbthen settled on Ubuntu in 200702:08
arraybolt3A big part of me is getting really tired of the constant low-interferance trolls, where they just do little bits of annoying things every once in a while for days and days. I'd really like if Mr Final Fantasy 7 would just leave and never come back...04:01
sarnoldI knew the nickname looked *too* familiar, but I couldn't place why..04:02
arraybolt3:P At least the percentile-for-everything person seems to have lost interest.04:03
leftyfbah, looks like they've brought that up many times in the last 2 months04:03
sarnoldhah, I like the percentile-for-everything guy04:04
sarnoldwhen he's at about 10%, he's nice enough04:04
sarnold100% percentile guy is definitely way too much :(04:04
arraybolt3It is kinda fun in off-topic. He used to be around in #ubuntu a lot though. Is he still in #ubuntu-offtopic?04:04
sarnoldyeah, he's still around in -offtopic04:05
arraybolt3(I had to /part from there, it was sucking away too much time.)04:05
lotuspsychjegood morning04:05
arraybolt3lotuspsychje: You have reached the National Troll Griping Center, how can we help you?04:05
lotuspsychjearraybolt3: its the same troll gang haunted main from freenode, working in gangs04:05
lotuspsychjejoining every 5min with fantasy issues04:06
lotuspsychjegood example last week was that diagon guy with repeated nvidia optimus04:06
arraybolt3Ah, I wasn't around in the Freenode days so I'm missing a bunch of that.04:07
lotuspsychjeone day we will find that channel they all laughing in04:07
arraybolt3Maybe one of us should start trolling #ubuntu sporadically and see if we can get one of the other trolls to DM us. Then we can get Libera staff to bust the whole gang!04:08
arraybolt3(We'd use an alternate account, of course.)04:08
lotuspsychjethats an idea lol04:09
lotuspsychjemine has been nmapping trolls, but i didnt got a pattern yet04:09
lotuspsychjethere are smart uruk-hai trolls04:09
arraybolt3nmap - like scanning their network? Is that legal?04:10
lotuspsychjeis trolling legal? :p04:10
arraybolt3Actually I think trolling is legal...04:10
arraybolt3Anyway I've taken us *way* way way off topic for even this room. I wonder if we should make an #ubuntu-meta or something.04:11
lotuspsychjethere is no real solution yet for made up issues04:11
lotuspsychjeas they try to get to 99% to real issues04:12
lotuspsychjebut with that difference they keep coming back04:12
arraybolt3I've kinda noticed that.04:13
lotuspsychjei think the best way, would be the co-operation with an ircd op04:13
lotuspsychjeto gather as many info on them, to find a pettern where they come from04:14
arraybolt3Though sometimes they aren't always the most subtle about their fake problems - I will have a hard time forgetting "help I turned on ubuntu and a tree just hit my house what do I do oh wait sudo apt update fixed it" that one day.04:14
lotuspsychjei reported it once on freenode, without much luck04:14
arraybolt3(Dunno if that's exactly how it went but similar.)04:14
lotuspsychjei can recognize them joining in gangs, like 5 issues in 30min thats not how reality support goes04:15
lotuspsychjewe usualy get a calm .eu support and when US wakes up a more crowdy support04:16
arraybolt3US people are more cranky I guess?04:16
lotuspsychjeno, its just the bigger part of the world waking trying to find solutions04:17
arraybolt3(it was a joke, I live in the US :P)04:17
arraybolt3*yawn* Welp, I should probably get my computer backed up and reinstalled. I'm flavorhopping on my main rig, going from Kubuntu LTS to Lubuntu Development Version. Yes, I am about to use the dev version in production.04:19
lotuspsychjei got great luck with lubuntu 20.04 myself04:19
arraybolt3Ah, loved that release. I used to use that a lot.04:21
arraybolt320.04 was my first real dive into the official Ubuntu world.04:21
lotuspsychjewhat was it before?04:21
arraybolt3Before that it was ChaletOS (unofficial Xubuntu derivative made to look like Win7) and KXStudio (unofficial Kubuntu derivative similar to Ubuntu Studio). And before that it was Windows 8.0.04:22
arraybolt3You should have seen me hunting for the KXStudio ISO. I had absolutely no experience with Linux at that time, and was using HP QuickWeb (some weird Linux OS made by HP that shipped on a Compaq laptop of theirs) to download it. It was... so bad. Outdated Firefox on the modern Web, with a clueless user who had no fear of getting hacked, digging around in page 498 of Google trying to figure04:24
arraybolt3out why I couldn't download the Linux equivalent of .EXE files for KXStudio or where the ISO went when the repository was supposedly available for download.04:24
arraybolt3(KXStudio *was* a downloadable OS until after 14.04, whereupon it became a repo that you added on top of Kubuntu. Me, with zero Linux knowledge at the time, did not understand this and insisted that I find the ISO, which I finally found deep within the guts of SourceForge, which wouldn't render properly on my outdated browser. Somehow I got it downloaded, and proceeded to try and flash it04:26
arraybolt3in non-DD mode with Rufus on an offline system, which didn't work. I can't remember how I ever got it on a flash drive to install it onto hardware but I managed to somehow.)04:26
arraybolt3(Actually, now I remember, I burned it to a DVD instead. OK, that makes sense.)04:26
sarnoldcripes what an ordeal ;)04:27
sarnoldit makes "download 53 floppies" seem pretty danged easy by comparison, heh04:27
leftyfbin 1994, Slackware took up 73 floppies04:28
leftyfbthat's about the time I was running Slackware, I think maybe 199304:29
arraybolt3Yeah lol. Once I finally managed to get it, I did all sorts of stuff on it and loved it. It was insanely difficult for me and also insanely fun. One time I broke some part of it and never could figure out how to fix it (I had no Internet access), so I just lived with the breakage. :D04:29
lotuspsychjeholy tux leftyfb 04:29
lotuspsychjei had some boxes with linux on that had a floppy bay, but thats about it :p04:30
arraybolt3Oh and that's not even the really fun part of it yet. The really fun part was trying to install that ISO (which was only halfway compatible with EFI systems) on my HP desktop and an old MS Surface tablet, both of which used EFI. Ended up learning how to use GRUB by hand in that ordeal. Took me multiple days.04:30
arraybolt3I ended up writing the grub.cfg file *by hand* and putting it in the wrong place to get the system to boot.04:30
sarnoldonce again04:31
sarnoldmaking LILO on slackware seem like a breeze04:31
leftyfbugh, LILO04:31
leftyfbthose were NOT the days04:31
arraybolt3I do my Linux on hard mode way too often. Planning on doing it again.04:31
leftyfbI'll go further back though. Trying to get sound cards working on MSDOS by messing with IRQ's and DMA's04:32
arraybolt3Ah, never had that battle, but I sure did read a lot about it.04:32
sarnoldit's been a very long time since I did that slackware install, but I *think* it was segregated by which packages you wanted to install, and if you just wanted a bare-bones system with no X11, no servers, no apps, that'd be like five floppies, and each group of features would add another eight to twelve floppies... I wanted a *lot* but not everything so '53 floppies' is what sticks in my mind04:33
sarnoldleftyfb: and juggling the TSRs to try to get things loaded juuuust right to get all your stuff to run04:33
sarnoldI'm so happy for those days to be in the past, hehe04:33
arraybolt3I have an old computer book, "Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Repairing PCs" that has a good amount about that stuff.04:33
lotuspsychjelol sarnold 04:33
arraybolt3TSR ordering and the works.04:33
arraybolt3Even had low-level formatting ESDI hard drives (and whatever the HDD type was before that).04:34
arraybolt3My brain has ST/486 stuck in it - I know the number at the end is *not* 486 but I don't remember what the number actually is lol04:35
leftyfb486 was a type of CPU arch04:35
sarnoldI missed MFMs04:35
arraybolt3True. While this was a disk controller I'm trying to think of the name of.04:35
leftyfbthe 1st computer I ever bought with my own money was a 486sx2504:35
arraybolt3Mine was an HP Chromebook x2.04:36
arraybolt3(Found it! ST/506.)04:37
arraybolt3leftyfb: Weird how tech like that went obsolete so fast. I remember using my Pentium III desktop for years and years and it didn't occur to me that one day it would be outmoded until way far later.04:42
=== waveform_ is now known as waveform
leftyfbtomreyn: push, don't pull ;)18:48
tomreynleftyfb: hmm?18:49
leftyfbtomreyn: I prefer they push their requests and supplied data as opposed to me pulling it from them ... after I ask once of course18:50
tomreynleftyfb: oh i didn't mean to criticise you, sorry for not making this clear.18:50
tomreyni was referring to their communication18:51
tomreyn"does not work" 'style'18:51
leftyfbno no, we're good. I was refering to you asking pj for more data after I already asked them for data that they have yet to provide. push(from them) not pull(from us) :)18:52
tomreynleftyfb: oh ok19:09
tomreyni do this usually because some just don't dare to say "i don't know what this means" or "i don't understand", then giving them an alternative question can help, i think.19:10

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